Conchita recommendations to pilgrims 

Here are some recommendations that Conchita, one of Garabandal's visionaries, advised all pilgrims who have visited Garabandal in the past. These recommendations are still very current for today!

I want to address these words to you, dear friends of the French youth group, with the sole intention of helping you in your spiritual life, just as you all help me. You all came here by the grace of God, for Our Lady chose each one of you. This occasion may not be repeated and hence it is necessary to make the most of it. Strive to make good use of the time you have here, so that you can make your life a life of prayer and sacrifice. You know well that in this life you cannot walk without prayer or sacrifice, that is to say, without all this you will not be able to reach where your Father awaits you. Our Lord asks you for prayer and sacrifice, to visit the Eucharist, to respect the Church, the Most Holy and, above all, to have great confidence when you ask the Most Holy Virgin; faith, if you don't have it, you must ask her, that she will grant you. I want to ask you, as Our Lady asked us, to do and to do with the Message. We are all in agreement: "It is necessary to make many sacrifices, to devote a lot of time to penance, prayer and visits to the Most Holy". I tell you more; you must pray a lot for priests, many of them do not follow the path that God asks; the cause of this is often our fault, due to a lack of prayer, sacrifice and the good example we should set for them. I ask you to sacrifice yourselves while you are here; I also tell you, as Our Lady said here, that we are in recent times, we are now very close to recent times. Therefore, let us try to fulfill as much as possible about everything that Our Lady said; let us strive to do what is possible to do, in reparation for all those who do not do good, in order to repair the mistakes of those who go the wrong way. 

This punishment is to punish us for the good that we did not do, for the evil that we did and also that this punishment will make us suffer so much, that it would be better to be dead than to go through it. Thus, for all of you who hear this, it is necessary to seek by all means, to avoid this punishment, not only for you, but so that no one is punished. We do not always ask for ourselves, we offer not to think only of ourselves, but for what we do for our neighbor, our friend; also by all those who are far away, who we don't know but who we know exist. And now to finish, I want you to pray for me so that I respond to the graces of Our Lady as she wants, so that I may have more spirit of sacrifice and prayer, so that my happiness is only "love for God ", doing good to souls and accepting with joy whatever God sends me, be it good or unpleasant, regardless of my wishes, whatever He wants. Pray for me and I will pray for you. I also ask you to give thanks to God for having led you here and for the fact that you have had this opportunity to pray and to be closer to Our Lady. She is here at the same time as she is in France, as well as everywhere she is; but in a way She is here. She came here for something and it is necessary to thank her for this grace that she has given us. Give thanks for all of this through prayer, sacrifice, and also now, when you return, try to do good to all those you meet on your way again. Do not be ashamed, try to do good and may you speak of Our Lady, praying and sacrificing yourself. And now nothing more; in union of prayers I hope that one day we will be able to see ourselves in Heaven with the Blessed Virgin and with God Our Lord. 

Conchita González.

Of all of you, Our Lady asks for your help to convert the world and in this way avoid the wrath of God on us sinners. She trusts you so that with your effort and example of life you will be models for other young people who did not have the graces that you had to hear the messages of Our Lady. It asks of you a lot of spirit of penance, sacrifice and prayer. 

Without these weapons we can do nothing. We do not have much time, but it is enough to avoid a great punishment and we please the Sacred Heart of Our Mother. It is in the Blessed Sacrament where you will find sufficient strength for this life and Our Lady is constantly asking you: Go often to the Most Holy, empty your heart of worldly things that prevent you from listening to God. 

If you do, you will start living a happy life, because the happiness that you have never felt before, you will only find it in surrender to God and Our Lady. Pray for one another. Ask Our Lady with faith and confidence. She will give you all the best for you. And now for me and my friends I ask you, that you pray to God and to Our Lady that we are always humble and sacrificed and that together we all think more about the Passion of Jesus, and forget ourselves. In union of prayers, and that one day we can meet in Heaven and be forever happy. 

You who hear these words who hear these words, listen to God who speaks in your soul, follow the voice of your conscience. Pause a few minutes each day to think about what you did wrong, the good you did not do and also the good you did; ask for forgiveness for the evil you have done and for the good you have not carelessly done and restart your life as a Christian. 

Ask for the Grace of Our Lady. I ask you to pray a lot and to sacrifice yourselves while you are here in this people. I also want to tell you that the only happiness that exists in life is to do what we can for the love of God; this is the only happiness; there is no happiness in life, only happiness is found in Heaven. 

We all know that we came here on pilgrimage; our life is a pilgrimage to the house of God ... 

For all the harm we have done, let us ask God's forgiveness and the Most Holy Virgin that She will give us. We must always look ahead. Think often that every moment of our life, Our Lady sees us, She listens to us, that is, when we do evil, She sees us, but she also sees us when we do good. Pray also when you are going to do anything and before you do, ask the question: Would you do this for Our Lady? 

Was that what Our Lady would do? It may happen that the moment you are going to do evil, you stop doing it. I also want to tell you that Our Lady promised a miracle in this place and that the miracle aims at our conversion. This miracle will happen so that we can see the love that God has for all of us. I want to tell you that a Warning will come before that is like a punishment that will not damage the body, but that will make us suffer and then if we do not change with these things, which are the last warnings that God will send us, if we do not change, there will come a punishment.