Meeting with Jacinta González


Thursday, Sept 19 th in Houma, Louisiana, USA, at the presentation on Garabandal and the visit of Jacinta.

A little background history.

Fr Paul Bergeron, who lives in Louisiana, has known Jacinta for about 5 years. He flies out to Los Angeles, California, USA, where she lives, every 3-6 months to follow up on a medical issue at the medical facilities there. He has taken nine different pilgrimage retreats to Garabandal at the request of Maria Saraco. He has gotten to know

Jacinta well and has asked Jacinta to come visit him in Louisiana on several occasions. She finally agreed. There were over 200 people in attendance at the Plantation Inn Motel in Houma, Louisiana, USA. Fr Bergeron blessed the lobby and other areas of the motel, including the conference room where we were located, a few days prior to the meeting. A, A white cross appeared on the walls of the lobby of the motel after Fr Bergeron blessed the motel.

Unfortunately, Jacinta had a swollen jaw as a result of an infection in her mouth, so she could not speak for long. We did see a video about the Garabandal happenings and then prayed the rosary and then jacinta answered a few questions of which I will address below.

Questions to Jacinta...

Jacinta was asked, " what was your most memorable event relative to the Garabandal apparitions?" Her reply, "When I saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ."

Our Lady asked the girls, if you see a priest or an angel, who should you approach first? The girls answered "the angel", but Our Blessed Mother said no, you must first approach the priest as he represents my Son on earth.

Jacinta shared with us that as a young person she had a dream of people receiving holy communion in their hands. Jacinta asked her earthly mother about her dream and how that could ever happen and her mother said that will never happen. Jacinta was 14 yrs old at the time. Of course, we are now seeing that happen over 50 years later.

Jacinta indicated that she has never received holy communion in her hands, but only on her tongue. She feels she needs to receive communion from the consecrated hands of a priest.

Jacinta was asked about the beauty of Our Blessed Mother and she indicated she is so beautiful that it is difficult to describe her. She wore a beautiful blue mantle when she would appear. Jacinta was allowed to hold the baby Jesus. She commented to Our Blessed Mother how light the baby Jesus felt and was Our Blessed Mother feeding Jesus enough! 

Encounter with Mother Teresa of St Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was in Tijuana, Mexico and very ill some years ago. Many thought she was on her death bed. Conchita, who lives in New York, heard about Mother Teresa being ill and in Mexico near California, so she called Jacinta and asked her to go visit Mother Teresa. It was a five hour drive and Jacinta did not know how she would get there...she didn't drive! Her husband was busy and tired from work and could not drive her, but told her if she found someone else to drive her it would be okay with him. He actually didn't think that she would be able to find a volunteer. Amazingly, 4-5 other people volunteered to drive her to Mexico. When Jacinta arrived in Tijuana, she was not allowed to visit Mother Teresa because she was too ill to visit with anyone. Jacinta spent five hours in the Missionaries of Charity chapel praying. One of the other nuns noticed her after being there so long.

Jacinta asked the nun to please tell Mother Teresa that she was there and praying for her. The nun relayed the message to Mother Teresa and Mother Teresa immediately got out of bed and saw Jacinta expressing to Jacinta how happy she was that she had come. They kneeled in front of each other and Jacinta took her crucifix and blessed Mother Teresa's forehead. Upon Jacinta's return to California, a day later, Conchita called Jacinta to tell her Mother Teresa was well and had flown to New York the day after they visited in Mexico. Mother went on to live a few years longer.

Jacinta was asked many questions about the future of things, particularly regarding the warning and miracle, etc., but she, of course, could not comment on anything regarding those questions.

As bad as Jacinta was feeling with her painful jaw issue, she was kind enough to allow us to be touched by her special crucifix as well as our religious articles. Over 200 people lined up to be touched by her special crucifix, It was truly a blessed and enjoyable event!