Can you sum up what is known about the Third Secret?

To recap, we know that the Third Secret focuses on undermining the Catholic Faith by a third of the clergy in our time. And we know this because:

- Our Lady of Fatima, in 1917, said in Her Secret that Faith would be undermined. 

- Pope John Paul II, in 1982, said that the Faith would be undermined, and told us indirectly that the Third Secret refers to this undermining of the Faith. 

- Cardinal Ratzinger, in 1984, told us that the Third Secret speaks of "dangers that threaten the faith and life of the Christian, and, consequently, the world."

    In May 2000, John Paul II referred to Bible prophecy in Revelation, Chapter 12, verses 3 and 4, where it reads that "one third of the stars in the sky" are swept to earth by the dragon. The Pope implied that this prophecy is for our time, thus implying (considering other facts we know about the Third Secret) that the Third Secret prophecy refers to the Faith being undermined by a third of the Catholic clergy in our days.

    And a third of the Catholic Clergy is undermining the Catholic Faith today, gradually putting dogmas aside. Although this is not noticed in the short term by many, today we can see that it has been done by promoting anti-Catholic practices (that is, hetero-praxis). Today the Faith is also being undermined openly (as some Cardinals are doing), by saying that some dogmas - some solemn definitions - of the Catholic Faith "need to be revised".

    By the Pope's comment about "one third of the stars in the sky" being swept away by the dragon, he was telling us that it is one third of the Catholic clergy today - today! And we know, of course, from the work of Frère Michel and Father Alonso, that we are living in the time of the Third Secret. Thus, the Third Secret speaks of our time - the year 2001. We know when the Third Secret, the prophecy that was given in 1917, will come true. It started in 1960 and continues today. And we know when the Third Secret period will end - it will continue until the Pope makes the Consecration of Russia. What has not yet been done. (We have explained this many times on several occasions.)

    We also know that the Third Secret refers to the dogma of the Faith, because we have the third part of the Secret, which begins with the following words that Our Lady said: "In Portugal the dogma of the Faith, etc., will always be preserved."

    In short, we are living in the period of the Third Secret; the Third Secret tells us that the dogma of the Faith will not be preserved in certain parts of the world that, in 1960, were still Catholic; we know how to preserve the dogma of the Faith, believing in the infallible definitions; we know that Faith is being undermined in the Church from within; we know that the Faith is being undermined by one third of the Catholic clergy, among others; and we know which clergy to be on the lookout for - it is clergy who do not believe in the solemn definitions of the Catholic Faith and those who promote hetero-praxis. Both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II made us understand that the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima are the fulfillment of the Bible prophecy of Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Apocalypse. We read this in the encyclical Signum magnum of Pope Paul VI in 1967. We find this also in the homily given by Pope John Paul II in the beatification of the two little shepherds on May 13, 2000.

    We know that the Third Secret refers to the dangers to the Faith - Cardinal Ratzinger said it in 1984: it refers to the dangers to the Faith and to the life of the Christian; it refers to the importance of the last things (i novissimi); and it is found in the Sacred Scriptures.12 In 1982, Pope John Paul II said, as I have already quoted: "Can the Mother, with all the strength of the love she has in the Holy Spirit and who desires the salvation of all, can She keep silent when you see the very basis of His children's salvation undermined? " This is obviously a reference to the fact that the Faith is in danger. And then, on May 13, 2000, Pope John Paul II said that the Third Secret is in the Chapter 12, verses 1, 3 and 4 of the Apocalypse (verses 3 and 4 speak of the apocalyptic battle between the dragon and the Woman, and that the dragon manages to sweep a third of the clergy out of the sky to follow him).

    For centuries, Santa Rita de Cássia (1381-1457) was called "the Saint of the Impossible" due to her surprising answers to prayers, in addition to the remarkable events of her life. As we continue to encounter obstacles that prevent the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima's request, let us pray to Santa Rita, asking her for her intercession and assistance. We also know that the Third Secret refers to the dangers to the Faith (from within the structures of the Church), because Cardinal Ottaviani privately approved the release of the version of the Third Secret that was published in Neues Europa in 1963, and that tells us that "Cardinals will be against Cardinals and Bishops against Bishops". We have the statements of Bishop D. Alberto Cosme do Amaral - third Bishop of Fátima - in Vienna on September 10, 1984, telling us that he deals with the apostasy of nations. Apostasy happens, of course, with the loss of the Faith - not the loss of just one dogma or article of the Faith, but rather the loss of all or many Catholic dogmas and morals. We can easily see the evident presence of apostasy in the world today. Thus, the Third Secret refers to the infallible definitions of the Faith. The definitions, by their nature, have to say what is the truth and, therefore, by strict logical implication, what is the error, and, moreover, to condemn the mistake. If a person stubbornly clings to a condemned error, after being informed of the infallible truth that he cannot be saved (unless he repents before he dies), it is a work of charity to warn him. And it is our duty to bear witness to the truths of our Faith and to protect the simple from errors against the Faith, publicly defending the Faith. That is why the Church anathematizes those errors and the clergy and laity who insist on adhering to them. St. Paul said charitably, "If I, or an angel from heaven, or whoever is teaching a doctrine different from the doctrine I taught you, be anathema." [Gal. 1: 8]