If humanity does not convert ...

Conditional Punishment for Mankind

If humanity does not convert, both the first official message of Garabandal and the second make mention of a divine punishment for all mankind, of a magnitude unknown to history. Because the punishment is too great, because we deserve it, the miracle is also immensely great because the world needs it.

The content of the punishment was revealed to the Garabandal girls one month before the miracle of visible communion occurred on one of the two nights before the Corpus Christi celebration of 1962 and almost a year after the first anniversary of the first appearance of the Angel in Garabandal . As a result of what they saw that night, the girls screamed and shocked the whole village that watched from a distance to the girls' ecstasy.

That night, the girls gave an indication that everyone present should be some distance from them. The girls indicated that everyone should stay away from them so they would not see them. ... From what could be heard, it was heard: oh, let the children die before all this happens; give time for all people to confess before this happens ... Wait! Wait! Waiting! Let them all confess! ... Alas! ... Alas! The assistants there began to publicly ask for forgiveness for their sins.

Among the assistants of that night in Garabandal, Father Larrazabal, who had come to help in the feast of Corpus Christi, prayed very moved with a loud voice and everyone followed. When she stopped for a moment, the girls, in an agonizing way, would cry again and scream, calming down again as they went on praying among the attendants present.

Conchita's mother, one of the four girls, remembers perfectly that she heard them cry with so much horror and with loud cries that she wanted to run to her daughter to see what was going on next year. , remembering the Albañil of the village, who claimed to be a man who did not know the fear, walked at night through any village path on the hills of Garabandal without any start or fear. However, on that night of shouting, gathered there in the darkness of the night, they could hear the cries and moans of the girls at a distance, their legs trembled so that their knees beat against each other without being able to do anything: I never lived something like that. This impressive apparition ended at two o'clock in the morning. On returning to normalcy, the girls said they would stay there for the rest of the night in prayer. All the other people stayed with them until six in the morning to pray. After that hour the priest went to the church and confessed all the people.

Despite the time, no one moved. "We continue to pray the rosary with the priest until 6 am, when he went to the church, followed by all the people. Then began the parade of confessions ... with truly extraordinary sincerity and repentance" - concludes Eloíza Roza .

Days later they wrote a few lines about what they had seen: "Our Lady told us that we do not expect punishment, and that without waiting for her she will come, because the world has not changed and she has spoken about it twice and we do not care, because the world is worse and so we have to change a lot and the world has not changed at all ... the world is the same, I say: the world is the same, what a pity that it does not change One day will come the punishment and the punishment will be very great , if nothing changes.

Remembering a few years later about this text that was written, Loli added some details: "That was horrible to see. We were totally amazed ... and I could not find words to explain all that ... We saw rivers that became blood ... fire that fell from the sky ... and something much worse still that I can not reveal now. "In any case Our Lady told Conchita that the Punishment was not a war, but something that comes directly from God.

"Though we continued to see the Virgin, we also began to see a great multitude, who suffered greatly and cried out with the greatest anguish ... Then she made us see how the great Punishment will come to all humanity, and that it will come directly from God ... At any given moment, no engine or machine will work. A terrible heat will strike the earth, and men will begin to feel a great thirst; they will desperately seek for water, but this, because of the great heat, will evaporate. Then almost all will fall into despair and try to kill each other; but the force will fail them and fall to the ground. It will be time to realize that it is God who is allowing this. "

"At last we saw a multitude of people engulfed in flames, running to the seas and lakes, but when they entered the water, it seemed to boil, and instead of extinguishing the flames, it was as if it activated them even more It was so terrible that I asked the Virgin to take our children with her before this happened, but she told us that they will be great. "

Conchita's description also refers to the fire: "I have seen the chastisement, and I can assure you that if it does, it will be worse than if we were surrounded by fire, worse than if we had coals under our feet and on our heads" .

Later, speaking to a group of Americans arriving on a pilgrimage to Garabandal, Conchita returned to the subject: "The Virgin will do the Miracle to avoid Punishment, although Punishment can not be avoided, because we lose even the sense of sin. Now we have reached such an extreme that God will have to punish us. "