A Eucharistic Miracle in Garabandal

July 18, 1962, The Miracle of the Visible Host

  • For some time, the visionary girls asked the Virgin Mary and Saint Michael to perform a miracle to convince all those who still did not believe in the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal.
    Finally, Saint Michael said one day (June 29, 1962) to Conchita that on a certain date indicated by the Virgin Mary, the visible Communion would happen, that is, on that day the host received by the Angel would become visible in your language.

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Conchita warned the population about 15 days in advance about the occurrence of this miracle. When that day arrived (July 18-19, 1962), several hundred people were in the village, but because the wait was long, many people became discouraged and some left.

Then about 1:30 in the morning of the 19th, Conchita left her house in ecstasy, turned a corner, and fell to her knees in a street adjacent to her house. A short time later Conchita put her tongue out.

Suddenly, faster than the human eye could detect, a bright white body appeared on Conchita's tongue.

An entrepreneur from Barcelona filmed everything with a borrowed camera and with the help of a light torch managed to take some small frames of the film, in which it showed the language of Conchita with the small wafer. At the same time there was also another person, Dr. Caux, who, with his professional film machine, waited anxiously for this moment. However, at the moment the host appeared, it could not record anything, remaining motionless in the face of such an event. According to him, that moment was the turning point in his life.

The people who attended all this, were astonished by this phenomenon and they believed in the apparitions of Our Lady.

"The form, the form, the form," were the words that the multitude spoke in a single voice when they saw the Host appearing in Conchita's tongue, which had a bright form [5] and was exploding and with some thickness. The Host was visible in Conchita's tongue about 2 minutes. It was 1.40 am on the 19th of July.