"What, so small and already with sin inside it?"

Sin is reaffirmed in Garabandal

".... So tiny, and already with sin inside it?" From the manuscript: "Our Lady teaches in Garabandal", by Catholic Father Francis Turner, published in 1978 by "The workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, New York 

In our modern times, we adopt a "religion" that suits us best, thus changing the value of sin, even thinking: Is there really such a thing as sin? This answer was given by Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Garabandal, through several incidents that came to reinforce the teachings of the Church in its origin, on the consequences of sin and on the need to move it far away from us, and also in the sense of we get back to the "notion" of sin. In relation to all this and everything that will be presented next, that serves for our own personal reflection and meditation. 

Original sin

On March 31, 1962, Mari-Loli's mother, Júlia, gave birth to Lupita, Mari-Loli's sister, upstairs in her room. At that time, Mari-Loli was ecstatic on the ground floor. She was heard to say: "Ah, is she a little sister? ... What, so small and already with sin inside her?" Moments later, she is ecstatic. A priest who was present at the time asked her, what did she mean by that. She replied, "I saw original sin in my little sister's soul."

On another occasion, Conchita reported on the following: A young woman was holding a three-month-old baby in her arms. The seer Conchita spoke to Our Lady about the baby, who told her that the child was in a state of sin. When Conchita was ecstatic, she made the following comment: "I don't know what that means, but how Our Lady said it, so it's because it's true." She (Conchita), addressed the young woman and said: "Our Lady told me that the child was in a state of sin." The young mother replied, "It is true, the child has not yet been baptized." Shortly thereafter, the child received the sacrament of baptism.

(This incident would have a strong influence on Conchita's personal life, since she herself insisted that she would like her children to be baptized on the first Sunday after her birth.) By these previous examples, we can say twice that Our Lady confirmed the presence of the state of original sin and reiterates the teachings of the Church that are expressed in the Holy Gospel, by St. Paul: (Read Letter from St. Paul to the Romans: 3 : 9.23); (Read St. Paul's Letter to the Romans: 5:18) 

The notion of sin 

The horror of sin has been so profoundly spoken and expressed to the visionaries, not only through the messages and the announcement of the Warning (through which we will be induced to sin less), but also through other means. Before October 1961, Our Lady showed them the "film of sinners". At that time Conchita was crying and saying:

"How ugly! .... Take it away from me .... I don't want to see it anymore .... no ...... (She was crying) .... the sinners movie again .... yes .... sacrifices. "

At another time, Mari-Loli was ecstatic for 25 minutes without saying anything. A short time later, she was seen shedding tears, then saying "Mercy, mercy!"

The horror of sin was demonstrated in the apparition and it was stated at the beginning of the ecstasy that "the sins committed by humanity sadden God and her." Our Lady taught and developed in them the fear of sin. She (Our Lady), explained several times the reason why she always appeared at the end of the night, it was because men sinned more during this phase of the day. It is interesting to note that the night symbolizes sin, and sin according to the Gospel can be found in the following quote from the Holy Gospel: (St. John 13:30). In December 1963, Loli heard Our Lady say in a phrase: "Oh, the world is getting worse", which was later confirmed in the second message to the world that said: "The cup is already overflowing." The double view of punishment also contributed to giving visionaries the notion of the horror of sin. They often had to communicate personal messages to people in sin. Conchita told Maria das Nieves (her Mother Superior of the school she attended for some time in her life) that after an ecstasy, she had to speak on behalf of the Virgin, to a couple who were there at that time, saying concisely: "You don't live well." The result was dramatic. The couple burst into tears and made the confession that day. The visionaries who were deeply educated by Our Lady, presented their own problems of conscience several times. "It's a sin to sing the song" Esperanza "- a futile song at the time. This type of attitude is a far cry from the attitudes that have been adopted today in our present world, where there is no real notion about sin. Everything is allowed and accepted by society. Because of this, we can predict the terrible Garabandal Warning that will be sent by God, so that it can "correct the conscience of the world."

 Translated by Garabandal's apostolate in Portugal, October 22, 2010