Fr. Nieto

Following Father Rodrigo, Father Nieto, a servant of God, and also a Jesuit, was in turn Conchita's spiritual counselor from 1969 to 1974. This priest had a special love for the love of the Eucharist and the Priesthood at one time in which the Eucharist lost some notoriety in the world.

Father Nieto was also a Marian priest, very devoted to Mary and lived in perfect harmony with the two main messages given in Garabanda by Our Lady. She also witnessed some of the girls' ecstasies. There is almost certainty that Father Nieto came to know about the future date of the miracle that will one day happen in Garabandal.

Some time before he died, he told Conchita: "I offer my life so that you can achieve holiness."
An interesting detail to note is that in 1985, his remains were transferred to the parish of San José, whose name is called "Milagre", located in the city of Salamanca, Spain.

The same Father Nieto assured the authenticity of the events of Garabandal to one of his colleagues, Father John Bosco Ramos, who said to him "Yes, Garabandal is true".

His beatification process was admitted to the Vatican in December 2000.