A mother who came from Heaven to meet us ...

She is our Mother

The Marian devotion in the Church was strongly shaken and even torn from many hearts as an unforeseen and unwanted product of the Second Vatican Council. This was certainly not the desire and intention of Pope Mariano John XXIII.

Spiritual poison and Heaven's antidote 

When he summoned the Council, he made a pilgrimage to Lorreto to face the protection of Our Lady. All the pages of your spiritual diary breathe about Mary. No other book shows such great devotion as this one. As a result of this rejection by Mary, of which there is no rational human explanation, many of us had to rediscover it again. His role in the Church, in the mystical body of his Divine Son, is so vital, that it cannot be ignored or disintegrated without all of us suffering great losses. In a way, Garabandal serves to discover this, that is, to find Mary, to feel that she is an integral part of our lives and the life of the Church. God knew of the poison that we would all receive, so He designed an antidote for us before the poison attacked our minds and infiltrated our hearts. The antidote was Garabandal was ready to be used by all of us.

Testimony of God's love and Mary's maternal concern 

People often say: "We don't need Garabandal, we already have Lourdes and Fátima". In saying this, they did not realize the fundamental reality behind these events. These events are a testimony, a testimony to God's love for his people and Mary's maternal concern for her children. So we need an animated manifestation from heaven, in these times of crisis and who can deny that we are in a time of crisis? Fátima, came in a time of crisis, during the first world war and at the time when communism was making its first intervention in a country. In fact, the message given at Fátima, Lourdes and Garabandal is nothing more than a warning from God, of the things we already know or what we should know. Although it seems that the Church is falling, but it is not, and that God is dead, He is not. He is very much alive and very concerned. He came to Garabandal to tell us about it. One of the things that He wants us to know is that Mary was not eliminated from His plan. He knows about our difficulties in understanding certain things. He sent Maria over 2000 times to talk about his plans at Garabandal. He loves us. He wants to make sure that we understand His message of love for all of us and that Mary is our Mother. Priest J.A. Pelletier 

Translated by the apostolate of Garabandal