The testimony of Sister Maria de Jesus

In this testimony, Sister Maria tells what happened to her on a day when she witnessed the ecstasy of the visionaries in a privileged way. The people who watched had to wait at the beginning of the climb to the pines. Only a small group of witnesses could be closer to the ecstatic girls.

In 1969, according to testimony given in Garabandal by the same sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Barcelona, and confirmed by the Swiss priest who was present that day in Garabandal together with the Mother Superior of the Institute. On his visit to Pope Paul VI, he personally asked him if he would allow the messages of Garabandal to be broadcast in the Religious Institute. The Pope replied:

"Spread the message of Garabandal among you with charity 

The Swiss priest, M. Luís Demierre, confirmed this same testimony by letter of 4 December 1969 .. " Two sisters of the Congregation were in Garabandal on July 29, 1961. It was at this same time that the Jesuit brothers and priests Andreu, Ramón María and Luis María, were in Garabandal. It was the first visit to Father Ramon's Garabandal and the second to Father Luís. 

That afternoon there was an apparition, since the Virgin, when saying goodbye the day before, told the girls that she was returning today. One of the members of the Fontaneda family, with whom the Andreu brothers came from Aguilar de Campo (Palencia), could not hide the intimate fear that all that expectation was causing him. I said to Father Ramon:

- "This is terrible, Father! To be so waiting, with a watch in hand, for a supernatural event".

Among the people, on that last Saturday in July, there were about three to four hundred people from outside. Suddenly a young man appears who said to a group of people who were waiting:

- "They already had a call".

The news spread immediately; and Father Ramón asked a question that showed some strangeness:

- "And that, what is it?"

-- "Now, the girls receive three calls at first; and then Our Lady appears". 

On this day Conchita was in Santander. Shortly after the third call, Loli and Jacinta came running to "el cuadro" and everyone followed. Father Luís was at all times with the girls taking detailed notes of everything they said in a small notebook. A man, squatting, took the girls' pulse in ecstasy. Once in a while while he raised his head and said to everyone: 

-   - "Normal... Normal..."

The guard D. Juan Álvarez Seco, ended up getting tired of hearing "Normal ..." so many times, and asked him:

- "Just one question: are you a doctor?"

-- "No, sir, I'm a journalist". 

-- "If so, please leave immediately".

Quickly, the girls, two at a time, and with absolute simultaneity, return to their normal state and look candidly around them. Then Don Valentín, the parish priest of Garabandal, approaches and asks them:

- "What did Our Lady say?"

- "The Virgin said they could go up to Pinos, we, our parents, the guards, the priests and the sisters; the rest of the people, stay lower".

Don Valentín had never seen religious sisters in the village:

"But, what sisters? What sisters? There are no sisters here! What sisters? This cannot be the Virgin!"

They all went up to the Pinos; and the girls, quite naturally, started to mark the places where the different groups should be placed. Halfway to the Pinos, Loli points a finger and says the following:

-- "Que não passem de aqui.", Indicando um caminho que cruzava na subida inclinada."

It was not easy to get everyone, out of a crowd of over 300 people, to obey immediately. Some had not heard what the psychic had said. Some three or four numbers of the Civil Guard took charge of enforcing the orders given.

Father Andreu says: I passed by a Galician guard, when he prevented some people from trying to move on; one even said:

- "Who are you to prevent me from seeing a miracle?"

Then, in response, the guard answered:

- "And then! Send God, and we must obey".

Close to the seers, only two little girls, six years old, could be with Jacinta and Loli in ecstasy as witnesses: Mari Carmen and Sari, in the photo, sisters of Jacinta and Loli.

Their parents and the guards, had to stay at a certain distance, so that they could see them, but without hearing them, while the crowd further down, in the middle distance, saw nothing, kept themselves waiting.

After ecstasies began, the closest spectators could appreciate that the visionaries' faces took on an expression of deep sadness. The mother of one of the girls couldn't help herself: "You're crying!" 

Everyone understood that that apparition was no longer one of many. The Virgin explained about very serious matters, in relation to the great punishment that would come on the world, if men did not enter in the ways of God. By statements made by the girls, it is assumed that on that day the Virgin completed the message that they would make public later, on the night of October 18, 1961.volume_upcontent_copyshare

On this 29th of July, brigade Juan Álvarez Seco testifies:

"I remember that Maria Dolores said to me:" Brigade, you and my father may be up there, a short distance away, as if about 100 meters to the right of the Pinos; the priest and the sisters, also a hundred meters away, but on the left; the rest of the people, stay down there. " 

So we did it all. It can be seen that during the ecstasies, the visionaries cried a lot to the point where the little ones were frightened ... It is assumed afterwards that the reason the visionaries were like this, alone, was so that people would not be too impressed about the their suffering, because the Virgin had to speak to them about the message, also showing some things about Punishment and how the cup was filling up with sins. It was what they would have to make public on October 18, 1961. On that day the people of the village made a small altar with boxes of fruit, and placed it at the foot of the pins: it was well prepared, and adorned it with flowers from the field.

A witness noted: "They raised their hands, as if offering something. One of them crosses their arms ... kisses are heard ... They spread their arms ... They smile ... They hear something ... and cry ..." 

When they return to normality, we run to them and see that one still has tears. "Why are you crying?" We are left with no answer. When part of the people were talking to the girls, it takes place right there in Pinos, the third ecstasy of the day. Now the girls could be heard with remarkable clarity. The apparition appeared this time with the Child Jesus, because they asked about the years that he was, and ask that they give him his crown, and comment that it is small. The apparition expresses to the girls that he is happy about people's behavior, due to the fact that they obeyed with docility everything that was said about their placement; once again orders them to say the rosary and to do it in the "Pines". 

Back to normal Jacinta and Loli, they started to pray the rosary right there. On the fifth Ave Maria of the third mystery, the two girls recited at the time "... the Lord is with you ...", without finishing saying this last word, they started a new ecstasy. This ecstasy was quite long, about an hour. We are going to tell you some of the things that were heard: "Why did you come? If people had not obeyed, wouldn't you have come? What do you believe in? ... They offer something. They kiss. How beautiful it is! ... You are very good ... Tomorrow we will come on a fast, without eating anything. Am I going to kiss the scapular? ... Today the Fathers of Carmo came. I am remembering dominicu (note: they were about Dominican priests) ... Tell us about the dress again ... It's white, with white flowers ... A guard brought a girl who doesn't speak or walk .... heal her! .. Heal someone, so that everyone can see ". 

Who took all these notes was Father Jesuit Luís Andreu. Suddenly, on the other side of the hill, two religious sisters appear! Don Valentín, seeing them, turns to Father Ramon: 

-- "Look. Nuns!"

-- "Well they are, Nuns" 

I replied:

- "This is from the Virgin", he exclaimed in a very emotional way.

Then I realized: it was the explanation of what the girls had said in the "picture": that they could also be together with them, up there, "the religious sisters". Now, after a long time, the sisters also appeared! These were the religious "daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart", who at that time had only one house in Catalonia. One of these nuns, a native of Santander, was temporarily meeting with her family in Roiz, a neighboring town in the Nansa valley; was Sister María de Jesús, who was in 1971, Mother Provincial of her Congregation in Spain. 

They arrived in time to be touched by that girls' ecstasy. When they returned to their normal state the girls said:

- "The Virgin said they can all go up now."

The crowd, which had been waiting for some time, climbed up the slope, returning again to give them a beautiful ecstasy from the girls.