The "modern" man has an aversion to wanting to reflect on heaven, hell and the Sacred Passion of Christ.

Sin, Penance and the Passion of Jesus

The proposal of Garabandal's message, as well as the messages from Lourdes and Fátima, ask us to "be good". But for many of us, this means that we want to turn away from sin. Conversion, change of heart, and removal from sin are the main objective of these apparitions. Prayer, the rosary, the scapular of Mount Carmel, the Eucharist, penance and reflection on the Passion of Christ will be a divine help for us to avoid sin and thus become good and holy people.

Powerful help against temptation and sin 

Thinking about the Sacred Passion of our Redeemer, has a special efficiency in the fight against sin and temptations. Pope Pius XII claimed that today's man had completely lost track of sin. There were many factors that contributed to this happening. One is the fact that "modern" man has an aversion to wanting to reflect on heaven, hell and the Sacred Passion of Christ. Sin, penance and sacrifice are inextricably linked and can only be fully understood in the light of reflection on heaven, hell and the sufferings of Christ. This explains why Our Lady in the apparition to Conchita on January 1, 1965 spoke about reflection of the Hell and the Passion of Her Son. These are the words of Our Lady, which were reported by Conchita to Fr. Alba S.J. de Barcelona on December 10, 1965: 

"On January 1, 1965, Our Lady told me that we, Catholic Christians, did not think about heaven and hell. She told us that we must think about it and if we do, our lives will be more united to Christ She also said that we should think more about the Passion of Jesus. We must do this not only for ourselves, but also for others to do more. with more joy and for the love of God. "

 The final words of Garabandal's last message, on June 18, 1965, were: "Think of Jesus' Passion." Passion was the culmination of Jesus' life, the point that illuminated his whole life. This is the light that must also guide our lives. Reflection on heaven and hell is important, but nothing is more important than thinking about the death and passion of Jesus Christ. 

The stations of the Cross 

There is a simple way to implement Our Lady's request to "think" about the Passion of Jesus and that consists of adopting the practice of making the stations of the Way of the Cross in the Church or at home. It is necessary to draw attention that obtaining indulgences through the way of the cross must be secondary and that the main purpose should be to reflect on the sufferings that Jesus experienced. suffered for the love of us. This way of thinking is what will make us averse to sin and love for Jesus, and this is what we must truly look for through this practice. There is, however, the impression that for a large part of people, the main essence of the Way of the Cross (reflection on the Passion of Jesus) is, however, secondary, by placing indulgences and vocal prayers in the first place. This probably explains why many have abandoned this devotional practice. It ended up losing its true meaning and became a more form of prayer.