Messages with a call to conversion ...

The Garabandal messages 

These two messages were made known to the world in Garabandal through Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal. These messages represent a form of warning and the world's call for deep conversion and change of life. Prayer, sacrifice and "being good" are the counsel that a beloved Mother of Heaven appeals to her dear children, so that they may be saved from sin and live one day in the joy of God. Let us all make this effort to live these messages in our daily lives.

First message, 18th October 1961

"We have to make many sacrifices, a lot of penance, visit the Blessed Sacrament often, but first we must be very good and if we do not, a punishment will come upon us. The cup is filling up and if we do not change it will come upon us a very great punishment. "

This original film briefly shows the events that occurred in Garabandal the day Garabandal's first message to the world was published.

  Second  message 18th June  1965

"Because my message of October 18 was not fulfilled or made known to the world, I warn you that this is the last one." At the beginning, the chalice was filling, now it is overflowing.Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the path of perdition and with them are many souls. "It is becoming less and less LACK OF IMPORTANCE TO THE EUCHARIST, you must turn away the wrath of God upon yourselves with your efforts.If you ask forgiveness with the sincerity of your souls, He will forgive you.I, your Mother, through the intercession of the angel S. Michael, I want to tell you that you need to amend yourselves. You are already in the last warnings, I love you very much and I do not want your condemnation. Think of the Passion of Jesus. "

This movie shows the time when the second message of Garabandal to the world became know.

Garabandal messages meditation´s

Father Justo is currently one of the main precursors in the implementation of the perpetual Adoration (Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar, 24 hours a day) in Spain. Father Justo himself gives us his interpretation and meditation on the content of the messages of Garabandal. Let's deepen these important meditations.

2. Doing penance and sacrifices

Let us now see the first message of October 18, 1961:

"We have to make more sacrifices, perform more penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament often. But first we have to be very good, if we do not do it, a punishment will come upon us. great punishment shall come upon us. "

"We have to make more sacrifices, perform more penance ..."

Let us pause in these first words. For being the first and for what they imply give an idea of ​​the urgency and seriousness of the message.What strikes us first is the adverbs "a lot" and "a lot". Already at Fatima the Blessed Virgin asked for sacrifices and penance. Because? Our Lady explains this in the same message. Humanity is going very badly, moving away from God. We who do not see Heaven, we have in the person of Our Mother who sees and sees and who came to warn us. It was a strong call of attention.Now, after fifty years of Garabandal, we see how the cracks that separated the world from God have become gulfs. How the apostasy has become a deluge involving the earth and how Christians are disappearing or being brutally persecuted.

However, the greatest tribulation of the Church does not come from outside but from within, from the gravity of the sins committed, where the scandals and apostasy of faith have a devastating effect on the Church of Christ and undermine its foundations. The Holy Father asks for penance and also does it remembering the third secret of Fatima as it was revealed. The Pope asks to purify his life. Only sacrifices and penance, together with prayer and especially adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, will stop or lessen the consequences of this journey towards the darkness. Many sacrifices, much penance, says the message. The gravity is so great that our Mother appeals, to whom she truly listens and to love her, are willing to fulfill their requests, to realize that only a penitent and offered life can reverse the situation.

Sacrifice is to do something sacred by offering it to God. Something that belongs to us and that we give to God in recognition of His Divine Majesty, His Glory and also His Love. In this sense, fasting, for example, is a sacrifice since we deprive ourselves of something legitimate like food, to offer it lovingly to Our God. There are many other ways to sacrifice ourselves beyond fasting.

Penance, on the contrary, is the response to an evil committed, acknowledging this evil and as reparation or as compensation for it. In the Old Testament we read how even kings the ashes were placed on their heads as a sign of penitence. Sacrifice and penance are movements contrary to the hedonism of society that only seeks the pleasure of the individual. To mortify oneself for the salvation of one's own soul and other souls is an act of humility and self-denial that combats the mortal effects of selfish pursuit of one's own pleasure at the price of abandoning the law of God's love.

These words, sacrifice and penance, are unpronounceable in this world. No one wants to hear them. However, the Blessed Virgin seeks out children who listen to her and respond to her call. Let us begin by offering sacrifices and penances, and then try to increase them.


"... But first, we have to be very good."

I have always seen in this phrase an unmistakable seal of authenticity. Not only did Our Lady ask for sacrifices, penance and visit to the Blessed Sacrament, but she added something very important: first, we must be very good. If you had told us about a conversion path, many would not have understood it. If I had said to be saints, many would have been discouraged thinking that holiness is for the few; when in reality it is for everyone, because we are all called to holiness, to fulfill the capacity of holiness that each one has according to the way he was created and his to particular circumstances. I did not say any of this, but "to be very good". We all understand what it means to be good and what it means to be very good. We all know when we do something that is not right in God's eyes. Even if we often hide it, we know it.

"Being very good" is a phrase with a great scope. Penance, sacrifice, acts of devotion are not enough if there is not a heart that allows itself to be purified. We can not look at God with the polluted eyes of the world. It is not possible to praise God and speak with God with the same lips that speak improper words, lies, murmurings, slander and slander. We can not hear God with the ear that satisfies itself to hear curses, filthy stories, words that offend the Lord and that Our Mother reproves and grieves.

The eyes must be clear, reflections of a clean soul and a pure heart. Let lips also bless those who curse us. The ear must be attentive to the Word and call of Our King and Lord. Therefore, to be very good, we must purify our eyes so that they contemplate God. Our gaze should not be distracted by the vain things of this world, much less by obscuring the impurities. The mouth should be purified as if it were a prophet's, to speak with God and God. The ear must hear the Lord even when the noise of the world wants to cancel his voice.

We are very good when the heart is purified to respond promptly to the call of God. Our heart must be humble and meek as the Heart of Christ, to do His will and to love as the Lord wants us to love.


Message 18th June 1965

"Because my message of October 18 was not fulfilled and fulfilled and known to the world, I warn you, then, that this is the last one." At the beginning, the chalice was filling up, now it is overflowing. , many bishops and many priests are on the path of perdition and are leading many souls with them.EVER LESS IMPORTANCE IS GIVEN TO THE EUCHARIST.You must turn the wrath of God away from you with your effort.If you ask forgiveness with a sincere heart He will forgive you.I, your Mother, through the intercession of St. Michael, I ask you to come in. You are receiving the last warning.I love you very much and I do not want your condemnation.Remember with sincerity and we will listen to your prayers YOU MUST MAKE MORE SACRIFICES. Remember the Passion of Jesus. "

"At first, the cup was filling up. Now it's overflowing."

Four years on, the situation worsened to the point where it overflowed. There is nothing that stops the precipitation of evil. And, as we shall see, not only in the world but above all in the Church itself. Indeed,


"...LESS IMPORTANCE IS GIVEN TO THE EUCHARIST. You must turn the wrath of God away from you with your effort. If you ask forgiveness with a sincere heart, He will forgive you. "

The Eucharist is the treasure of the Church, it is the infinite gift that the Lord has made of himself. The Eucharist makes the Church and there is no Church without the Eucharist. The whole spiritual life of the Church recognizes its source and culminates in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the sacramental sign of the presence of the Lord, his Sacrifice and Communion in the mystical Banquet. All these dimensions are closely linked. The presence alludes to the unique, real, true and substantial presence of the Divine Person of Christ. The only sacrifice of Golgotha comes back to be present, the saying becomes actual, at the moment of the celebration when His body is delivered and His blood shed for us.

Through the Eucharist we unite ourselves intimately, in communion with God and among us for his son. With beautiful words, Cardinal Ratzinger illuminated the mystery by saying: "What would become of us without the Eucharist?"

"There would be no Church, there would be no sacrament, there would be no priesthood, there would be no presence, only presence of the Person of Christ, there would be no sacrifice, there would be no redeemer."

"... The priest opens the sky so that Christ may come to earth."
The priest does not act on his own only acts because he was clothed with Christ not only from the outside but also and especially from the inside. The lord took possession and acts through the priest. "
"The Lord is present and utters through the mouth of the priest the holy words that transform earthly things into a divine mystery."
"... Mass is not just a feast, the sacrifice is present in the Mass. It makes itself present."
The sacrifice of God's love that tore the veil of the temple, which broke in two the wall that separated God from the world, is the sacrifice of the mass. This is the event of the Eucharist. This is your greatness. Redemption is present because crucified love is present. The spear of the Roman soldier pierced the heart of God. Christ tore the sky at the hour of the cross and is always torn again at the hour of the Holy Eucharist. "
The Lord gave us the Eucharist at the Last Supper to be celebrated and contemplated. For what has happened since the Blessed Virgin gave us this message? The Eucharist was banalized, it was reduced to a mere banquet of Protestant sanctity, of a purely horizontal character, where the presence, through an empty liturgy, became (even if they do not say it) symbolic. The greatness of the mystery has been lost, the contemplative dimension has been lost on the grounds that the Eucharist was given to be eaten and not worshiped, when the Holy Mass is the most sublime act of adoration. The Holy Father once again recalled the words of St. Augustine: "Let no one eat of this flesh (that no one shares) without first adoring it ... because if we did not adore it we would sin."

The Eucharist and the priesthood, both the gift and mystery that the Lord left before his Passion, complain about each other. They were born together and go together: there is no priesthood without Eucharistic sacrifice, nor Eucharist without ministerial priesthood. Therefore, as the Eucharist becomes less important, the priesthood decays and degrades. It is degraded by bad practice, a consequence of the aforementioned bad theology and the liturgical contamination that horizontalized the celebration, displacing the center, which is and should always be God, for the priest and the faithful. Thus, the whole dimension of transcendence, all reverence and greatness, is lost in the face of the mystery that reaches, in many parts of the world, the anarchy of worship. The priest becomes the protagonist, the tabernacle is hidden, the altars instead of being the highest part are lowered. Some churches look more like an amphitheater than a church, for one thing: "Give not holy things to dogs, nor cast your pearls to swine ...." (Mt 7: 6).

Those who are on the side of these reforms are the same ones who laugh at whoever sustains, with all the weight of the Holy Scriptures and Magisterium that God is Righteous and His Righteousness is fearful. "The wrath of God" is said to be a tale to frighten believing and fearful souls. One sees the devil's plan, on the one hand, makes the mystery vain, taking from the Eucharist His dimension of sacrifice and on the other hand taking away the salvific dimension, unaware of the real presence of the Lord, while damaging the ministry making the Holy Mass as a mere table of fraternal communion. In this way God is offended because he is not worshiped with due reverence and anointing and, at the same time, the way of repentance is discredited because God, they assert, can not be offended because of his impassibility and because is merciful. Tragic fallacy that leads to eternal perdition.

The Mother of God instigates us to begin a true path of conversion. The Mother of God urges us to begin a true path of conversion by exhorting us to repent, to honor and to worship the Holy Eucharist and to ask God's forgiveness knowing that He is Righteous and that we can only offer His own merit as His own merit infinite mercy


San Sebastián de Garabandal, the small Cantabrian village where the apparitions of Our Lady took place in the 60s, witnessed more than a thousand apparitions of Mary Most Holy proved by various signs of supernatural order and by prodigious graces. The signs are this: signs. These are signs that indicate another reality. In this case, the presence of the Divine. The signal is given to us to heed the message that comes to us. Of course, the first message is the loving presence of the Mother of God, the closeness she manifests by showing herself to be a mother who is understanding and attentive to the smallest detail, the least concern or suffering, and also the joy of her children. She is the Universal Mother of all men and of each one of us in particular. So they knew it and it was transmitted to the girls in Garabandal.

But in addition to showing us her maternal image and for this very reason, the Blessed Virgin came to tell us very important and urgent things for our salvation and for the salvation of the world.

For a better understanding it is convenient to stand at the time of these apparitions. These appearances began in the 60's, when a few months after its beginning, Pope John XXIII would convene a new council, Vatican Council II. These years are also the beginning of the spirit of protest and rebellion that will mark all this time and in which the first steps were taken in the culture of death, in the loss of values ​​such as that of the family and in the instrumentalization of sex. The 1960s are about the existentialism and apogee of communism, the Berlin Wall and the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassination of President Kennedy. This epoch is also the counter-culture of the hippy movement and the predominance of ideologies and the anti-contraceptive pill. The Mother of God came to tell us about this time which is our time. He spoke to us with his presence and also with signs and graces.

A lot has already been written and much has already been said about Garabandal and we often stopped, I would say excessively, about the signs. In this way it is explained: in a time of great skepticism, where immanence has replaced the transcendent, where in the same church rationalism has spread and reigns, while the sense of the supernatural has been lost, the signs have been the answer that allows us to recover the meaning of Faith However, signs and graces should lead us to where they point: the messages. If the signs served to draw attention to what was happening in Garabandal and if they were also given, to those who knew how to see them, as supernatural, as a seal of authenticity; now with the passage of time, we see that the messages show us the truth about these manifestations.

For all that has been exposed, let us know in depth the messages and strive to live them because they lead us to the path of salvation.


"... and visit the Blessed Sacrament often."

We visit the Blessed Sacrament because we recognize the true and real presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in this sacrament. Visit Him to worship Him, recognizing His hidden glory, but certain. Visit Him to praise Him, bless Him and give Him thanks for the infinite gift of His sojourn among us and also to make reparation before Him for all the evil committed against His divinity and all that is holy. Those who visit the Blessed Sacrament bear witness to their faith and love for the Eucharist.

The Blessed Virgin who appeared in Garabandal as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, came to bring us to her son by highlighting the Lord's presence in the midst of his Church not only through these messages but also through the gestures of adoration and reverence he taught to do to the girls in the mystical communions they received from the angel and from the miracle of July 18, 1962 in which the sacred Host, given by the Archangel Michael the Conchita, became visible in his mouth.

The presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist is a real, bodily, sensitive, localizable, full and total presence. It is the presence of IEmanuel, God with us, who fulfills his promise not to abandon us, remaining with us to the end of the world. (Mt 28:20).

To visit the Blessed Sacrament is to respond to the Lord by opening the door of our innermost being and entering within. "Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will be at his house and sup with him and he with me." (Revelations 3:20). He who worships opens the door of his heart to God and makes him enter into his life and he shares the secret of his tenderness and the truth of his mercy.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and oppressed, that I will relieve you." (Mt 11:28) said the Holy Father John Paul II that these sweet words receive their full confirmation before the Blessed Sacrament of the altar. It is Jesus Christ who calls us from his Eucharistic abode to His presence that saves, heals and consoles.

Those who worship the Eucharistic Bread have the grace of worship, fear the life of grace and know the grace of life. Those who worship, already taste the delights of Heaven. For, adore the Lord who gives life, the true life, the life in abundance, the eternal life. Worship those who have the power to recreate life when one dies in grace. He is God, there and we worship Him.


"If we do not do it, a punishment will come upon us. The cup is almost full, and if we do not change, a great punishment will come upon us."

The warning is very serious. The gravity of evil ingrained in humanity and in the Church itself was already terrible at that time. It is the age of neo-modernism that invades faith, which corrupts the sound doctrine of the Church, which damages the liturgy and trivializes the Eucharist and which will make the Second Vatican Council misinterpreted, contrary to what the Fathers of the Council had desired . The theology that appears as dominant is not at the service of truth, the spirit is not the Holy Spirit, but the spirit of the world. Existentialist and nihilistic currents along with the advance of Marxism in political and cultural dominate the landscape. The theology that appears as dominant is not at the service of truth, the spirit is not that of the Holy Spirit, but the spirit of the world. The turning away from the light of truth, renunciation of the transcendent, revolt against God invades the spirits, and the black stain extends throughout the West that ceases to be Christian. In these years it is possible to identify the birth or resurgence of the current apostasy. The call to conversion does not admit of waiting. Destruction is at hand.

In view of the systematic denial by the local Church of admitting not even the mere possibility of the supernaturality of deeds; before the rejection of the messages, four years later, the Mother of God had to give, not her, but the Archangel Michael, the next message:


"Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the path of perdition and are leading many souls with them."

This part of the message was the most difficult to accept by some Church members who were to give their opinion on the authenticity of the messages. It was said - How was it possible that Our Lady, Mother of the Church, could speak in these terms? One did not want to see the bottom of the truth of what was happening. The scandals and grave errors in doctrine were to be extended and to encompass entire regions.

As a paradox of history, today, this part of the message is what gives more credibility to the apparitions. In the famous meditations of the 2005 Way of the Cross, then Cardinal Ratzinger warned us about the internal decomposition of the Church. In the ninth season he said: "How much filthiness in the Church and among those who, by their priesthood, should be entrusted to it! How proud, how self-sufficient!" (Is present in their passion) the betrayal of the disciples, the unworthy reception of His body and His Blood (sacrilegious communions and also mentioned the unworthy Eucharistic celebrations), is certainly the greatest sorrow of the Redeemer, the one that pierces his heart. There is nothing left but to shout from the depths of our souls: Kyrie, eleison Lord , save us ... "

In the prayer that followed the meditation he added: "We who betray you, not only with pompous gestures and sounding words, have pity on your Church ... When we fall, we fall to the ground and Satan rejoices because he thinks that we no longer we will be able to rise, and hope that you, being dragged in the fall of your Church, will fall forever. all."

The Holy Father is aware that the greatest dangers facing the Church do not come from outside but from within and not only by scandals of social ascension, money and sin against the sixth commandment, in its most perverse and most execrable form , but above all because of the greater danger: the loss of faith. In many seminaries and training centers, false theology continues to wreak havoc, provoking at best confusion when it does not provoke skepticism among pious and believing young people. In seminaries, psychologists and sociologists took the places of spiritual directors. In Catholic universities, many are the chairs that serve to erode the faith, insinuating uncertainties. Especially with Bible studies that treat the word of God not as being inspired by the Holy Spirit but as a corpse to be dissected. While mere conjectures are exposed as if they were unthinkable truths because they came from a supposedly scientific knowledge, the dogmas of faith are slyly or even openly in doubt. For example, in universities, some pontificates, the historical truth of Resurrection is questioned and the very divinity of Jesus Christ is questioned. The so-called historical-critical method is for this theology the only measure for the truth and for the evidences.


"I, your Mother, through the intercession of St. Michael, I ask that you make amends. You are receiving the last warning. I love you very much and I do not want your condemnation. "

The time left until great events unfold is very brief. In the rigor of truth, these events have begun. One only wants to see the general apostasy, the rebellion of the nations against the law of God, persecution of Christians which is nothing other than war with the Lamb, the great darkness that weaves over the world. But the Lord does not leave us alone. He promised that he will be with us until the end of the world and that the gates of Hell will not prevail over His Church. (Matthew 28:20 and Mt 16:18).

The true Church is persecuted and must hide; however, although at a certain moment it will seem to disappear, it will not disappear. This is the time when Heaven through these Marian apparitions is present to warn us and also to comfort us with the maternal presence and so close to the Mother of God. This is the time when the Lord wants the ineffable and infinite gift of the Eucharist to be better known, loved, worshiped and perpetually worshiped. The endless adoration, the perpetual adoration, is the over-abundant grace in the moments when sin invades everything, the perversion is imposed by laws and the darkness surrounds the earth.

Our Lady offers us His special protection. We remember that came to Garabandal with the title of Our Lady of Carmo. Under the same title, Our Lady presented herself on October 13, 1917, when she finished the series of apparitions to the three shepherds. And already in Lourdes the last apparition was on July 16, the day of Our Lady of Carmo. These are not mere coincidences, but signs.

Under this ancient title, that of Mount Carmel, the Blessed Virgin offers us the scapular as a sign of protection and pledge that assures us Paradise. The scapular is not a talisman, it is a seal of a covenant of love. She came and comes to protect us with the condition that we listen to her and that we do what she asks us to do. Therefore, the scapular is also a sign of our surrender, of our consecration to the Mother of God. It is a sign that we are willing to amend ourselves and change our lives, making a way of conversion whose scapular offers us is welcomed insofar as their messages are also. By clinging to her protection and the guidance of the Blessed Virgin and deserving her promise, we must commit ourselves to living her messages of sacrifice, penance, and sacramental life.


"Pray sincerely and we will listen to your prayers. You MUST MAKE MORE SACRIFICES. Remember the Passion of Jesus. "

Words are of great consolation. The Lord does not reject a sincere and humble heart, a broken spirit does not despise it (cf. Ps 51). The Blessed Virgin speaks in the plural because she is Our Advocate and Mediatrix of all graces. The deep contemplation of the Passion of the Lord must lead us to sacrifice more, to imitate His Love.

Contemplating, meditating, doing like the Virgin who kept everything in her heart. (Cf. Lk 2: 19; 51).

To contemplate is to touch the pierced Heart of Jesus Christ, to touch his wounds with our faith. When we meditate and go deep into the mystery of God made man, dying on the cross and begin to see the full breadth, height and depth of this love, we are transformed. We add it because the Lord touches our wounds, which are the product of sin, own or others, and we are transformed from grace to grace.

As we stare at the crucified, we know God, "This is God, this is God." For "he that saw the Son saw the Father" (cf. John 14: 9). And we are healed. "By his stripes we are healed" (Is 53: 5). Christ shows us His glorious wounds that tell us of His love and teaches us what it means to love. In the celebrated Eucharist, a memorial of His Passion, we remember the price of our salvation and the infinite love of God for each one of us, and in adoration of the Most Holy we stand before the real, true, only tangible, bodily presence of Christ in the Eucharist , is to say before the very one who comforts us, who heals us, who gives us the true life and fills us with Peace. It is God who not only became man, but also became bread to give us eternal life. Meditating on the Passion of the Lord, we receive the light to recognize our sins and to find ourselves in the confession with the Lord's forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation. With the forgiveness that frees us and gives us back the capacity to receive graces. Meditating on the Passion we understand the infinite value of Christ's sacrifice and total union with His Mother Mary Most Holy on the cross and because Our True Mother, who seeks our salvation by taking us to her child. Through meditation we receive the strength to bring Christ, the only Savior to the world, and to resist the attacks and persecutions to which we will be exposed.

As said the great worshiper and preacher who was Mons. Fulton Sheen: "You will have to fight many battles, but do not worry because in the end you will win the war before the Blessed Sacrament."

                  P. Justo Antonio Lofeudo mss

"The Cup is overflowing ..." - Abortion spoken in Garabandal

The uncontrollable rise of "abortion" is among the prophecies announced in Garabandal. This is referred to in the publication of the German book on the apparitions of Garabandal entitled: "Der Zeigefinger Gottes". The author, Albrecht Weber, was in Garabandal the day after the last apparition of Our Lady that took place in the "Pines" on November 13, 1965. In a part of his book is reported as follows

"She (Conchita Gonzalez) spoke openly about the developments by which men in the near future would rebel against God. The day after the last apparition of Our Lady in Garabandal, Conchita asked the author Albrecht Weber:

"Can you imagine how anyone can kill children in the womb without killing their mother?"

The author replied spontaneously:

"No. Why do you say that about Conchita?"

"Well, the Blessed Virgin Mary told me about it and She let me know that this will happen with the overflowing of the cup."

In the second Message of Garabandal, on June 18, 1965, the Virgin Mary said: "Before, the cup was filling, now it is overflowing."

Conchita mentioned all that Our Lady told her, trembling, without being able to visualize what it really entailed. He said that he was very disturbed, but that he was confused because he had not understood how this killing could be carried out.

Conchita would soon learn the meaning of the words of the Virgin Mary when abortion began to legalize all over the world, even in her native Spain.

The Blessed Virgin had spoken about this unfortunate practice of abortion to the seer Conchita, who astonished her. In fact, at the time, Conchita did not understand "how it was possible to kill a child in her mother's womb (or her) without killing her mother at the same time ..."

We now see that part of this prophetic mosaic is unfortunately expanding in almost every country in the world, reaching the approximate mark of 55 million abortions per year in the world. This sad reality is one of the ideological points also associated with the expansion of communism and its errors, which Our Lady referred so often in Garabandal and Fatima.
However, humankind continues its path of destruction without giving importance to the appeals of Heaven and insists on living as if God did not exist, thus the "chronological line" within the eschatology is being fulfilled. That is to say, that "progressive chaos" will follow and we will have a "Warning" and a great and unequaled "Miracle" to avoid the terrible "Punishment".

At this time of the "Pre-Warning", which is the beginning of the period known as "the end of time", but which will not be the "end of the world" as Our Lady in Garabandal pointed out, the words of the Blessed Virgin are a prophetic, clear and unequivocal sign that we are striding towards the "summit of chaos" worldwide, because the Mother said that it would be the "total overflowing of the cup ..."

May Our Lady protect us during these times.