The testimony of Máximo Foerschler

"Because I was very affected by the death of Father Luís Andreu, of whom I had a great and long friendship, I felt some need and anxiety to know what happened in S. Sebastião de Garabandal. I heard several opinions on the subject, so I had an enormous desire and interest to see what happened in the village, but now with my own eyes. I want to say in advance that I am not a Catholic. I am a Protestant evangelist, a fervent believer, thanks to the example of an education Christian that I had from my parents. "

It was October 14, 1961 and it was the chosen day for my visit to Garabandal. I want to tell you what happened in the village, I was very interested in seeing what happened before the date of the announcement of the message, which was announced on October 18, 1961. That day, around four in the afternoon, I left scored by Aguilar de Campoo. I was accompanied by Father Ramón Andreu, Rafael Fontaneda and one of his sons. We were unlucky to have had a small accident with another vehicle in a dangerous place, but thank God, nothing serious happened to any of the occupants of our car.

After traveling a few hours on the road, we arrived at Cosío at around 10 pm and started our way up to S. Sebastião de Garabandal; we arrived it was about 11 pm. After a somewhat hectic climb, we followed the last kilometers on foot, with mud up to the knees, and with flashlights to light the way. During that ascent on foot, we came across some people who were returning from the village. These people were totally disillusioned because they had not seen any of the girls' visions. They said it would be more interesting to go home.

When we were about 50 meters from the first houses in the village of Garabandal, we saw many people running with flashlights. They said that Mari Cruz, one of Garabandal's visionaries, had just left her home in a state of ecstasy. When we arrived, we observed what was happening. At that moment we were in front of the Ceferino tavern; all the people present there formed a group around her. We sat outside the store where we met Jacinta and Mari Loli.

A few minutes later, Mari Loli went into a state of ecstasy, went up to the second floor of the room, where, in front of the stairs, there was a table covered with a white towel with many saints, rosaries, etc. She gave them to kiss, one by one. When she finished doing this, she fell backwards, and her body hit the floor without making a sound. His head was suspended on the first step. This was the first thing that impressed me a lot. Then she extended her legs without supporting them with her hands, which were holding a crucifix. She turned and then went down the stairs in three leaps. He advanced three meters ahead, and stood in front of the store's counter. She held a conversation in a low voice as she smiled, until she got up and gave the crucifix to kiss all the people around her.

At about half past eleven at night, Father Ramón felt sick: his ankle was swollen, he was in a lot of pain, and he was very pale. Two doctors from Santander and Burgos examined him, one of them was a specialist in the field of orthopedics and verified that he had sprained or fractured his ankle, recommending that he had an X-ray. They connected his ankle and applied some ice, after that they took him to bed around midnight.

My first surprise happened when I noticed that the girl was so attached to the chair and so rigid that it looked like a heavy block of granite. I watched his eyes, which under normal circumstances had a red circle around them, but I could see that the circles had practically disappeared. While Jacinta was having her vision, Mari Loli kept saying: "Tell Our Lady to call me". When she returned to ecstasy, Father Ramón asked Jacinta if she was happy and she replied: "Yes, Father, very much." When he asked her to say what Our Lady said, she simply replied, "No." Around two in the morning, we all went to sleep and stayed in Father Ramón's room. Cuquí Verduras and I were commenting on everything that had happened when, around three in the morning, we heard voices and people on the street: people were shouting at the owner of the house where we were staying: "Open the door, Pifinia , Jacinta is coming. " It didn't take more than two seconds for the owner to open the door. Then Jacinta moved to the beds on the first floor. She looked up and had a crucifix in her hands. She was accompanied by Mari-Loli, Mari-Loli's father, and many other people. Along with them were some girls from Cadiz. Jacinta went directly to Father Rámon Andreu and kissed the crucifix. I was in my bed, but she didn't kiss me the crucifix or Cuquí. At that moment, and when she was saying goodbye to the vision, she suddenly turned, and without taking her eyes off her, approached me and gave me to kiss the crucifix, placing it precisely in my mouth, so I didn't have to move to kiss him. Then Mari Loli said, "You need to kiss another person," and asked Jacinta, "Who." She walked forward and gave Cuquí the crucifix to kiss. Then she returned from ecstasy and stayed there until four in the morning. 

The next day, at 8 am, some doctors came to Father Rámon. At around 9 am, Father Ramón was ready to stand up, much to everyone's surprise. Then he went to celebrate Mass, he was in perfect health; and he could perfectly bend his knee, much to everyone's admiration! Signed: Maximum Foerschler 

Translated by the apostolate of Garabandal