Fr. Peletier

Over a number of years, from 1972 to 1981, Father Joseph Peletier gave valuable written contributions to Garabandal's "Needles" magazine, for a total of 58 articles.

In these articles Father Joe explored the various aspects of the messages of Garabandal relating them to the doctrine of the Church. The following excerpts sum up some of his reflections on the events of Garabandal.

"Garabandal is simply a story of faith and forgiveness. God wanted to reach out to these children not to punish them but to help them. The punishment that was prophesied in Garabandal can never overshadow the main reason for God's intervention in this village situated in the region The love reaches its peak in forgiveness, the love that Christ revealed on the cross.

"... the message of Garabandal is very significant.It appears as a preventive antidote that was prepared by the love of our God, in view of a spiritual storm that was about to burst in the Church.

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