The future Miracle of Garabandal

"The Virgin has told me a great miracle," Conchita confides in her Diary, "that God saw through her intercession. As the Punishment will be very great, the Miracle will also be very great, as the world needs."

Characteristics of the future great miracle

Less than twelve months will pass between the Warning and the great Miracle;

It will last between 10 minutes and a quarter of an hour;

it will happen on a Thursday at 20:30 local time;

It will take place between the 8th and 16th of the months of March, April or May;

This day will not be a feast of Our Lady;

It will also coincide with a very important, rare, singular event, both for the Church and for all Christendom, a happy and happy event;

It will be the greatest Miracle that Jesus Christ made in the world after His Resurrection;

The Miracle will be visible in the village of Garabandal and in the surrounding mountains. It can be photographed, filmed, and probably televised;

After the miracle, there will be a miraculous sign in the "pins" that can not be touched, but which can be filmed, photographed and televised;

The sick who are present will be healed and the unbelievers will believe;

It will not be necessary for the seers to be present at Garabandal for the Miracle to take place;

The Pope will see the miracle "wherever he may be";

The day after the Miracle, the body of the late Father Luis Andreu will be unearthed and his body will be found incorrupt.

"At midnight I'll let you know ... the television and all the people around the world who feel able to help spread the word quickly ..."


"The Virgin has announced to me a great Miracle"

In these brief references we find "the promise of a visible and supernatural phenomenon, which the world needs just like bread for the mouth." The world needs to be shaken in its rationalist and positivist foundations, in its unbeatable technological pride. these needs and seems to point to the reconversion of men, to the reconsideration of their nothingness before the prodigies of God, "observes the author of Garabandal, continuation of Fatima.

In conversation with Sánchez-Ventura, he raises the tip of the veil that covers the nature of the Miracle:
"A sign will appear in heaven, so characteristic and spectacular, that no one can deny the reality of the prodigy."
"It will take about eleven minutes and it will take place at 8:30 a.m., at which time the angel first appeared. There will be a mark, a permanent visible sign on the pines, which will prove not to have been made by human hands. all the "Tomas" who still need to see to believe. "It will be like a column made of an unknown substance, visible but not palpable. It can be photographed, filmed, televised. It will be seen that it is not a thing of this world. You will be able to witness it all in the village and its surroundings. Patients in the village will be healed. It will take place on a Thursday, coinciding with the feast of a young martyr of the Eucharist. "

It is, as we see, a phenomenon of planetary dimensions, "the greatest miracle ever made by Christ in behalf of humanity." Neither in the Old Testament nor in the New Testament do we find wonders of such magnitude, neither in time nor in space. It will be one of those signs announced by the prophet Joel for the final times: "I will perform wonders in heaven and on earth, blood, fire and pillars of smoke" (Joel 3: 3-4) and confirmed by Peter before the Cenacle (Acts 2: 21).

Conchita knows exactly the date and communicates it to Pope Paul VI, his confessor and Cardinal Ottaviani, then prefect of the Holy Office, now the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and two others whose names he did not reveal.

The Miracle will occur less than a year after the Warning. Eight days earlier, Conchita had begun to divulge the date. "In all likelihood," he explains to Needles magazine:

"At midnight I will let you know ... the television and all the people who, in the whole world, feel capable of helping to spread the word quickly.I have no fear in this respect.I know that if the Virgin wanted you there, there you will be ... The Virgin never lies ... She said: I gave you everything you needed, I gave you everything you could want, everything is prepared to reach the end of the message.

The future Miracle of love

A priest friend of Garabandal reflects on the "future great Miracle of love as an experience of God and Paradise."
Conchita, in her BBC interview, said: "The purpose of the miracle that she (Our Lady) is going to send us is so that we know that the message that she has given us is what she wants us to do, she wants us to be saved and She thinks that if we see the Miracle ... that we will change our lives. " The people who have the great joy and opportunity to be present in the Great Miracle will be the same people who will pass through the fire of the Purgatory of the Warning and who will now become a kind of "full glass" of water of sanctifying grace. ... flowing ... and attracting others more to drink.

This immense multitude, after experiencing the universal confession (future Warning), after having passed through reconciliation with the Father, is now ready to receive the Universal Communion (the Great Miracle) with the Father. Garabandal is Eucharistic in character . With the future Miracle, a small part of the thin veil that separates the natural from the supernatural will be raised, so that this multitude can receive the joy of the experience of God and Paradise, in a way still mysterious.

As you know, Father Luis Andreu (a priest who visited Garabandal several times during the time of the apparitions in 1961) died of joy a few hours after experiencing a miracle of love in the "pines" during one of the ecstasies of the four girls that occurred on the night of August 8, 1961. The cause of his death was joy, not illness. Is God wanting to say something about this? Was this event a clue or a sign of what will happen in the future Great Miracle? I think yes! Father Luis, in my opinion, himself a holy priest, experienced a special "holy communion" with God. He saw Paradise and experienced the grace given to Moses (Exodus 33: 18-20) when God said, "... I will allow My splendor to pass before you ... You can not see My face, for no man can see Me and live. " (Editor's note: Our Lady said that whoever sees the future Miracle will also die of joy, as happened to Father Luis, but because of a special grace of God, this will not happen. Father Luis died! Did he contemplate God? I think not. What Father Luis experienced was necessary for God's plans to shock us, to awaken us to reality, and to wake us up for this future event.

What I believe is that Father Louis saw Paradise and experienced in his body and soul the most extraordinary supernatural union of the life and love of God in the same way that St. Paul experienced in what is written in the second letter to the Corinthians, chapter 12 "I know of a man in Christ, who, fourteen years ago - I know not whether in the body or out of the body, God knows it! - was caught up to the third heaven. in the body or out of the body, God knows! - was caught up to paradise and heard ineffable words that a man is not allowed to repeat. " Father Luís is a sign and a clue as to what God is going to accomplish in the future great Miracle at a certain time, place and day for a specific and innumerable multitude of people in the mountains of Garabandal in order to bring the world to reconciliation with God and to strengthen faith for the difficult times ahead.

In the same way that the miracle filled Father Luis Andreu with an indescribable joy, so will the future miracle of love with the great multitude present there, so that they may take with them to the world, the joy of God, as one kind of "bright glasses," capable of being filled with fresh water of sanctifying graces ... thus attracting others to drink.

A SIGN will remain in the "pins" as a memorial of this great event of God for the whole world. Everyone present there may photograph, but the signal will not be sensitive to human touch. Once again I believe that this little remnant of the great Miracle of Love will remain there and will make all the people coming out of those mountain tops be like "rays" of light to the world, proclaiming the good news of the Gospel to the world. I personally believe that these people will shine like lightning whenever they talk about God's love and the mystery of Jesus. It will be a time of transfiguration in the preparation for Resurrection.

Interview with the visionaries about the future Miracle

JACINTA - February 1977
Our Lady never spoke of the Miracle to Jacinta. Whenever she asked Our Lady about it, she would say, "Everyone will believe."
MARI-LOLI - February 1977
Question: Who told you about the Miracle?
Answer: It was Our Lady.
Question: What do you know about the Miracle?
Answer: What I know is that it will happen within a year after the Notice.
Question: Will you go with your family to see the Miracle?
Answer: If God wills it.


Question: What will happen on the day of the Miracle?

Answer: I will try to talk about what Our Lady told me about it. Our Lady told me that God was going to do a great miracle and that there would be no doubt that it was a Miracle. It will come directly from God without any human intervention. The day, the month and the year of this event was made known to me. So I know the date of its accomplishment.

Question: When will this day be?

Answer: I was not allowed to say exactly what is going to happen. What I can reveal is that all those who are in Garabandal will see the Miracle. He also said that all those who are there to witness the Miracle will be healed regardless of their religion they profess. They have to be there in Garabandal.

Question: Did you say one day that people who witness the Miracle will convert?

Answer: Our Lady told me that all the people there will believe. Summer that will come directly from God. All the sinners who are present will be converted. He also said that one could take photographs of the Miracle as well as film it. In addition there will be a permanent sign in the "pins" where everyone can see and touch, but not feel. I can not explain.

Question: On the day of the Miracle, will there be any visible sign without human intervention?

Answer: Yes, it will be there until the full consummation of the ages.
Question: You said that the signal could be televised, photographed, but we can not feel it to the touch?

Answer: It will be like smoke, you can touch it without feeling it.

Question: Regarding the sick, did Our Lady speak of anyone in particular, of a blind man named Joey Lomangino? What did you say about him?

Answer: He said he would recover his sight on the day of the great miracle. He also spoke of a paralytic boy, whose parents are from my village of Garabandal. This boy will also be cured. These are the only people you spoke to.

Question: Can you tell us anything about Father Luis Andreu?

Answer: Yes, this priest came with some frequency to the village to see whether the apparitions were true or not. After a while, he came to believe them. On one occasion when we were in ecstasy in the "pins", Father Luis began to shout: "Miracle, Miracle, Miracle". When this happened, Our Lady told us that Father Luis was to see her at that moment and also to see the great Miracle that will happen in the future.

Question: Was Father Luis really seeing the Miracle?
Yes, that same day, on the way home, Father told his friends, "This is the happiest day of my life! What a great Mother we have in heaven!" The apparitions are true. And in saying these words, Father Louis died.

Question: Our Lord, did not you say that on the day of the Miracle something would happen about Father Luis?

Answer: Yes, he said that on the day of the miracle it will be discovered that his body will be incorrupt.

7 February 1974

Question: Did you say that the day of the miracle will coincide with a great event in the Church? Our Lady told you what it was, and could you add something to all this since you spoke about it?

Answer: Yes, I know what this event consists of. It is a unique event of the Church that has happened on some occasions and has never happened during my present life. It is nothing new, not extraordinary, however it is something rare, for example, as the definition of a dogma, something that will affect the whole Church. It will happen on the same day of the Miracle, but it will not be a consequence of this sign, it will be merely mere coincidence.

Question: How will you announce the Miracle?
Answer: I do not know exactly. More specifically, at midnight, I'll let you know ... the radio, the television, and all those who believe and can help spread the word quickly. I'm not worried about that. If Our Lady wants that person to be there, that person will be there.

Question: Joey said he would go to Garabandal soon after the Notice. Do you know how much time will elapse between the Warning and the Miracle?

Answer: It's a good idea that Joey goes to Garabandal, however I do not know how long it will take between the Warning and the Miracle.

Question: Do you often think on the day of the Miracle, and wait impatiently for the Warning and the Miracle?

Answer: Sometimes it seems to me that it is very far and sometimes that it is eminent. It seems to me very close when I see that people do not comply with the message, because after the Miracle there can be a punishment. I wait impatiently, yes. Our Lady never lies. For the words of Our Lady to be fulfilled, the Warning and the Miracle will have to happen. All this constitutes a single message.

Question: During the two times that Our Lady spoke about Joey, did he tell you anything more than the prophecy in your eyes?

Answer: Regarding Joey, all I remember now was that on the day of the Miracle Joey will have new eyes, and that from there he will see permanently.

February 1977

Question: Have you seen the miracle or been told about it?

Answer: Our Lady told me about the Miracle, she gave me to understand what it consisted in concretely.

Question: Were you alone or with your friends when Our Lady spoke to you about the Miracle?

Answer: I do not remember. (Note: According to the notes of Father Valentim Marichalar, priest of Garabandal at the time, Conchita was alone when she received this message).

Question: What will the Miracle be like?
Answer: Even if I tried to explain it, I could not do it well. It is best to wait and see.

Question: Do you want to repeat the information about the months when we can expect the Miracle?

Answer: From March to May.

Question: Some say that the way you will announce the Miracle will in itself be a great miracle, can you explain it?

Answer: I believe that the way the Miracle will be announced will be a Miracle, because it is a huge responsibility for me and at that point it will take me a Miracle to be able to say it.

Question: If I find myself far from the village of Garabandal, in the mountains, and come the same "pins", can I see the Miracle? And the sick that are there, will they also be healed?

Answer: You can witness the Miracle clearly, and God willing these people will also be healed.

Question: It has been said that in other places, especially Marian shrines, people who come to them at that time can be cured on the day of the Miracle. What do you know about that?
Answer: Our Lady did not tell us anything about this matter.

Question: Those who believe firmly in the Miracle, but who can not be present on the day of the Miracle because of their circumstances, for example, the cloistered priests and religious, will receive some grace on that day?

Answer: Personally I do not know. It depends on people, their desires, their faith, their sacrifice, their obedience.

Question: Did Our Lady say anything about the huge crowd that thinks they are in Garabandal a few days before the day of the Miracle? Some are concerned with issues such as food supplies, health aspects, etc. Do you have any comments to make on this?

Answer: Leave everything in the hands of God. Do what you can and remember that "God works miracles."

More details about the future Miracle of Garabandal

In addition to the WARNING also announced in Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin promised a great Miracle that can be seen by millions of people in the near future. Unfortunately, over the last few years, much has been speculated on this point, several people without a thorough understanding of the story of Garabandal, "tossed into the air" dates that included the exact year, day and month of its completion. As a result, many people gave up and stopped believing in Garabandal. They forgot about the essential of Garabandal. The most important thing is not the prophecies, but the teachings and content of the messages that call for conversion and which were given by Our Lady in that Cantabrian village. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when dealing with this type of events. Let's not talk about dates, let's try to delve deeper into this subject based on the information provided by Divine Providence in Garabandal

Part 2: The future miracle of Garabandal will coincide with a very important event for the Church.

Indeed, Conchita said this very fact, that the future Miracle will coincide with an important event for the Church. Before going further into this event and making assumptions about it, it should be made clear that the apparitions of Garabandal took place between 1961 and 1965 and were simultaneous with the convening of the Second Vatican Council. Our Lady announced to the girls the death of Pope John XXIII and also prophesied that his successor would continue the Council and that it would take him to his end. The Second Vatican Council was undoubtedly a major event in the history of the Church of the twenty-first century, its coincidence with the apparitions of Garabandal can not be casual. At the precise moment of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, Conchita was ecstatic with Our Lady. In this respect, it should be made clear that the future Warning, as we have already seen, will take place after a difficult time for the Church, "something like a schism." On the other hand, as we have already seen that the Warning will be a reflection of a painful mystery for the Church, the great Miracle will be like a joyful mystery in the life of the Church.

Thus, the day of the Miracle will coincide with a great event for the Church. Is it possible to know what this event will coincide with? We already know that it is risky to make assumptions, but we will cite some reflections that may help and illuminate our ideas in this regard. Conchita, to a question that was made in the year of 1974 on the subject, said the following:

"It is a unique event in the Church that occurs on certain occasions and has never happened in my life. It is not something new or extraordinary, it is just something rare, like the definition of a dogma, something that will affect the whole Church. day of the Miracle, but it is not a consequence of this, just pure coincidence. "

All these details arouse in us some restlessness. What is the nature of this event? How important will it be to coincide with the day of the future Miracle, and as the visionary girls announced, will it be the greatest miracle that Jesus Christ has ever made in the history of mankind?

According to Conchita's diary, this important event did not happen in Conchita's life, and since she was born on February 7, 1949, we can eliminate a certain number of probabilities of important events that occurred in the life of the Church and which coincide with the life of Conchita

Beatifications or canonizations of virtuous souls;

Foundation of new religious institutes;

Great papal trips;

Marian Congresses;

Holy Years (1950, 1975, 1987/1988, 2003-2004);

Election of a new Pope (1958, 1963, 1978, 2005);

A council, synod;

A new catechism for the Church;The definition of a new Marian dogma (that of the Assumption of Mary to the skies of body and soul, on November 1, 1950)

The institution of a new liturgical feast (Maria Rainha, 1955)

Special consecrations of the world to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (1984, 2000)

It seems inevitable to think that this important and happy event is somewhat related to the Second Vatican Council. In this context a hypothesis arises: the unity of the Churches, that is, the reconstruction of the early Church through the reconciliation between Catholics and Orthodox.

Let us remember that the route of unity of the Churches of the East and West since year 1054 (year of separation of the two Churches), that there have been attempts to re-establish it on a couple of occasions, but always without permanent results. The differences between Catholics and Orthodox do not seem so difficult to resolve, let's say they are more sentimental than doctrinal. There are two points that make them separate:

- The primacy of Peter, bishop of Rome over the remaining bishops, as successor of Peter;

- On the Holy Spirit, a point of dogmatic theology debated for centuries. The Orientals say that the Holy Spirit proceeds "from the Father through the Son," while Westerners use the formula "of the Father and the Son."

There are also other minor points. It is also necessary to emphasize the points of union between the two Churches: both accept the Sacred Scripture and transmit the Apostolic Tradition, have true sacraments, especially the priesthood and the Eucharist, and honor with great devotion the Mother of God.

"Thus the two branches of the East and West remain united in Christ by the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit. Substantially and theologically, Orthodox and Catholics constitute a large family in Mary, "wrote the French bishop, Bishop J. Rupp, echoing the Russian Orthodox theologian of the last century, Vladimir Soloviev:

"The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church subsists essentially in both the East and the West and will stand forever, despite the hostility and temporal schism that exists between these two halves of the Christian world."

Part 3, The Unity of Churches

If we really think that this reconciliation can exist in the near future, it is clear that since the end of the apparitions of Garabandal, important steps have been taken in this direction. First, the kiss of peace between the Orthodox Patriarch Athenagoras and Pope Paul VI in January 1964, on the Mount of Olives. Then, on December 7, 1965, on the eve of the solemn clause of the Second Vatican Council, in which there was an annulment of mutual excommunications, when Paul VI and Athenagoras in St. George annulled the "anathemas" sentenced nine centuries earlier. Two years later, the Pope visited the Patriarch in Constantinople and in turn, he returned the visit to the Vatican months later.

Later on, there were years of study and preparation on the part of the Orthodox Church which ended with the creation of theological commissions for dialogue with Rome, a decision that was officially announced at a ceremony in the Sistine Chapel on 14 December 1975 , at the time celebrated the ten years of the annulment of the excommunication.

A new stage opened with the pontificate of John Paul II, who repeatedly expressed his deep desire to regain full communion with the 200 million Orthodox who constitute the patriarchates of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Moscow, Servia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and the independent churches of Cyprus, Greece, Poland, America and the autonomous churches of Finland and Japan. Pope John Paul II never hid his hope that this communion will be fully established with the motive of the third Christian millennium . The same has been true of the dialogue with Protestants, where there are some tangible results.

Finally Benedict XVI, who is ready to re-establish this much desired union. So keep your head cool. The path of unity requires time and will require great theological works and abundant prayers and sacrifices. Millennial obstacles must be overcome, for to the schism of 1054 they preceded many centuries of incomprehension both in the East and in the West. However, one has the perception that the current climate is the most favorable since nine centuries. Thus the reconciliation of the two great blocks of the early church is no longer a utopia, so that the process of conversion takes place through the invisible action of the Holy Spirit. This will certainly be an unprecedented success for the church and the future Miracle of Garabandal will confirm this.

The Mother of God, the Theotokos, as the Greeks call it, will associate with the reconciliation of their children from the East and West. Is there any clue in the appearances of Garabandal to support this hypothesis? The answer is yes. We will see:

A.In the first place we can mention that on August 16, 1961, Father Luís Andreu, who had already died a few days ago (August 9, 1961), the girls were sighted in an apparition. This excellent polyglot, who had seen in anticipation of the future Miracle of Garabandal, taught them to pray the Ave Maria in Greek. Why did Our Lady want the girls to learn to pray in Greek, since we know that Greek is one of the languages spoken in the Orthodox liturgy?

B.Secondly, there is a curious coincidence of dates. The definitive rupture between Catholics and Orthodox took place precisely on July 16, 1054. The same date was precisely chosen by the Mother of God two centuries later, on July 16, 1251, on the title of Our Lady Lady of Mount Carmel, a title that heaven chose precisely for the apparitions of Garabandal, as if to imply that the great schism will end with the title of Mount Carmel. It is worth remembering that Mount Carmel in Palestine evokes the prophet Elijah, much revered in the East, who will appear again to admonish the Jews, condemn the diabolical errors of the Antichrist, and prepare the Second Coming of Christ, as it is prophesied in our Creed. The Order of Carmel was born there and was transplanted to the West during the time of the Turkish invasions. Elijah's return will be the last time set by God "to quench anger before it breaks out" (Eccles. XLVIII, 10).

Part 4, The Pope Will See the Miracle "Wherever He Is

The Blessed Virgin makes a precise reference that draws our attention very much, and which shows the transcendence of the historical moment that will cross the Church and the Pope between the Warning and the Miracle, because the Pope will see him "... wherever he is "which invites us to think that the Pope will not be in the Vatican at the time of the miracle. Two hypotheses arise: either he is going on a pastoral journey or he will be out of Rome by circumstances that at the moment prevent the Holy Father from developing his work as Bishop of Rome, more precisely, he may be associated with persecution against the Church and against the Pope. In fact, like everything, God knows. Only God with His infinite wisdom, knows the reason of his absence in the Vatican

Part 1: The incorrupt body of Father Andreu

It was in the apparitions of Garabandal that Our Lady announced this great event that will happen immediately after the World Annunciation. Making a brief summary of all that was revealed to the main visionary, Conchita González, we can mention the essential aspects that are linked to this great Miracle that will occur in the mountains of Garabandal, where the nine pines are located, and where there were many apparitions between 1961 and 1965.

The Andreu family consisted of six brothers, four of whom were Jesuits: Alejandro, a missionary in Venezuela; Ramón, deceased in 2005; Luis, who died on August 9, 1961 after his visit to Garabandal; and Marcellin, a missionary in Formosa. Mrs. Andreu, mother of the priests, took the habit of Salesa on March 19, 1962 and held her solemn profession on March 19, 1965, and her special children were present on the special petition of Pope Paul VI.

The death of Father Luís Maria Andreu is one of the most important reference points in the history of Garabandal. Father Luis was a professor of theology at the college that Jesus' company had in the Province of Burgos. When the priest died, he was 36 years old. Father Luis had first ascended to Garabandal along with his brother Ramón in the last days of July 1961 and returned again on August 8 of that same year. On that day, the priest of Garabandal, Father Valentim Marichalar, personally gave him the keys of the Church, due to his absence that day in the village.

That is why on that day Father Luis prayed that which would be his last Mass. At the end of the Mass, the four visionary girls entered into "ecstasy" within the Church. Soon after, they left the Church in "ecstasy" and Father Luis followed them from beginning to end. The girls climbed to the place of the "pins" always in ecstasy, always walking at a great speed. When they reached the "pins," they knelt down and sang the hymn to St. Michael the Archangel. It was at this moment that Father Luis appeared deeply moved and repeated the word "MIRACLE, MIRACLE" four times.

What happened to Father Luís to pronounce those words of MIRACLE, MIRACLE ...? According to the visionary girls, Father Andreu saw the future great Miracle announced by Our Lady, as well as the Our Lady herself. Because of him, we do not know, because when he returned to his house that night, after telling his friends and close associates that it had been the happiest day of his life and to have assured him that he was quite happy that Our Lady to have given a great gift, Father Luis died suddenly in the car without making the slightest movement, presenting a sweet expression visible on his face.

More precisely, Father Andreu left Garabandal it was already night, and he went to the nearest village, the Cosio. It was 1:00 am when near the village of Reinosa, Father Luis said the following:

"What a beautiful gift the Virgin gave me! How fortunate to have such a mother in heaven." We should not be afraid of the supernatural life, the girls gave us an example of how we should treat Our Lady. All that the girls said was true Why did Our Lady choose us? Today is the happiest day of my life. "

At the end of saying this, Father Luís Andreu remained very silent in the car where he followed. The next moment he was dead. In a clinic near the place where Father Luis had died, he did nothing more than confirm and confirm his death; on the other hand, Father Luis was not suffering from any illness, dying without any agony and suffering.

However, the story of Father Luís Andreu did not end here. As Conchita confirmed in her diary, the sighted girls confirmed that they had spoken to him in one of his ecstasies after his death. According to the visionaries, they saw a light of the visions, and as if coming out of the light, the voice of Father Luis was heard. The girls said: "We heard his voice, but we did not see him. He spoke to us about some things about his brother Ramon Maria Andreu and he taught us to pray the Ave Maria in Greek. "

On one occasion, his brother Ramon became aware of this situation and became disillusioned, thinking that it was a state of illness that the girls possessed, of extra sensitivity due to the death of his brother. His idea was that because of this, the girls imagined that they were talking to their deceased brother. But on a certain day, to Father Ramón's great surprise, he himself could hear the girls' dialogue in a state of ecstasy. Regarding this, Father Ramon said:

"I went to see the girls in ecstasy and listened to their conversations with Father Luis. After a while, I did not know what to think." He was truly astonished: the girls repeated the words of his vision before me, to tell them about my brother's death and about all the details of his funeral ..... on another occasion I heard the girls in ecstasy saying that my brother had died without having fulfilled his profession of vows, and that was true They spoke of me and my vows, and they knew the precise date of them, the name of the Jesuit who had done it at the same time as I. Understand my astonishment, my amazement at these strictly accurate details, when I knew, no doubt , that the girls could not have knowledge of them, at least, by the human field .... I also heard one of them recite the Hail Mary in Greek. "

Well, Conchita González explained in her diary that one day Father Luis repeated the word "MIRACLE, MIRACLE" four times. She and the other sighted girls, in addition to seeing in their vision Our Lady, also saw Father Luís Andreu and the Virgin told them that he (Father Luis) also saw Our Lady and the future Miracle announced to Garabandal. Subsequently, on July 18, 1964, Conchita stated in her diary the following

"On the day of the Miracle, the body of Father Luís Andreu will be removed incorrupt from his grave ...."

On August 2, Conchita writes to Father Ramón the following: "On July 18, 1964, I had a locution that told me that the day after the Miracle, you will remove your brother from the tomb and find his body incorrupt. ... "

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the following details: Father Luis was buried in 1961. Fifteen years later, in early 1976, the Seminary where Father Luis was buried was transformed into a psychiatric sanatorium, and there was a need to exhume all the bodies present in that cemetery, except for the body of Father Luís Andreu, who on orders of the superior of that seminary did not carry out their exhumation. All the bodies were transferred to Loyola. This was confirmed by one of Father Luis Andreu's brothers.

Conchita said and repeated that Our Lady had told him in a locution that the day after the Miracle, her body (of Father Luis) would be intact and incorrupt. Therefore, the announcement does not refer to the state of the body before the Miracle, but rather after the Miracle, exactly the day after the future Miracle.

What can we say in relation to all this and the relation of the history of Father Luís Andreu with the future miracle announced by God through Mary Most Holy in Garabandal? It is clear that Father Luis on August 8, 1961, at 10 o'clock at night, had the vision of what will be the future great Miracle of Garabandal. Therefore, the only human being who saw the Miracle is already dead, and was a priest. This inclines us to think and to deduce validly that the Miracle will have a very clear relation with the priesthood. This does not suppose anything new: the apparitions of Garabandal, apart from being eminently Eucharistic, are clearly priestly, and this can be seen from the various miracles that took place in Garabandal related to the Eucharist, as well as a special predilection for the priests who always shown throughout the time of the apparitions.

Well, Father Luis said some very significant phrases: "What a beautiful gift Our Lady gave me! Today is the happiest day of my life!" The question we ask is: What is the happiest day of a priest's life? The day of your ordination or that of your first Mass. Doubtless, the future miracle will bring much more joy than ordination or first Mass. What can be said about this? God does not do things without meaning, coincidences have a divine reason and it is up to us to try to understand and discover this wonderful lesson.

No doubt Father Luís died of happiness, and this was proven when the Blessed Virgin said precisely to Conchita that Father Luís Andreu died of happiness, so that all those who see the future Miracle in Garabandal do not die of happiness, God will grant them a special grace

In relation to the death of Father Luis Andreu there is another astonishing fact that coincided with his death. What celebration does the Church celebrate on August 8th from 1960 and August 9th before 1960?

This day coincides with the feast of the Holy Curé of Ars, and it should not be forgotten that this feast coincides with the vision of the Miracle and with the death of Father Luis. In all this, there is a profound meaning. When reading the writings of the Holy Curé of Ars - Juan Maria Vianney - one finds the following phrase:

"Oh, what a great thing it is to be a priest! It will not be better understood than in heaven." If they told us, at that hour a dead man would rise, we would run in haste to see him. the consecration that transforms bread and wine into the body and blood of a God, a greater miracle than to raise a dead man? "After the consecration, God is there as in heaven, if man knew the truth of this mystery: he died of love and happiness Only divine grace in aid of our weakness could keep us alive ... "

No doubt Father Luis died of happiness. He could not bear with the truth and happiness of all that he had seen; nevertheless, what was most striking was undoubtedly the event that Father Luis had on that day, at that moment, and with the grace of God, he probably had the gift of knowledge and understanding of the mystery of the priesthood and the Eucharist, mystery of the transubstantiation of bread and wine into the body and blood of Our Lady Jesus Christ - as the Curé of Ars said - and which remains hidden in our human weakness.

Thus, we can affirm with some certainty that the future Miracle of Garabandal will have an intimate relationship with the mystery of the priesthood and the Eucharist, which today is so fought, ignored, depreciated, these mysteries will be placed in magnificence by God so that we can understand the deep love that He has for each one of us and that He had at the last supper that He performed with His apostles on the Holy Thursday and which made him to offer every day in the Holy Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, once and every day to His Eternal Father in reparation for our sins and for the salvation of the whole world.

What a better gift we could all have, after the worldly warning that will happen to the world and that will make men aware of who God is and the state of our souls, that this miracle, fruit of God's mercy and that will make us love profoundly the Eucharist, as a necessary strength for the days of the great tribulation that will come to the world and to the Church?

Finally, why the incorrupt body of Father Andreu? Does God want to confirm the supernatural origin of these apparitions, which would be unnecessary after having already been confirmed by the Warning and the future Miracle? Or it will no more than leave us a sign of hope, within the eschatological context of these apparitions, through the incorruptibility of a previously decomposed body, that is, the proclamation of new heavens and new earth, and which will be the fullness of the kingdom of Christ on earth in which "the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed?" (Color 1.15-52).

Part 5, Feast of a Holy Martyr of the Eucharist

Garabandal miracle will be on Thursday, at 08:30 pm (Spanish time), between February and June (both already excluded), between the 8th and 16th of that month and will coincide with the party of a holy martyr related to the Eucharist. It will last a quarter of an hour. By excluding the months of February and June, we only have the chances of March, April and May. A few years ago, during a supposed interview of one of the visionaries, other months were discarded. The month of April or May is the most credible hypothesis.

Due to the above-mentioned characteristics and the spirituality of the apparitions of Garabandal, the great miracle prophesied could be linked to the Eucharistic and priestly nature, because it was on Thursday that the institution of the priesthood and the Eucharist was celebrated at the last supper of Jesus with his apostles. It was for this reason that it was only a priest who had the privilege of witnessing to the future great miracle, as was mentioned earlier when we mentioned Father Luis Andreu.

For all that has been said, we must be very attentive to the events that are to come in relation to the Warning and the Miracle. However, the most important of all is to achieve our conversion of life and follow Jesus Christ. He is the way of truth and life. For this reason, Our Lady made it very clear about the importance that messages have in our lives. If we do, we'll all be on the right track.
The Warning and the Miracle will help to sensitize our soul and strengthen our spirit for the moment of the great tribulation. One fact is certain, it will happen within the next few years. May God help us in these difficult times ahead.

Translated into Portuguese by the apostolate of Garabandal

As a consequence of the Miracle .... the union and the return of all Christians to the Catholic Church.

What was prophesied in Garabandal about the union of all Christians?

Maximo Foerschler, a Protestant who after visiting Garabandal, converted to Catholicism.

October 1, 1961

After finishing Conchita's ecstasy on that day, she spoke with Don Valentine that Our Lady would have taught him a very important point, more important than all the writings and notes Don Valentin had made so far. This subject may certainly be connected with the future conversion and reunification of the Churches, according to what Conchita said to Placido Ruiloba at the time:

"Because you criticize the Protestants, since soon they will be reunited with us."

Is this to be seen as the future great event of the Church? Unification of the Churches of Christ?

At one point a Protestant, Maximo Foerschler, went to Garabandal for the first time. Our Lady, through the girls, told her something of the sort:

"He believes in God, but little in Me. He will believe ...."
October 11, 1961, Unity of Christians

The conversations between the deceased and the girls seem, in a sense, to have gone around the subject of ecumenism. On this feast day of the Motherhood of Mary, Father Andrei and Conchita spoke again about the prophetic question already raised on October 1: "All Churches will be unified?" And Father Andreu said: "" In November 1965, Conchita would once again confirm the truth of this revelation to a German publisher, Albrecht Weber. "She again clarified what had been Our Lady had told him about the great event of the Church that is to come:

"She (Our Lady) told us that the divided Churches will be reunited. There will only be one" religion. "A better translation:" The Christian Churches will be one in the Catholic Church. "

From this we can see the significance of Conchita's recitation on 1 August 1961 of the creed "... one, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman ..."

18 November 1962: Feast of the Consecration of the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul

Our Lady informed Conchita that the Council and the future Miracle will help in the conversion of the whole world.

One of the main points of Vatican II lies in the perfect unity of all Christians. It seems logical that Our Lady took advantage of this day to clarify that on the day of the Miracle "the divided Churches will become one".

Although we are not absolutely sure about this point, it seems that Conchita received from Our Lady more information about the events of the day of the Miracle, a day that will coincide with a great event of the Church