The Padre Pio

The famous Capuchin Father Pius had one of the most extraordinary lives in the history of the Church. Padre Pio was stigmatized for 50 years, and had numerous charisms: visions, healing power, bilocation and prophecy, dissent, etc. He was also one of the great confessors of our era, people came from all over the world to receive his blessing, but more in particular, for the life guidelines that the Father gave to people.

It is very significant to know that this magnificent priest, so devoted to Our Lady, so jealous of God, was bound up with the story of Garabandal. Some considerable studies were done in order to relate the connection of Padre Pio to Garabandal, thanks to the work of the testimonies of Conchita, Joey, Padre Pel, Padre Laffineur and Father Marcelino Andreu, who all came to know the Padre de Pietrelcina personally.

To this day many documents have been kept confidential, and in particular many photos taken in January 1966 when Conchita personally met Padre Pio.

It is important to remember that Padre Pio was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 2, 2000. Even though Garabandal has not yet been officially recognized by the Church, we know and we are sure that it will be one day, once it is connected Garabandal was also connected with a holy man.
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