The Andreu brothers in Garabandal 


Father Ramón Andreu 

In the beginning, Father Ramón did not believe in the apparitions, and only came to Garabandal at the insistence of some of his friends. He had several times the opportunity to be very close to the girls, while they were ecstatic. According to his testimony, Father Ramón quickly dismissed the possibilities of habitual interpretations of these events, namely hysteria and hypnotism. "I had already seen together, the two girls enter and leave the state of ecstasy. I had the impression that they had only one soul. What I thought at that moment did not seem to make much sense, but even so I thought:" May one of these two girls return to their normal state and let the others remain ecstatic. At that very moment, LoIi, who was very close to me, returned to normal, turned a little and looked at me with a smile. I asked him: 

"Are you not seeing Our Lady anymore?" "No, sir."

"And why?", I insisted. "Because Our Lady left."

Jacinta was still in ecstatic. I then said to Loli: "Look at Jacinta." The child looked at her and smiled when she saw her in ecstasy, for it was the first time that, being out of ecstasy, she saw one of her companions in that condition. I asked another question:

"What did the Virgin say to you? "

She was about to answer when she was suddenly ecstatic again, her head tilted back. Then I heard the following dialogue between the two girls with the vision:

Jacinta: "Loli, why did you leave?"

Loli (addressing Our Lady): "Why did you leave?"

Then, after a short pause:

"Oh! Is that why? So that he (Father Ramón) can believe!"

Upon hearing that, I went back to my brother Luís and said:

"Be careful what you think. Here the transmission of thoughts is lightning-fast!"

Father Luís Andreu 

Father Luís Andreu was considered the "fifth" visionary "in Garabandal, because in addition to the visionary girls, only he received a vision of the future miracle. Conchita reports in his diary:" When we arrived at the pines, Father Luís Maria, who also he accompanied us, said: "miracle, miracle", and he looked up. We could see it. While we were ecstatic we never saw anyone else (except the Virgin). But we, at that moment, also saw Father Louis, and the Blessed Virgin told us that he, too, was watching her. "The following was heard:

"This is the happiest day of my life! What a wonderful mother we have in heaven!"

Don Valentin Marichalar reports that Father Luís said these words to him: "Don Valentin, what children say is true, but I ask you not to say what I said to you, because the Church can never be prudent enough in this type of cases. " It was on this night that Father. Andreu Luís died, on the way home from his visit to Garabandal. According to witnesses who were in the car with him, shortly before he died, he exclaimed with great joy the following sentence: "I am very happy. What a great gift the Blessed Virgin gave me. How happy we are to have a mother like Her in heaven! There is no reason to fear the supernatural life. The girls gave us an example of how we should act with Blessed Virgin. I have no doubt in my mind that the things that involve girls are true. Why did the Blessed Virgin choose us? This is the happiest day of my life. 

Dr. G du Pilier

Dr. Pilier read several signed testimonies from people who witnessed an unusual event. In Conchita's diary, we read the following: ".. my mother and I were returning from the field, and we met my godmother Maximina Gonzalez. She was very excited and said to us:" You do not know that the voice of Blessed Virgin was heard on a tape recorder? "" What did she say? ", I asked. Loli and Jacinta asked [the Blessed One]," Virgin speak, please speak! "And the people heard the answer:" No, I will not speak. " Godmother told me that the people started to cry because they were very moved to hear the Virgin's voice ". What we will report next is the summary Dr. Pilier made on this point:

"The girl spoke with the apparition:" There is a man who came with a device that records all the words. "Why don't you speak to him? It's not for us, it's for them to believe ... Speak, say a few words so that they can believe! "After the ecstasy, the people heard the tape. There were approximately fifty people present. The children's voice could be heard perfectly. When the replay came to an end: "Speak, say a few words so they can believe it," the tape comes to an end. At that moment, a voice that the witnesses unanimously described as "very sweet tres douce", came out of the recording instrument: "No, no, no, I won't speak."

As you can imagine, the impression made on the witnesses was very great. One of the people declared: "Until the day of my death, I will be sure that I heard the Virgin's voice. Note, as a conclusion of this story, that in the later replays of the tape, the phenomenon did not repeat itself. In any case, whatever interpretation you want to add to these events, your objective reality is certain, especially since it is based on a dozen testimonials ".

Padre Ramón Andreu

Father Ramón describes a painful inner crisis that began with the experience of the death of his brother, Father Luís Andreu. This inner struggle took place at the same time that the children were ecstatic. He described these feelings as follows:

"I suddenly and brutally experienced intense inner bitterness. It was, if you like, a mixture of very depressing and painful feelings. Everything seemed to be out of the ordinary. I had just entered a kind of moral desert. The past has become "The only thing that was clear and evident was the death of my brother Luís, who had passed away a little over two months ago. Then, it was when this state of inner suffering started to get worse. I can confidently say that I never in all my life I have been able to experience such moral desolation ... I was tempted to leave. "These four children are just sick" I said to myself. 'Why am I still here? Can you see that all of this is just one farce! ... " 

At the same time that Father Ramón was fighting this anguish, the children were ecstatic at the location of the "pins". Conchita recorded this point in her diary:

"The Virgin appeared to us and she said to me: "Right now, Father Ramon Maria Andreu is having doubts." Once I was surprised by all this, Our Lady informed me about the exact place where the Father began to doubt , what he was thinking, and everything. "

Later that day, Father Ramón reluctantly met with the children. After speaking briefly with Loli, he then spoke to Conchita:

"Before I opened my mouth, Conchita smiled and asked me: "Father, are you happy or are you still sad?

"I don't know," I replied. "LoIi told me that Our Lady spoke a little about me. Is it true?"

"Oh, yes! At least a quarter of an hour."

"And what did she tell you?"

"I can't tell you," replied the child.

"So, I'm exactly where I was before," I thought out loud.

Conchita smiled.

"However, there is something I can say."

"When you were going up, you were happy, when you came back down, you were sad."

And the girl added: "Our Lady told me about everything you were thinking about and where you thought about it. You thought," Now I better go back to Central America. In another place, you thought: "I don't want to hear any more about such and such a person". And you were in pain. The Virgin asked me to tell you this, and to let you know that all this happened so that, from now on, you can remember these events and never be able to doubt again. " I was amazed. The next day, Conchita indicated me exactly through a photo of the precise places where every thought invaded my mind. " 

G. du Pilier, while interviewing Father Ramón, asked her if Conchita had been precise when she indicated the places where she had her negative teachings. "Absolutely correct," he replied. "And that was all she had said to me the night before." It is also interesting to note that, according to the saints, demons cannot read minds, whereas God can, of course. Reports like this seem to exclude the possibility of diabolic influence.