Garabandal pilgrimage -  October 2024

11th - 24th October    2024

"Marian Pilgrimage journey"

Lisbon - Santarém - Fátima -Santiago de Compostela - Garabandal -Loyola  - Lourdes - Rocamadour - Paray le Monial - Lisieux -  Paris

Spiritual guide

Priest John Dantas

Spoken languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Pilgrimage responsable team

Rui Costa


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Guadalupe Real

United States and México

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Deacon Irvin

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Pilgrimage schedules 

The beginning - Departure from Lisbon: 

09:00 am,  October 11th,  2024, Lisbon airport( Portugal).

Pilgrimage End: 

09:00 am, October 24rd, 2024, Paris. With free transfer that day from the hotel to the airport in Paris, France.

Daily itinerary of the pilgrimage

11 to 13th of October: Lisbon and Santarém

We will begin our pilgrimage in the Church of Santo António of Lisbon where the saint was born and where one of his relics is located and where we will participate in our first daily Mass. We will make a special intercession request to Saint Anthony to bless our pilgrimage. After leaving Lisbon, we will travel to the city of Santarém, one of the main cities of Portugal linked to the beginning of the Christian era during the time of conquest of the city by the King of Portugal that was then occupied by the Muslims. 

After lunch, we will visit the Church of the Most Holy Miracle, where there is one of the oldest Eucharistic relics in the world. In this beautiful church we will have the opportunity to worship and see the relic personally. An unforgettable moment! After the visit, we will leave for Fatima. After accommodation at the hotel and dinner, we will make a first visit to the chapel of the apparitions and visit to the whole places of the Shrine.

11 to 13th of October: Fátima

From 11th to 13th October, we will remain in Fatima. During this time in Fatima, we will visit the various places of apparitions, the Angel and Our Lady, and we will explain in detail the whole history context . We will carry out a via-sacra in the "Valinhos" in order to live in a deeper way the message of Fatima. We will take advantage of the fact that we are in Fatima from October 12th to June October 13th to participate in the official ceremonies of the apparition of the 13th of October where we will participate in the prayers , Holy Mass and procession of candles. We will also visit the house of the little shepherds.


On the 13th, after lunch at the hotel, we will leave to  Salamanca, where we will be accommodated. After dinner at the hotel, we will make a visit to the center of this beautiful Spanish city, which is next to the Portuguese border. This is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with many Churches and the oldest University of Europe


13th to 14th - Santiago of Compostela

We will visit Santiago of Compostela. There, we will visit the famous Cathedral of Santiago, visit Santiago´s relics and be part of Pilgrim Mass.

After that special moments , we will have lunch.

14th to 17th of october: Garabandal

During our stay in Garabandal, we will visit the main places where the apparitions took place (where the Angel St Michael first appeared, the first apparition of Our Lady, the "pines", one of the most important places of these events and where in the future there will be the Miracle of Garabandal.We will speak with witnesses of the events, such as Mr. David, Maximina who is Aunt Godmother of Conchita ( one of the seers).We will also participate in the Holy Mass. We will make the Rosary way, a path with more than 2 hours of travel , climbing the mountain and contemplating the mysteries of the Rosary.We will perform one cantata to Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal, in the "pines" that is at the top of the mountain overlooking the village.

17th of october: Loyola

Upon arrival in Loyola, we will visit the Sanctuary of Loyola and, if possible, its historical museum where we will learn a little more about the history of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. After lunch in Loyola, we will visit the burial place of Father Andreu, a Jesuit priest who is linked to the history of the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal.

17th to 19th of october: Lourdes

Early in the morning, after breakfast at the hotel in Lourdes, we will walk the Via Sacra, an unforgettable path of meditation on the Passion of Christ and later we will attend the Holy Mass (Old Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes). In the afternoon, after lunch, we will make a small visit to the main places of Lourdes, watch a film about the history of Lourdes, participate in the Holy Rosary and in the Luminous Procession. Pilgrims who so wish can also take part in the Miraculous bath at Lourdes Swimming Pools. In the morning of the following day, after breakfast, we will depart very early towards Garabandal. Until then, we will pass through Loyola.

19th to 20th of october: Rocamadour

Rocamadour !
This is the place that owes its origin to Saint Amadour, who, according to tradition, chose this place to build a hermitage dedicated to Our Lady. This is an important pilgrimage site like Santiago de Compostela. St. Amadour was the husband of St. Veronica, who wiped Jesus' face on the way to Calvary. In this small village, we will make the journey on foot, climbing the 216 steps and visiting its medieval chapels built in the rock and the famous image of Our Lady "Black Madonna". We will visit this beautiful Marian Sanctuary. It was also in Rocamadour that Saint Anthony stopped during his pilgrimage, as a proof of devotion to Our Lady.

After lunch, we'll continue our trip to Paray le Monial, stopping at Brive-la-Gaillard. This was probably one of the routes that the Portuguese saint followed eight centuries ago between the Alps and the Pyrenees. We will pass by Brive-la-Gaillard to the Franciscan convent of Santo António built in the cave where the Portuguese spent their days in retreat. Then we will leave for Parayle Monial.

20th to 21th of october: Paray le monial

In this small French village, we will visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where Jesus himself appeared to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. We will participate in the Holy Mass and the activities of the Basilica, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The first vision of Jesus to Saint Margaret took place when she was 26 years old, on December 27, 1673, the feast of St. John the Evangelist. The saint, in her autobiography, tells it like this:

«She said to me: "My divine heart is so inflamed with love for men and for you in particular, that it can no longer contain within itself the flames of its ardent Love, it feels the need to spread it through you and to manifest it to men in order to enrich them with the precious graces of sanctification and salvation necessary to bring them out of the abyss of perdition. and ignorance, so that it may be clear that everything is fulfilled through me"»

In one of the visions, the heart of Jesus is manifested on a throne of flames, surrounded by a crown of thorns, symbolizing the wounds inflicted by human sins; what disturbs him the most is that "it is the hearts consecrated to me that do this".

He asks Margarida to receive Communion every first Friday of the month (Friday was the day Jesus was crucified) and that the Friday eight days after Corpus Christi be dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

21th to 24th of October: PARIS

We will start our visit to the city of Paris, in the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur located at the highest point of the city of Paris, the Montmartre hill. This Basilica was consecrated after the end of the first world war. It was also here that countless Christians were martyred around the year 250 AD. This place was a place of pilgrimage consecrated to St. Dionysus.

Our presence in this Basilica will serve as preparation for our spiritual path, through the sacrament of confession and the Eucharist, the focal point of the Catholic Church. We will also have the opportunity to do Eucharistic Adoration, the main mission of this Basilica where Jesus is Adored night and day.

We will also visit the place where Ignatius of Loyola and his companions took vows of chastity and poverty in the Chapel of S. Denis (located on Mount Montemartre) for the creation and formation of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

After this short retreat, we return to the hotel for dinner and rest. After breakfast, we resume our visit to the city of Paris, starting by visiting the Marian Sanctuary on Rue du Bac, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. It was in this place that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Santa Catarina Labouré in 1830, where she asked Santa Catarina to create the medal that would come to be known as the Miraculous Medal.

The chapel was part of the mother house of the daughters of charity of São Vicente de Paulo. In this chapel, we will pray the Rosary with devotion, we will visit this holy place and full of inner peace. We will also purchase a medal and ask for your blessing in this special place. In this place of faith and deep prayer, we will visit the famous statue of Our Lady of Rays and Our Lady with the globe, the crown that was placed on the statue of the Immaculate Virgin, the Altar of Santa Catarina, venerate the relics of Saint Louise , and observing the armchair where the Blessed Virgin sat to speak with Saint Catherine.

Following our visit to the Rue do Bac Sanctuary, we will visit the Church where the incorrupt body of St. Vincent de Paul is located. In this place, we will say a small prayer to this Saint, asking for his intercession. After lunch, we will visit the famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame where the relic of the Crown of Thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus during his Passion is located. We will also visit Saint-Chapelle, where for many centuries the relics of the Crown of Thorns and other relics that were brought from Jerusalem to France, many centuries ago, were kept. Then we will visit the Church of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias.

This Church was visited by Santa Teresinha do Menino Jesus and her parents, when they resorted to this place to ask for Our Lady's help and intercession in their lives. This Church has a space dedicated to Santa Teresinha and contains a relic of this great Saint and Doctor of the Church.

22th of october: Lisieux

We will visit Lisieux, a city located north of Paris and where Saint Therese of the Child Jesus was born and lived. In this city we will visit its Basilica (Basilica at the top, the Crypt, Chapel of Adoration, etc.), the Carmel of Lisieux founded in 1838 and where Saint Therese began her religious journey on April 9, 1838. we will visit its chapel, the reliquary where the remains of Santa Teresinha and the image of Our Lady are located, the image that healed Santa Teresinha on May 13, 1883 in her house in "les buissomets".

24th of october: Paris tour and airport

On the last day of our pilgrimage, and before we leave to the Paris airport, Charle de Gaulle, we will make a final tour to the city of Paris until the end of the morning. After this tour, we will go directlelly to Paris airport.

What is included in the price per person

Transport and transfers

This includes bus transportation during the pilgrimage and transfers between hotel / Airport and Airport / hotel on scheduled times.

Flights are not included. Each pilgrim is responsible for taking their own flight tickets.

Full Board

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the hotels throughout the pilgrimage journey. Lunches to be held between destinations are also included in the price per person.

Water and wine are included in the meals.

Not included: the lunch and dinner on the 24rd of October once the pilgrimage will end in the end of the morning.

Museum offers

Not included,

Pilgrimage guide

The pilgrimage is organized by the apostolate itself. We will provide a guide, who speaks english and who knows the route and history of all the places to visit on the pilgrimage.

In addition to the visit to the places, it is important for us to strengthen and deepen the Catholic faith. Therefore the guide (layman or priest) will be based on the teachings of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.

Guide available in english language.

Religious services

As usual in our pilgrimages, each day of the week will be assured the daily Holy Mass and daily prayers.

We will provide free time for people to make confessions and personal promises made to the saints of the places we go, especially in Fatima, Lourdes.

Pilgrimage material

Each pilgrim will be offered an individual badge with name and country registration. There will also be a notebook with the daily pilgrimage program, small songs, prayers, etc.

Our bus to our pilgrimage...

We have a modern and luxurious bus fleet with 55 seats, equipped with all the requirements of quality, safety and comfort.

-Air conditioning
-Comfortable/spacious places
-audio system

Our hotels... 

All our hotels are duly selected taking into account the quality of accommodation and food.

The range of hotels are three and four stars, superior class.

Only at Garabandal, the accomodations are very simple but very clean and with a private bathroom.

The location of hotels is also for us a very important factor, so all our hotels are located next to the main places to visit.

The list of hotels will be available to each pilgrim, as soon as the registration deadline ends.

Donation value per person

The donation value per person are presented in euros and are only for the terrestrial pilgrimage by bus, departing from Lisbon (Portugal) on the 11th of October and ending in Paris airport on the 24rd of October.

Donation value per person - double room

This donation value per person is for a double room ( two people sharing the room) based considering minimum of 50 inscriptions.

1990 €

Donation value per person -  for a single room

This donation value per person is for a single room ( one person in one room) is based considering minimum of 50 inscriptions.

2830 €

IMPORTANT NOTE: If we have between 40 and 50 inscriptions, the price per person will increase more 300 euros.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: We only can do this pilgrimage with the minimum of 40 inscriptions.

Deadlines for registration and payments

Registrations deadline date

Registration after this date will be subject to confirmation by the apostolate and the value per person can be increased.


First donation payment (subscription)

iAs soon as we achieve the list of 40 persons( minimum needed to perform the pilgrimage ), we will inform the pilgrims to make the first payment of 450 euros.

450 €

Second donation payment

 until 15th of june

Third donation payment

until 15th of July

Fourth donation payment

until 15th of August.

Fifth donation payment

until 15th  of September

Payment donation methods

Bank wire transfers

Credit / debit cards

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