The Warning that the Virgin will send us is in the form of punishment, to bring the good ones closer to God and to warn others. What the Warning consists of, I cannot reveal. The Virgin asked me to keep it a secret. Please God that, thanks to this Notice, we can amend and commit less sins against Him. " 

Conchita Gonzalez

"... its realization will be a new reason for credibility, announcing it and reaffirming it to everyone is the most fraternal concern we can have for the world"

Pe. Laffineur

The Warning: The first references 

As for the WARNING, the initial references date it was on January 1st, 1965 during the apparitions of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Garabandal. On this day, Conchita was alone in the pines, when the Virgin informed her that she would give one last message to the world, which would end the cycle of Garabandal. Then she transmitted a private message, which she promptly communicated to Father Laffineur. It reads as follows:

"The Warning that the Virgin will send us is in the form of punishment, to bring the good ones closer to God and to warn others. What the Warning consists of, I cannot reveal. The Virgin asked me to keep it a secret. Please God that, thanks to this Warning we can amend and commit less sins against it. " 

"Will it cause deaths?" asked Laffineur in writing. 

"If we die" - was the answer, "it will not be due to the fact of the Warning itself, but because of the emotion we will have when we see and feel it". "Simple, precise and very clear words" - says Laffineur. 

"It should have been enough, as Sister Lucy of Fatima should have been, when, in 1938, she wrote to her bishop:" I believe that what they call the northern lights is precisely the sign that the Virgin gave me that the events prophesied are close ". These events have caused more than 26 million deaths". Regarding the nature of the Warning, we also have this explanation from Conchita to Aunt Maximina, which she later consigned in writing: 

"He told me that one day we would suffer a horrible disaster. In all parts of the world. No one will escape. The good ones, to get closer to God; the others, to amend themselves. It would be better to die than to endure, for five minutes that whatever, what awaits us. "

"Its realization, on the other hand, will be a new reason for credibility, announcing it and reaffirming it to everyone is the most fraternal concern we can have for the world", advises Father Laffineur. 

"If I did not know the Punishment that is to come" - continues Conchita, explaining to the young Angelita -, "I would say that there is no greater punishment than the Warning. But it will last a very short time". "It will be horrible to the maximum degree"

 - he explains further. 

"Ah, if I could tell it to all of you as the Virgin told me to me! He is a fruit of our sins. It can happen from one moment to the next; I wait for him every day. If they knew what yes, they would be horrified! ". 

"Why don't you make it public, so that everyone who comes here will know it?" - someone asks him. 

"I'm tired of saying, nobody cares." 

Days later, they return to the subject: 

"Conchita, since you made these confidences to me, I often think of heaven." "Me too" - answers the psychic. "Especially when I go to bed. I am very afraid that it will happen during the night. We are not aware of the extent to which we have offended the Lord. 

The Virgin told me that everyone knows about the existence of hell and heaven. But they think in this only out of fear and not out of love for God. Because of our sins, we ourselves will be the cause of the nature of the Warning. " Further clarifications are found in the responses to a questionnaire of September 14, 1965: 

"The Warning is something that comes directly from God. It will be visible in the whole world, wherever someone is. It will be like the revelation (inside each one) of our sins. They will see it and feel it. both believers and non-believers from all countries ". And more: "It is like a purification for the Miracle. It is like a catastrophe. It will make us think about the dead, that is, that we would rather be dead than suffer the Warning". 

Regarding the effects on each person's heart, Conchita explains: "The Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world ... The Lord will send you to purify us, so that we can better appreciate the Miracle, by which we are clearly proved. your love ". A lady, after hearing Conchita's explanations, observed: "It is known that a comet is approaching Earth. Is this not the Warning?" "I don't know what a comet is. But if it is something that depends on the will of men, no. If, however, it depends on God, it is possible." "We left for the church" - continues that lady - and Conchita took my arm. 

"I said:" "Conchita, pray for me, I am afraid, very afraid." "Yes, the Warning is terrible! A thousand times worse than earthquakes". The lady pales. "What is the nature of the Warning?" he asks. "It will be like fire. It will not burn our flesh, but we will feel it in body and spirit. All nations and all people will feel it in the same way. No one will escape. And even non-believers will know the fear of God. Even if you get home and close the door and shutters, you will not escape, you will feel and see, despite everything. Yes, it is true that the Virgin told me the name of the phenomenon. This name exists in the dictionary. It starts with A. me not to reveal. " 

Conchita, I'm so scared! Smiling, she took her friend by the arm: 

"Yes, but after the Warning, you will love God much more." A complementary aspect of Conchita's statements is provided to us by Jacinta, in February 1976:

"The Warning will be of very short duration, a few minutes; but that little time will become tremendously long, due to the pain it will cause us ... It will come upon us like a fire from heaven, which will reverberate deeply within each one. In its light we will see the state of our conscience very clearly, we will see what it means to lose God, we will feel the purifying action of a burning flame. In short, it will be like passing through the private judgment while still alive, in the privacy of each one . 

When will the WARNING take place? 

Jacinta González quote, in August 1989, about the Notice: "The Warning is associated with a kind of" invasion "in Rome, in which communism will play a very important role. And that these events would take place before the Warning, which would occur when the situation is at its worst". 

This purification aims to get us in shape for the Miracle; otherwise, how could we resist the superhuman and wonderful experience that we will have at the Miracle? Perhaps it was because he had not previously gone through the Warning that Father Luís Andreu died, hours after contemplating what even the girls have not yet seen. 

What will happen before the Warning ...

Talking about communism today seems almost outdated. Is communism no longer a matter of the past? According to what the Blessed Virgin said to the visionaries of Garabandal, the answer is "no". 

Communism will come again and will cause great pain and suffering. "When communism returns, then everything will happen." - Quote from Conchita in the German book by Albrecht Weber

"What do you mean, come again? "Yes, when he comes again." "Do you mean that before that, communism will disappear first before that happens?" - 

NOTE: it must be borne in mind that at the time the book was published, communism was still very much alive in many countries in europe. 

"I don't know, Our Lady simply said" when communism returns again. "



In the two nights preceding the Corpus Christi party in 1962, the young seers of Garabandal had several visions; but the visions of these nights were different from the ones they used to have. They heard screams of terror, as future events took place before their eyes. The girls' screams were so terrible that they shocked the crowd there, causing intense fear. One witness, Manolin Diez, said that these screams were not normal, especially in girls 12 or 13 years old. 

The second night was the worst, when the visionaries saw images of the Punishment that God will send, if the world does not change after the Warning and the Miracle. This document will only specify what the girls saw on the first of those two nights, which were called "The Screaming Nights". 

On the first night, they saw the time that will come before the Warning, a time of great suffering for the Church and the world. Conchita was not present with the other three on that first night. But she went into ecstasy at her home and fell to her knees with such force that it started to bleed. She saw the same things as the others, and some of the revelations appear to have been given to her as well. Then, in other visions, she would learn more about this particular subject. 


Their faces at the time of the visions attest to the trauma felt by Jacinta, Mari Loli and Mari Cruz, during the first night of the screams. Mari Loli seems to have been the first to talk about it in 1967, when she gave information to a Mexican priest, Padre Gustavo Morelos. Three years later, the same information, held by Maria Saraco, was written and confirmed by Mari Loli with her own signature. The information that was transmitted was as follows: 

"Despite continuing to see Our Lady (during the first night of the screams), we saw a large crowd of people who were suffering intensely and who were crying out in terror. The Blessed Mother explained to us that this great tribulation, which was not the Punishment, would come because a time would have come when the Church seemed to be on the verge of dying. She (the Church) would go through terrible suffering. We asked Our Lady what this great suffering is and she told us that it was the " communism". 

This first revelation about communism would be explained later by the visionaries. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the freedom of the Eastern Bloc countries that took place in the following years, we are left with the idea that communism is over. And that is what the media does. However, not everyone is convinced. A few years ago, in Canada, I spoke with a priest from an Eastern European country who lived under the communist government. He told me that Americans are too naive to think that communism is dead; in your industry today, the same people who were in power during the communist regime are still today. Another person from a country other than Eastern Europe, expressed the same feelings. According to Garabandal, communism will again be a force that will be used with a final attempt at world domination. 


On September 29, 1978, Father Francis Benac, S.J., interviewed Mari Loli at his home in Massachusetts. Here are some of the questions and answers from that interview. 

Father BENAC: Did Our Lady speak of communism? 

MARI LOLI: Our Lady spoke many times about communism. I don't remember how many times, but she said it would be a time when it would seem that communism would involve the whole world. I think it was when she told us that priests would have a hard time celebrating masses and talking about God and divine things. 

Father BENAC: Did Our Lady speak of people who would be put to death? 

MARI LOLI: What Our Lady said was that the priests would have to hide, but I didn't see whether they would be killed or not. She did not say exactly whether they would be killed, but I am sure they would be martyred.

Father BENAC: Your mother told me that one night you were upstairs, with your father, and that you cried for an hour. Then your father said something about it: "I saw something very touching. Loli was crying, while saying:" Oh, are people going to suffer like this? Should people suffer this way? Oh, how you make me suffer! "Do you remember what I said at this moment? 

MARI LOLI: It was related to communism and what was going to happen in the Church and people, because all these things were the repercussions among people. When the Church suffers from confusion, people will suffer as well. Some priests who are of communist ideology will create such confusion that people will not know what is right and what is wrong. 

This last statement by Mari Loli should cause us admiration. It seems that little consideration has been given to the possibility that an evil force has deliberately infiltrated the Church with the intention of destroying it. The other day, I was talking to Harry Daley, author of "Miracle in Garabandal". Harry was a good friend of Father Walter Ciszek, S.J., who spent 15 years in Soviet prisons and labor camps in Siberia, and lived to say it all in his book "With God in Russia". Harry visited Father Ciszek (who believes in Garabandal) and on one of his visits, Father explained how the Communists tried to recruit him, promising him all kinds of benefits, if he worked as their agent in the Church. 


What geographical areas will this communist persecution live in? Some references were made specifically to Spain. On February 23, 1943, Sister Lúcia, from Fátima, who spent 21 years in Spain, in Tuy and Pontevedra, sent a document to Bishop Antonio Garcia de Tuy-Vigo, which reads: 

"If the bishops of Spain hear the desires already manifested by Our Lord, and begin a real reform of the people and the clergy, then everything will be fine. If not, she (Russia) will again be the enemy for which God will punish again ". 

And Conchita said that communism will return to Spain, but she said she will suffer less than other areas of Europe, because of the persecution she already endured during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), where 13 bishops and more than 7,000 priests and religious were sent to death. Conchita: 

"We asked the Virgin what this suffering was and she told us that it was" communism ". 

Would the persecution be only in Europe? When asked about this, Loli replied that the way she saw it, she thought it would be more than that. Conchita's aunt, Antonia, said she heard the seers say ecstatically that "if we don't change our ways, Russia will take over the entire world." If this is the case, then persecution will be everywhere, beyond the confines of Europe. 


This great suffering has been mentioned in the writings of saints, popes and blesseds as summarized by Father Joseph Brennan, O.C.S. , in his article "Prophecy of Our Time", which appeared in May 1983, in a magazine: 

"Christianity will pass a severe test. There will be many purifications. Such confusion will reign until it seems that Christianity has almost disappeared". 


Without any force capable of stopping this persecution, God will intervene. Jacinta told Ramon Perez and Jacques Serre in 1979: 

"These difficult events will occur before the Warning, because the Warning will only occur when the situation is at its worst". 

This is confirmed by Father Brennan's article: 

"But then, as if to fulfill what Jesus said," unless those days were cut short, no one would survive ", there will be a direct, fascinating and terrible divine intervention, which will completely reverse the course of world events " 

There was another question that was asked to Mari Loli: 

Question: If you cannot say the exact year of the WARNING, perhaps you could say approximately when it will happen. 

Mari Loli: Yes, it will be at a time when the world needs it most. 

Question: What is it? " 

Mari Loli: When Russia suddenly overcomes itself and becomes part of the free world. God does not want this to happen so quickly. In any case, the Warning will come, when you see that Holy Mass cannot be celebrated freely anywhere; it will be when the world will most need God's intervention. 

This prophecy is a charism of the papacy, as read in Pius IX: 

"A great sign will come that will fill the world with astonishment. But it will occur only after the triumph of a revolution during which the Church will have to pass tests that are beyond description ". 

We do not know when this will happen, but Albrecht Weber's book contains this testimony attributed to Conchita: "The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will explode in different parts of Europe." (The source of this information was also questioned. Mr. Weber replied: "Conchita told me that in a long conversation at his home on November 14, 1965). 

A communist world domination will appear to occur in the midst of this frightening aggression that will culminate in the persecution of the Church. The priests will have to hide, the churches will be sealed and it will become very difficult for the faithful to practice their religion. It will appear that the Church will have disappeared. The duration of this persecution is not known, but it will require an act of God, the Warning, to stop it. To close on a positive note, we again quote Father Brennan in his 1983 article: 

"As a result of all of this, there will be a return to God, which will soften apostasy and, as a result, as Our Lady said in Fatima," a era of peace will come for humanity ". This will be a peace like the world has never known.

Pre-warning time: A schism before the warning?

According to several interviews that were made both to the visionaries and to people who were close to these events, the following was said: 

Regarding the Warning, and before it happens (The Warning), the situation in the Church will be very bad, to the point that an event will occur, which will be painful and devastating. In fact, Serafim, Conchita Gonzalez's older brother, said he heard his sister Conchita (one of the four visionaries) during an ecstasy, announcing that the Warning would come after a painful tear from the Church, "a kind of schism." 

Thus, the Warning to come, will be associated with a painful mystery that the Church will go through. - Likewise, Mari-Loli, one of Garabandal's four girls, also said that at that time "that the Pope could not be in Rome openly .... that they were going to pursue him and that he would have to hide ...." . And that would happen before the WARNING. - On the other hand, it is known that in the future Miracle of Garabandal, the "Pope will see the Miracle wherever he is", which may indicate that he will not be in the Vatican at that time.

When will the Warning take place? At the end of times.

The best known phrase about this prophecy of the end times of Garabandal is the following: 

"After John XXIII, there will be three more Popes and then the end of times." 

However, most people are unaware that Our Lady spoke more on this point. In an interview that Conchita gave to a German writer, around 1965, she said to the writer that Our Lady told her that there were not three but four Popes, because one of them is not taken into account and one of the Popes would have a very short reign. 

It was recently known that Conchita decided to only talk about the three Popes and not about the four, because when Conchita told her mother Aniceta about this, she did not like hearing from her daughter that one of the Popes was not had in count. For that reason, Conchita's mother told him that it was better then that she say that three Popes were missing than to say that four Popes were missing and one of them not to be taken into account (she would have a very short reign). 

Of course, the concealment of this little detail has given rise to much confusion. In summary we have the following count after the dead of Pope John XXIII: 

- Pope Paul VI ( first )

- Pope John Paul I (Short pontificate, 33 days) ( second)

- Pope John Paul II ( third)

- Pope Benedict XVI ( fourth)

and after, the:


The end of times according to the count of this prophecy of the Popes that was spoken by Our Lady in Garabandal, began on March 13, 2013 when Pope Francis took office as a new Pope of the Catholic Church. This period of the end of times is a period that only God knows how long it will last, but that he started, yes, it has already started with this current Pope Francis. 

Let us sincerely hope that he can always lead us on the path of Christ's truth during these difficult times ahead. Let us be attentive, pray and BE VIGILANT. Let us make a true conversion of life while there is time. The time has come! Be prepared !

An important Synod before the Warning ?

Maria de las Nieves, who was Mother Superior of Conchita, during the time when Conchita, one of the visionaries of Garabandal, studied at the college in Burgos, tells us that Our Lady told Conchita in one of the apparitions, which before the Warning and the future events happen, there would be a very important Synod for the Church. Conchita's aunt, who was present, said to Conchita: 

-Does it have to do with the Council? (Note: this was because at the time of the apparitions, the Second Vatican Council was taking place). And Conchita replied: Our Lady did not tell me about the Council, she just told me that it was a SYNOD. (At that time, the word Synod was not yet used, as it was one of the points that was implemented after the Second Vatican Council). 

It should be noted that these girls, 11 and 12 years old, had little education, and at the time of the Second Vatican Council, there was still no talk about the theme of the Synods, which was one of the fruits after the Second Vatican Council. Pope Paul VI was the first Pope to put the Synods into practice.

The apostasy of faith in the third secret of Fatima and what will happen before and after the Warning.

The apostasy of faith (before the Warning) What Father Malachi Martin tells us about the third secret of Fatima and its connection to Garabandal's message about the apostasy of the faith. During the four years before his death, which occurred in 1999, I was privileged to meet Father Malachi Martin. After listening to your interviews and reading some of your books, I started by asking your opinion about the disturbing changes in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He ended up offering to guide me spiritually. I then had a substantial interaction with him over the next four years, and during that time, he often talked about Fatima. Fatima was the most important event of the 20th century, and the fulfillment of its mandate was the most urgent task facing the Church and the world. 

Listening to his interviews, I noticed that when he spoke about Fatima, he spoke with authority, like our Lord's contemporaries about His teachings. And so, during our first telephone conversation, I said, "I have the impression that you know the Secret of Fatima"! And Father Malaquias replied, "I know." When we meet next week, citing skepticism about the charismatic movement, I asked as a joke: "Did the Holy Spirit reveal the Third Secret"? "Oh, no," he replied. 

"They showed me a copy of the Third Secret, when Pope John XXIII opened in 1960 and asked the opinion of a group of cardinals. One of them was Cardinal Augustin Bea." So I dared to ask: "The Third Secret is about apostasy in the Church, isn't it? This hypothesis was based on the few data dispersed in Fatima, which came to be known during the years of spiritual hunger in the 70s and 80s, and the Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité's reasoning "Material punishments are already provided for in the second part of the Secret." The Third Secret provides for "a punishment of a spiritual nature." 

I was surprised when Father Malaquias replied: "Apostasy in the Church forms the background or context of the Third Secret. Apostasy now begins. But the punishment envisaged for the Secret is very real, physical punishment is, and they are terrible!" "Just kill a billion people" I then said the conversation that Cardinal Bea had, when the cardinal left the meeting with the Pope and his advisers reported that Pope John XXIII went pale as death: "What is it, Eminence" I asked. 'Just kill a billion people. Look at this! 'He handed me a sheet of paper with 25 handwritten lines. Since that day, every word of the text remains indelibly engraved in the mind. " Cardinal Bea made this statement about the "millions of people", because the Pope had decided not to reveal the Third Secret, and to consecrate Russia. I asked Father Malaquias if I could say anything more about these "terrible" punishment that would kill a billion people. He explained that, before reading the Secret, he was asked to take an oath not to reveal, but he thought it should have been revealed, and that Our Lord and Our Lady wanted it to be known. So I mentioned the Third Secret whenever I could; spoke around him, giving maximum information about him, as well as the maximum number of tracks on him, without actually revealing the text. Then, very quickly he cited a list of possible calamities and said that some of them were in the Secret! Although the list included things like World War 3, the Pope's death, and the Three Days of Darkness, it was not particularly instructive, because not all of the punishments were on the list, and not everything that was listed was part of the punishment. 

Spiritual punishment 

The spiritual punishment apparently started shortly after 1960 resulted in the Holy Father's refusal, Father Martin said: "Cardinals, bishops and priests are falling like leaves in hell." "Faith disappears in several countries and continents." "Many of the elect will lose their faith .... Things will be so bad that, if Our Lady does not intervene, no one would be saved." "God will withdraw grace" Father Malachi told me that apostasy in the Church was the background or context of the Third Secret. But he also said that this spiritual punishment was part of the punishment that God would inflict if Our Lady's orders were not obeyed. In this regard, he said a disturbing thing several times: "God will withdraw Grace". 

This seems to be a very difficult thing for God, such as sabotaging His own will "that all men be saved and come to the full knowledge of the truth." But it must be considered before a vicious circle. When the Pope refused to reveal the secret and refused to consecrate Russia, he lost the right of thanks to himself and to the Church ..., and apparently, he was also punished for his disobedience ... 

" Satan will gain power in the upper echelons of the Church Another part of the spiritual punishment that he mentioned several times was: "Satan wants to gain power, even in the highest echelons of the Church." 

The strongest statement came from a person who called Art Bell, saying that an old Jesuit had told him that: "The last pope will be under the control of Satan." Father Martin replied that this man "would have a means of reading, or that he had been given the contents of the Secret. However, he said that the quote was inaccurate. And that is because no one was authorized to quote the Secret exactly. But while the quote 

"The last pope will be under Satan's control" is accurate, Father Martin changed the last two main components of that sentence. 

"The last Pope," he said, does not necessarily mean the last Pope before the end of time, but the last Pope "of these times." Did you mean the last pope before the Consecration of Russia? And after the words "under the control of Satan" it can have several meanings. 

Father Martin used to explain when talking about exorcisms and demonic activities, there are several ways in which Satan can control a human being, partially or totally. The person may have "sold the soul to the devil" in exchange for a favor, or Satan can control these people and circumstances surrounding that person .... Pope Benedict's lament to several visitors in his papal office, "my authority ends after that door! " raises the question of how far has the Church achieved this status? We can see that spiritual punishment has been on the increase since 1960. This terrible punishment "... does not come without warning," he said, "but ... only those who have been renewed in their hearts - and will probably be a minority - will recognize him for what he is and prepare for the tribulations that will follow. " All of this will happen before the Warning, which will take all humanity by surprise.

Interviews with visionaries about the Warning

Conchita González September 14, 1965 

Question: Is the Warning something visible, or something that we will feel inside? 

Answer: The Warning will be something that will come directly from God, and will be seen by the whole world wherever we are. 

Question: Warning reveal the sins of each of us, whatever their religion, and this also includes atheists? 

Answer: Yes, the Warning will be like a revelation of our sins and will be seen and experienced by both believers and non-believers and people of all religions. 

Question: Is it true that the Warning will make many people remember the dead? 

Answer: The Warning will be like a purification to prepare for the Miracle. It is also a kind of catastrophe. It will make us think of the dead, that is to say, it would be better to be dead than to experience the Warning. 

Question: Will the world recognize the Warning as a sign that comes directly from God? 

Answer: Yes, without a doubt. In fact, this is the reason why I find it impossible for the world not to change after that. October 1968 

Question: Some people say that the Warning will be a natural phenomenon that God will use to reach all of humanity. Is that correct? 

Answer: The Warning will be something supernatural that science cannot explain. You can see and feel.

Question: Conchita, can you explain to us the statement that during the Warning we will know better about ourselves and about the sins we have committed? 

Answer: The Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the World. 

Question: What can you tell us about all those people who do not know Christ; how will they understand the Warning? 

Answer: Those who do not know Christ (those who are not Christians) will believe it will be a warning from God. 


Question: What will happen on the day of the Warning? 

Answer: The most important is that on that day all the people of the world will see a sign, a grace or a punishment within themselves, in other words, a warning. At that moment, they will be as if they are alone in the world, wherever they are, just alone with their conscience and before God. Then you will see all your sins and what your sins will have caused. 

Question: Will we all feel the Warning at the same time? 

Answer: Yes, all at the same time. 

Question: How long will the Warning last? Half an hour, an hour? 

Answer: I honestly do not know, but I think that five minutes would be sufficient. 

Question: How will we feel it? 

Answer: We all feel the different and particular form of Warning, because this depends on the conscience of each. The Warning will be very personal, and everyone will react differently. The most important is to recognize all our sins and become aware of its consequences. You will have a different vision of the Warning than mine, because my sins are different from yours. 

Question: Will something happen to me because of my sins? I mean, will I suffer physical damage because of my sins? 

Answer: No, unless you have something due to the shock that the Warning will produce in you, for example a heart attack. 

Question: It means that it will not cause physical damage, we will only appear before God with our sins. And will our good deeds also be seen? 

Answer: No, the Warning will only be used to see our sins. It will be like a purification to prepare for the Miracle, to see if through the Warning and the Miracle all humanity can change (the whole world). 

Question: So the Warning can happen at any time? 

Answer: Yes, but I don't know when that will happen.

February 1977 

Question: When was the first time you heard about the Warning, and who communicated these facts to you? 

Answer: The only thing I remember is that it was Our Lady who told me about the Warning. 

Question: Do you want to repeat everything you know about the Warning? 

Answer: What now I remember is that Our Lady told me that before the Miracle, God will send a warning to purify ourselves and prepare for the miracle, so we can get enough grace to change our lives and guide them to God. Our Lady told me what the Warning consisted of, but not its date. I was not allowed to say what it really is, but I can tell you just a few details. It is a phenomenon that will be seen and felt in all parts of the world; I always use two stars that collide with each other. This phenomenon does not cause any physical phenomenon, but it will amaze us. Because in that moment we will see the sin that goes into our soul and the consequences that have those same sins. It will be as if we were in agony, but not die of these effects, although it is possible that die of fear or print in seeing ourselves. May Our Lady forgive me if I am not explaining it correctly, but I am trying to explain it in the best possible way. 

Question: If the Warning will only last a few minutes, the world will remember this as something that came from God, or think it was a dream or illusion? 

Answer: I never said that the Warning would last a short time, what I said was that it will be a moment, it will be very impressive and terrible. No one will doubt that will come from God and that it is not something human. I know what it is, and I fear that day very much. 

Question: A few years ago, you said that the event that will accompany the Warning starts with the letter "A". Certainly, Our Lady did not refuse you to divulge. Can you say more about this? 

Answer: You never forbade me, but I don't know why I never said it and it also seems to me that I shouldn't say it now. 

Question: At some point, you have said to Father Marcelino Andreu: "When the Warning, we will know that we enter the end of time." Can you explain to us what you wanted to say? 

Answer: The Virgin told us that the Warning and the Miracle will be the last public warnings to be carried out by God. So I believe that at that time we will be at the end of times. 

Question: Do you have any advice to give people about this event? 

Answer: We must always be prepared, so that we have peace in our souls and that we do not get too attached to the things of this world. Instead, we must think that we are here on Earth so that we can go to heaven and be Saints. 

August, 1980 

Question: Will the Warning harm us physically? 

Answer: For me it is like two stars .... that collide with each other and make a huge noise and "pour" a lot of light, but do not fall. We will not hurt ourselves when we see him, but we will see him. At that moment we will see our consciences. We will see all the evil of our bad actions. 

Question: Are we going to see the evil in our actions? 

Answer: Yes, and we will also see the good that we failed to do and that we could have done.

MARI-LOLI July 27, 1975

Question: You even said that you know about the date of the Warning. Can you tell me if that is foreseen for the next years or for the distant future? 

Answer: No, I cannot say anything. 

Question: Did Our Lady forbid you to speak about the Warning? 

Answer: No, however, as I know that the Warning and the Miracle will happen in the same year, I think the best thing is not to say. 

Question: How do you know that the Warning and the Miracle will happen in the same year *? 

Answer: During an apparition, I am not sure when, Our Lady informed me about this. 

Question: You told me on another occasion that when the Warning happens, everything will be stopped, even the planes that fly through the air. Is that right? 

Answer: Yes, but it will only happen for a few minutes. 

Question: Do you mean that everything will stop at that moment, and that at that moment the Warning will be given? 

Answer: Yes. 

Question: When was that information revealed to you? 

Answer: Our Lady told me during an apparition. 

Question: Did you receive all this information in one appearance or over several? 

Answer: He told me in one appearance, however I do not remember whether Our Lady spoke of the Warning in other appearances. 

Question: Do you know how long the Warning will last? 

Answer: A few minutes. 

Question: Are you afraid of the Warning? 

Answer: Yes, like everyone else, I also have defects and faults, and the Notice will show them. It terrifies me. 

Question: What else can you tell us about the Warning? 

Answer: All I can say is that the Warning is getting closer and closer and that it is very important that we prepare, because it will be something terrible. We will be aware of all the harm we have done. * Mari-Loli clarified that "the same year" means within 12 months.

February 1977 

Question: Have you ever talked to Conchita about the date of the Warning, once you know the year, and the Miracle that she knows herself? 

Answer: I never spoke to Conchita about these things. 

Question: Do you have any advice that you want to give people to prepare for this event? 

Answer: May they do much penance, many sacrifices, visit the Blessed Sacrament whenever they can and pray the Rosary daily. 

September 29, 1978 

Question: Since you are one of the people who knows the most about the Warning, can you tell us if this event will happen before the Miracle that was promised to happen through Conchita's intercession? 

Answer: Everyone will experience it wherever they are and whatever their condition or knowledge about God ... It will be a personal and inner experience. It will seem as if the world is at a standstill, yet no one will notice it because they will all be focused on their own personal experience. 

Question: Referring now to the nature of the Warning, how are we going to feel it? 

Answer: It will be like an internal feeling of pity and pain for having offended God. God will help us to see the harm we do to God Himself. It will help us to feel that inner pain, because many times when we do something bad, we limit ourselves to asking God for forgiveness only from the outside, but thanks to the Warning, it will help us to feel that deep pain. 

JACINTA August 17, 1975 

Question: Did Our Lady ever tell you about the Warning? 

Answer: Yes, you spoke of him, but you never told me in what year that would happen. February 1977 

Question: Can you tell us what the Warning will be like? 

Answer: You will see yourself first in the air, all over the world, and then we will all feel it inside our souls. It will last a very short time, but it will seem a long time because of the effect it will have on us. It will be for the good of our souls, so that we can see the inside of ourselves, and in our conscience we can see the good and evil that we have done. At that moment, we will feel great love for our heavenly Mother and Father and ask for forgiveness for our faults. 

Question: Will the Warning be experienced by everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs? 

Answer: The Warning will be for the whole world, because God desires Our Salvation. The purpose of the Notice will be so that we can get closer to Him and increase our Faith. Therefore, we must be prepared for that day, but do not wait in fear, because God does not send things to cause terror, but justice and love for the good of all His children, lest they condemn themselves eternally. August 1979 

Question: Did you remember about the great tribulation that will happen? 

Answer: Yes, it will be like a kind of invasion, something that seems to me like an invasion; something very bad in which communism played an important role, however I do not remember which countries or regions it will happen in. These events will take place before the Warning. The Warning will happen when things are at their worst. 

April 16, 1983 

Question: In 1979, in an interview, did you mention a kind of communist tribulation and at that time you said it looked like an invasion? 

Answer: I sometimes confuse invasion with persecution. 

Question: You also said that the Warning would happen when things were at their worst. How do you know about that? Did Our Lady tell you or did you hear that in a vision? 

Answer: Our Lady told me that the Warning would come when things were at their worst. I do not think it will be a persecution as such, because at that time few people will practice religion. 

Question: When the Warning arrives, will it be seen by everyone on our planet, including our little children, who still have no use for reason? 

Answer: Yes, and so we feel sorry for them, because it will be a difficult experience. Question: Can you tell us how the situation in the world will be when this happens? Answer: It will be very bad.