Father Ramón Andreu's notes

Father Ramón Andreu, contributed greatly to the dissemination of the history and events that took place in Garabandal. He was present in Garabandal several times in various ecstasies of the seers and in this way, he documented everything I saw and heard.



"It was very tall. She had a crown over her head in the shape of shiny stars, round but open in the shape of a diadem. The dress was white with white flowers. The robe was blue and she didn't wear a veil. Her hair was long , dark brown, almost black. When the girls asked, Our Lady opened her robe to show them the dress. Our Lady was about the age of 18. They did not see her feet. Her eyes and eyebrows were black. . She was very beautiful and smiled almost always. " 



"The first apparition that took place in Garabandal was that of Archangel S. Miguel. On one occasion, the girls saw Our Lady surrounded by several small angels. There were five angels. Then Our Lady explained to them that the angels accompanied her because she was "Queen of angels. They heard voices on several occasions. They did not see figures or images, they only heard them. On these occasions they saw light as the light of the sun, at least it seemed to be fixed and that made it absorb all reality around them." It seems that they heard a voice that they could not identify. The voice that they heard most often was the voice of Father Andreu. They didn't see him, they just heard him. " Father Ramón Andreu's Notes



"Our Lady brought the Child several times and at other times she did not bring him. When she brought the Child, She took him in her arms and gave it to the girls who were in the vision. The Child was small. He never spoke, but sometimes he smiled; his feet could not be seen. The Child always wore a round and smooth crown. "



"It always accompanied all visions. It was similar to sunlight. Even at night that light was seen. The light that was radiated prevented them from seeing other things, they could only see clearly the vision and the other girls who also entered the When one of the girls left the vision and returned to its normal state, those who remained in the vision stopped seeing it.