Conchita meditations to the Blessed Sacrament 

"It is in the Blessed Sacrament that you will find sufficient strength to begin the life that the Virgin constantly demands of you. Visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. Empty your hearts of the mundane things that keep you from listening to God. »

"I want to emphasize the fact that you must visit the Holy Sacrament frequently. He will fill you with graces and strength so that you can take the messages of Our Mother to the world and live them in your daily lives. The best way to help each other is for each of us to live as perfectly as we can, and to do so, Jesus waits for us in the Blessed Sacrament to give us the light and strength to continue on the path of happiness. »

«What most offends Our Lord is indifference. When we are in church, we talk to each other and do not think about who is in the tabernacle. If the Pope or the President were sitting in this room, would they waste time talking to me or someone else? No, your attention would fall on that important person present. For very varied reasons, people forget that Jesus is at the altar and in the tabernacle. We have to believe with faith that it is Him. In addition to daily Mass, Communion and the rosary, we must often visit Our Lord in the churches where He is alone. »