The " pines"

The symbolism of the trees in Garabandal

The story of Garabandal began with the tree, apple tree, and ended with the tree of the "pins", which in Portuguese is the name of pine tree

All this is related to the two trees related to Genesis: the apple tree, tree of science, good and evil, and the pine tree symbol of life, and which is lived every Christmas. In the first tree, the girls found the Angel and in the pine will be associated with the future great Miracle that will come to convert the world. In Garabandal, between these two trees, there is a sinuous relief, which reminds us of the very history of humanity and now the apparitions of Garabandal.

When they began to appear, science wanted to take care of the case. Did not find anything! : psychical normality, inexplicable absence of physical fatigue, inexplicable phenomena ... Indeed science with its explanation of chemical reactions or with the neuronal dissection of the human brain can not reach the reading of a single thought of man. Science was a wrong instrument to understand what was going on in Garabandal.

The exact truth was hidden, behind the visible. The appearance bore something unfathomable that could not be seen with the eyes of rationalism, but it needed a spiritual look so we could reach it. The core of the message could not be seen on the outside of an ecstasy, by pinching the seers while they were in that state or by watching the way they climbed or descended the mountain at surprising speeds without ever stumbling. The message was hidden behind these external aspects, as in the sacraments of the Church where the invisible Grace rests on the visible signs. In them, behind the natural water, the simplicity of oil, bread, wine or words, there is a power that goes beyond science and reason

Almost most people are faced with the events of Garabandal, they avoid analyzing the spiritual side, they look exhaustively at the outward and flashy side of the ecstasies, without understanding the true meaning of these events. There are few who speak of what Our Lady taught, as a loving Mother to her little daughters: obeying her parents, valuing the value of matrimonial alliances, sign of indissoluble alliance, modesty in dress and exterior adornments, distinguishing between games healthy and unsuitable activities or places for the spirit, to live a practical spiritual life intertwined with the obligations to attend school and to collaborate in the fields, without forgetting to keep the day holy, to practice the sacraments frequently, to pray daily and slowly the Holy Rosary, to make small sacrifices, to visit the Blessed Sacrament, to carry with us pious objects that raise the thought to God, to pray for the ancestors who have died, and so on. All these truly important teachings contributed nothing to the reports of medical science that studied the subject.

The rationalistic tools so little understood the prophetic message perfectly inserted in the plane of the Redemption that are exposed in Sacred Scriptures. The apple tree and the pine tree convey simple biblical messages that most of us did not know how to capture. However, the Virgin always insisted to the girls that the unbelievers, in due time, will believe.

This timely moment in which they will believe coincides with the central point prophesied in Garabandal, the great Miracle, whose aim is to convert the whole world, not just Russia. The Miracle will make all believe, although it does not make sure that all men will convert.

From the crucial event of the great Miracle of Garabandal, the greatest Miracle in history after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the final outcome of the Plan of Redemption will begin, the battle of the last times, which will conclude with the great defeat of the Dragon (evil) and of his angels.