Serafin González interview

Serafin Gonzalez was the elder brother of Conchita Gonzalez, one of Garabandal's seers, himself witnessing the great events of Garabandal. On April 11, 1993, Easter Sunday, while the US Garabandal group was in this pilgrimage village, one of the members, Marc Conza of Florida, asked Serafin if he could conduct an interview. Serafin graciously consented, and through his daughter Conchita, who could speak English and Spanish, the interview was held at the front of his house.

Question: A lot has changed in Garabandal since the time of the apparitions, for example new houses were built here. Was it difficult to adapt or did you wish things had remained simple as before?

Serafin: These are the normal consequences of everything that happened here. People travel here, like this and as a result they decide to build a house. People see from everywhere.

Question: Who is the current parish priest of Garabandal and how long has he lived here?

Serafin: His name is Father Juan Gonzalez and he has been here for many years.

Question: Was he a witness to the events of Garabandal?

Serafin: Not all priests were witnesses, but most of them were.

Question: What is your current position?

Serafin: He still believes in the same way as in the time of the apparitions. He has the same faith and hope that one day all these events will be fulfilled.

Question: What was your reaction when the parish priest of Garabandal announced that the restrictions on priests had been lifted?

Serafin: I think it was a good decision on the part of the former Bishop Del Val Gallo to remove restrictions on priests. I think it was very fair and correct to make the decision to allow priests to come here to Garabandal and to hold the Eucharist.

Question: What do you think about the new investigations that took place here?

Serafin: I think it was great to have rectified and corrected the information on everything that happened here, but I think it was done too late. This was not the fault of the investigators because they were good people; They did a good job. They asked questions about everything: if we believed, if we doubted what we had seen and how we felt about all this. They did everything very positively.

Question: How can this recent research be compared with the previous one conducted in 1961?

Serafin: The first investigation was done incorrectly, they did very little and did not make an effort to find the truth. I think the second investigation was more useful than the first one in 1961.

Question: Who were these latest researchers?

Serafin: I don't remember their names. They were specialists from different fields, and were sent by the Bishop of Santander. Two or three of them asked me questions and did the same to others. They asked me specific questions. Everything was done competently, they pointed out everything they heard. Some of them later left the village, and some of them stayed a few days later. They all came here to do their job competently, but some told me, "We have to go back here again, but on our own initiative." They were all good people, very attentive and polite.

Question: During the time of the apparitions, Garabandal parish priest Valentin Marichalar was withdrawn. Because?

Serafin: Possibly, they were orders from the Bishop of Santander, thinking that the parish priest Valentin believed in Garabandal's apparitions. After Father Valentin left, only priests arrived who thought negatively about the apparitions at Garabandal.

Question: Who was the priest who succeeded Monsignor Valentin?

Serafin: I'm not quite sure. I think it was Father Olano or Father Amador.

Conchita (daughter of Serafin): Father Amador believed in the apparitions. He said to me.

Question: Did he believe from the beginning?

Serafin: No, but the first time he saw an ecstasy of my sister Conchita, he came to me and said: "I saw your sister's ecstasy, and it was a perfect ecstasy. It is quite possible that Our Lady is joking "But we have to be very careful, because a lot of people come to the girls and write them letters. Everyone likes them, but everything can be lost through vanity. But it is likely that Our Lady is conceding." us a special grace. "

Father Amador later stayed here for a short time. He was later replaced, possibly because he must have come to Santander to say that in the meantime he had changed his mind about the events of Garabandal (who believed in the apparitions).

Question: It was said during the time of the apparitions that Our Lady told Conchita that there were people who lived in space on other planets. Can you say anything about this?

Serafin: I remember hearing that. I personally think that the other spaces or places have to do with where the angels, the saints are, or where the souls of purgatory dwell.

Question: Do you remember the day in 1962, when the King and Queen of Belgium visited the village of Garabandal?

Serafin: No one knows for sure about that. At that time they were said to have been present here in Garabandal, but in disguise so that their identities would not be discovered.

Question: What did Our Lady say to the girls about fashion?

Serafin: Our Lady said that fashions drag people to hell and that they should dress decently and modestly if they are to be saved. These were your words. All this was said in the form of songs that Our Lady taught them while they were ecstatic. (Seraphim even sang the last parts of the song). The message instilled in these songs has more meaning now than it did then, when you look at the disaster that fashion has in people's lives today.

Question: Our Lady appeared in Garabandal with the title of Our Lady of Carmel. Did she say anything about using the scapular?

Serafin: I don't remember the exact words very well, but I remember anything that if we use it, many souls will be saved.

Question: Did she say that here in Garabandal?

Serafin: Yes, yes. I don't remember the exact words, but I do know about their real meaning - protect us or is our salvation; anything similar to that. But she talked about it here.

Conchita (Daughter of Serafin): When my grandmother died (she was referring to Aniceta), my aunt Conchita was here for her mother's wake. At that time was present a man from Saragoza, who came to give his feelings for the death of his mother. He was a good man, but he did not go to Mass or practice his faith, yet he believed in Garabandal's apparitions. My father remembers that the first thing my aunt Conchita said was, "Put the scapular on him." She attached great importance to using the scapular.

Question: In 1961 the Church removed a large number of Saints from the calendar. Many people began to think that they were not saints and would not be put back on the calendar. Has Our Lady ever kissed St. Christopher's medals? St. Christopher was one of the saints who was removed from the calendar.

Serafin: I don't remember about that.

(Interviewer's note: I had the opportunity to interview another person from the village, Aurélia Gonzalez, aunt from Serafim and Conchita, on the same subject, and she told me firmly, without any hesitation: "Oh, yes. Our Lady kissed many St. Christopher's medals. "

Question: It was reported that when girls were ecstatic, there was a drastic change in their weight. Have you had any experience of this?

Serafin: Yes. They were much heavier than they were in normalcy. Something very similar to the weight issue also happened in the so-called "ecstatic marches". They ran with their arms outstretched and their faces up, and it was very difficult to reach them, although in their normal state I was faster than them. But when they were ecstatic it was extremely difficult to reach them. Another thing, another miracle happened when they descended from the "pine" zone on their knees without looking where they were going. They never looked where they put their knees, it felt like someone put their hands under their knees, because it seemed like their knees were always very clean, no scratches, cuts, or anything else. And often in winter, they came down almost covered with half a waist of snow! It was extraordinary.

Question: When the girls recited the rosary in ecstasy, they prayed what Our Lady taught the little shepherds of Fatima: "O my Jesus, forgive us and deliver us from the fire of hell ...."?

Serafin: I think so, but I'm not sure. I think I remember something about that, but I can't be sure. It was a great privilege to be able to hear the recitation of the rosary that the girls prayed to Our Lady, because she taught them to pray very slowly and very peacefully. It was a real gift to hear them. It was beautiful!

Question: Did she recite 15 tens, or just 5?

Serafin: I think there were five, but I'm not sure.

Question: How do you feel to know that Our Lady visited your village, your house and was with your sister?

Serafin: It's hard to explain, because when you try to understand the reason for Our Lady's coming here and the fact that you were with my sister, you find that it is something that is beyond our comprehension. I can't explain why this reason.

Serafin: It's hard to explain, because when you try to understand the reason for Our Lady's coming here and the fact that you were with my sister, you find that it is something that is beyond our comprehension. I can't explain why this reason.

Serafin: Since the Second Vatican Council it has been quite difficult. There is a huge confusion between people.

Question: Do you remember hearing that Our Lady said there would be no more world war?

Serafin: I'm pretty sure I heard my sister say that there would be no atomic war, at least. That is why for me the Warning is very clear. The Warning will be a global event; everyone will realize that it will be something that comes from God and not of human origin. No one will be hurt; it will be a preparation of consciousness, everything is connected. First, there will be no atomic war, I heard that from Conchita, because the Warning will be something that will scare people, will create panic in people. It is very clear to me that during the Warning there will be feelings of fear and panic, but you will know that it will come from God. It will be something that will prepare our consciences, because when the Warning comes, people at that time will not be worthy to receive the Miracle.

Question: First the Warning will be seen in heaven and only then will it come into each of us, is that so?

Serafin: As Conchita said, yes. The world will be afraid, but its purpose will be to purify our consciences, because according to what Our Lady said, the conscience of the world at that time will be very bad.

Question: I'm sure you should notice that the world is getting worse and worse.

Serafin: In spiritual form, yes.

Question: How much longer do you think God will let the situation in the world deteriorate before the Warning?

Serafin: I can't imagine such a situation. Perhaps the world is not yet as bad as it will be in the future; maybe it will get even worse. In Spain, for example, I see the spiritual and moral situation of people getting worse and worse.

Question: How do you think a large number of people can make it here on Miracle Day with only 8 days notice?

Serafin: It will not be easy. Not everyone can be here. But there will be time. Currently we already have easy access and communications. Those who come will have a responsibility to explain everything that will happen here using the media such as television, for example. God knows that not everyone can come here, but I personally think it is my personal belief that the world will be so bad after the Warning, so impassive, that it will not be interested in coming here.

Question: Even after the Warning?

Serafin: There may not be so many people who are interested in coming. Maybe your consciences are too bad. We can't imagine what things will be like at the time. If we think that Our Lady warned us that consciences will be bad then, imagine what their hearts will be like.