Interviews with the seers about the end of times 

In this section we will publish the content of the interviews that were made to the visionaries about the future events, Notice and the Miracle.



About the Warning

14th Setember 1965

Question: Is the Warning something visible, or something that we will feel inside? 

Answer: The Warning will be something that will come directly from God, and will be seen by the whole world wherever we are. 

Question: Will the Warning reveal the sins of each of us, whatever their religion, and does that also include atheists? 

Answer: Yes, the Warning will be like a revelation of our sins and will be seen and experienced by both believers and non-believers and people of all religions. 

Question: Is it true that the Warning will make many people remember the dead? 

Answer: The Warning will be like a purification to prepare for the Miracle. It is also a kind of catastrophe. It will make us think of the dead, that is to say, it would be better to be dead than to experience the Warning. 

Question: Will the world recognize the Warning as a sign that comes directly from God? 

Answer: Yes, without a doubt. In fact, this is the reason why I find it impossible for the world not to change after that. October 1968 

Question: Some people say that the Warning will be a natural phenomenon that God will use to reach all of humanity. Is that correct? 

Answer: The Warning will be something supernatural that science cannot explain. You can see and feel. 

Question: Conchita, can you explain to us the statement that during the Notice we will get to know better about ourselves and about the sins that we have committed? 

Answer: The Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the World.

Question: What can you tell us about all those people who don't know Christ; how will they understand the Warning? 

Answer: Those who do not know Christ (those who are not Christians) will believe that it will be a warning from God. 

Year 1973 

Question: What will happen on the day of the Notice? 

Answer: The most important thing on that day is that everyone in the world will see a sign, a grace or a punishment within themselves, in other words, a Warning. At that moment, they will be as if they are alone in the world, wherever they are, just alone with their conscience and before God. Then you will see all your sins and what your sins will have caused. 

Question: Will we all feel the Warning at the same time? 

Answer: Yes, all at the same time. Question: How long will the Notice last? Half an hour, an hour? Answer: I honestly do not know, however I think that five minutes would be enough. 

Question: How will we feel it? 

Answer: We will all feel the Warning in a different and particular way, because it depends on the conscience of each one. The Warning will be very personal, and everyone will react differently. The most important thing will be to recognize all our sins and become aware of their consequences. You will have a different vision of the Warning than mine, because my sins are different from yours. 

Question: Will something happen to me because of my sins? I mean, will I suffer physical damage because of my sins? 

Answer: No, unless you have something due to the shock that the Warning will produce in you, for example a heart attack. 

Question: It means that it will not cause physical damage, we will only appear before God with our sins. And will our good deeds also be seen? 

Answer: No, the Warning will only be used to see our sins. It will be like a purification to prepare for the Miracle, to see if through the Warning and the Miracle all humanity can change (the whole world). 

Question: So the Notice can happen at any time? 

Answer: Yes, but I don't know on what date this might happen. February 1977 

Question: When was the first time you heard about the Notice, and who communicated these facts to you? Answer: The only thing I remember is that it was Our Lady who told me about the Warning. 

Question: Do you want to repeat everything you know about the Warning? 

Answer: What I now remember is that Our Lady told me that before the Miracle, God will send us a Notice to purify ourselves and prepare for the Miracle, so that we can receive enough Grace to change our lives and guide them to God. Our Lady told me what the Notice consisted of, but not its date. I was not allowed to say what it really is, but I can tell you just a few details. It is a phenomenon that will be seen and felt in all parts of the world; I always use two stars that collide with each other. This phenomenon will not cause any physical phenomenon, but it will amaze us, because at that very moment we will see the sin that goes on in our soul and the consequences that those same sins had. It will be as if we are in agony, but we will not die from these effects, however it is possible that we will die of fear or the impression of seeing ourselves. May Our Lady forgive me if I am not explaining it correctly, but I am trying to explain it in the best possible way. 

Question: If the Warning will only last a few minutes, will the world remember it as something that came from God, or will it think it was a dream or illusion? 

Answer: I never said that the Warning would last a short time, what I said was that it will be a moment, it will be very impressive and terrible. No one will have the slightest doubt that it will come from God and that it is not something human. I know what it is, and I fear that day very much. 

Question: A few years ago, you said that the event that will accompany the Notice starts with the letter "A". Certainly, Our Lady did not refuse you to divulge. Can you say more about this? 

Answer: You never forbade me, but I don't know why I never said it and it also seems to me that I shouldn't say it now. 

Question: At one point, you said to Father Marcelino Andreu: "When the Notice comes, we will know that we have entered the end of time". Can you explain to us what you wanted to say? 

Answer: The Virgin told us that the Warning and the Miracle will be the last public warnings to be carried out by God. So I believe that at that time we will be at the end of time. 

Question: Do you have any advice to give people about this event? 

Answer: We must always be prepared, so that we have peace in our souls and that we do not get too attached to the things of this world. Instead, we must think that we are here on Earth so that we can go to heaven and be Saints. August, 1980 

Question: Will the Notice harm us physically? 

Answer: For me it is like two stars .... that collide with each other and make a huge noise and "pour" a lot of light, but do not fall. We will not hurt ourselves when we see him, but we will see him. At that moment we will see our consciences. We will see all the evil of our bad actions. 

Question: Are we going to see the evil in our actions? 

Answer: Yes, and we will also see the good that we failed to do and that we could have done.


About the warning

27th  July 1975

Question: You even said that you know about the date of the Notice. Can you tell me if that is foreseen for the next years or for the distant future? 

Answer: No, I cannot say anything. 

Question: Did Our Lady forbid you to speak about the Notice? 

Answer: No, however, as I know that the Warning and the Miracle will happen in the same year, I think the best thing is not to say. 

Question: How do you know that the Warning and the Miracle will happen in the same year *? 

Answer: During an apparition, I am not sure when, Our Lady informed me about this. 

Question: You told me on another occasion that when the Warning happens, everything will be stopped, even the planes that fly through the air. Is that right? 

Answer: Yes, but it will only happen for a few minutes. 

Question: Do you mean that everything will stop at that moment, and that at that moment the Warning will be given? 

Answer: Yes. 

Question: When was that information revealed to you? 

Answer: Our Lady told me during an apparition. 

Question: Did you receive all this information in one appearance or over several? 

Answer: He told me in one appearance, however I do not remember whether Our Lady spoke of the Notice in other appearances. 

Question: Do you know how long the Warning will last? 

Answer: A few minutes. Question: Are you afraid of the Warning? 

Answer: Yes, like everyone else, I also have defects and faults, and the Notice will show them. It terrifies me. 

Question: What else can you tell us about the Warning? 

Answer: All I can say is that the Warning is getting closer and closer and that it is very important that we prepare, because it will be something terrible. We will be aware of all the harm we have done. * Mari-Loli clarified that "the same year" means within 12 months.

February 1977

Question: Have you ever talked to Conchita about the date of the Notice, once you know the year, and the Miracle that she knows herself? 

Answer: I never spoke to Conchita about these things. 

Question: Do you have any advice that you want to give people to prepare for this event? 

Answer: May they do much penance, many sacrifices, visit the Blessed Sacrament whenever they can and pray the Rosary daily. 

September 29, 1978 

Question: Since you are one of the people who knows the most about the Warning, can you tell us if this event will happen before the Miracle that was promised to happen through Conchita's intercession? 

Answer: Everyone will experience it wherever they are and whatever their condition or knowledge about God ... It will be a personal and inner experience. It will seem as if the world is at a standstill, yet no one will notice it because they will all be focused on their own personal experience. 

Question: Referring now to the nature of the Notice, how are we going to feel it? 

Answer: It will be like an internal feeling of pity and pain for having offended God. God will help us to see the harm we do to God Himself. It will help us to feel that inner pain, because many times when we do something bad, we limit ourselves to asking God for forgiveness only from the outside, but thanks to the Warning, it will help us to feel that deep pain.


About the warning

17th August 1975

Question: Did Our Lady ever tell you about the Warning? 

Answer: Yes, he spoke of him, but he never told me in what year that would happen. 

February 1977 

Question: Can you tell us what the Notice will be like? 

Answer: You will see yourself first in the air, all over the world, and then we will all feel it inside our souls. It will last a very short time, but it will seem a long time because of the effect it will have on us. It will be for the good of our souls, so that we can see the inside of ourselves, and in our conscience we can see the good and evil that we have done. At that moment we will feel great love for our heavenly Mother and Father and ask for forgiveness for our faults. 

Question: Will the warning be experienced by everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs? 

Answer: The Warning will be for the whole world, because God desires Our Salvation. The purpose of the Warning will be so that we can get closer to Him and increase our Faith. Therefore, we must be prepared for that day, but do not wait in fear, because God does not send things to cause terror, but justice and love for the good of all His children, lest they condemn themselves eternally. 

August 1979 

Question: Did you remember about the great tribulation that will happen? 

Answer: Yes, it will be like a kind of invasion, something that seems to me like an invasion; something very bad in which communism played an important role, however I do not remember which countries or regions it will happen in. These events will take place before the Warning. The Warning will happen when things are at their worst. 

April 16th, 1983 

Question: In 1979, in an interview, did you mention a kind of communist tribulation and at that time you said it looked like an invasion? 

Answer: I sometimes confuse invasion with persecution. 

Question: You also said that the Warning would happen when things were at their worst. How do you know about that? Did Our Lady tell you or did you hear that in a vision? 

Answer: Our Lady told me that the Warning would come when things were at their worst. I do not think it will be a persecution as such, because at that time few people will practice religion. 

Question: When the Warning arrives, will it be seen by everyone on our planet, including our little children, who still have no use for reason? 

Answer: Yes, and so we feel sorry for them, because it will be a difficult experience. 

Question: Can you tell us how the situation in the world will be when this happens? 

Answer: It will be very bad.

Interviews with visionaries about the end of times 


Conchita González


Question: What will happen on the day of the Miracle? 

Answer: I will try to talk about what Our Lady told me about him. Our Lady told me that God was going to do a great miracle and that there would be no doubt that it was a 

Miracle. It will come directly from God, without any human intervention. The day, month and year of that event, I was made aware. So I know the date of its realization. Question: When will that day be? 

Answer: I was not allowed to say exactly what will happen. What I can reveal is that everyone in Garabandal will see the Miracle. He also said that all those who are there to witness the Miracle will be healed, regardless of the religion they profess. You have to be there in Garabandal. 

Question: Did you say one day that people who witness the Miracle will be converted? 

Answer: Our Lady told me that all the people present will believe it. You will see that it will come directly from God. All sinners who are present will be converted. He also said that one could take photographs of the Miracle, as well as film it. In addition, there will be a permanent signal on the "pins" where everyone can see and touch, but not feel. I can't explain it. 

Question: On the day of the Miracle, will there be any visible signs without human intervention? 

Answer: Yes, it will remain there until the total consummation of the centuries. 

Question: Did you say that the signal can be televised, photographed, but we can't feel it? 

Answer: It will be like smoke, you can touch it without feeling it. 

Question: Regarding the sick, did Our Lady speak of anyone in particular, of a blind man named Joey Lomangino? What did you say about him? 

Answer: He said he would regain his sight on the day of the great Miracle. He also spoke of a paralyzed boy, whose parents are from my village of Garabandal. This boy will also be cured. These are the only people you talked about. 

Question: Can you tell us something about Father Luís Andreu? 

Answer: Yes, that priest came to the village with some frequency to see whether the apparitions were true or not. After a while, he came to believe them. On a certain occasion when we were ecstatic on the "pins", Father Luís started to shout: "Miracle, Miracle, Miracle". When this happened, Our Lady told us that Father Luís was seeing her at that moment and also seeing the great Miracle that will occur in the future. 

Question: Was Father Luís really seeing the Miracle? 

Answer: Yes. That same day, back home, the Father said to his friends: "This is the happiest day of my life! What a great Mother we have in heaven! The apparitions are true". And when he said these words, Father Luís died. 

Question: Our Lord, didn't you say that on the day of the Miracle something would happen about Father Luís? 

Answer: Yes, he said that on the day of the miracle you will discover that your body will be incorrupt. 

February 7, 1974 

Question: Did you say that the day of the Miracle will coincide with a major event in the Church? Our Lady told you what it consisted of and can you add something to all that since you talked about it? 

Answer: Yes, I know what this event consists of. It is a unique event in the Church that happened on some occasions and that never happened during my present life. It is nothing new, nor extraordinary, yet it is something rare, for example, like the definition of a dogma, something that will affect the whole Church. It will occur on the same day as the Miracle, but it will not be a consequence of that sign, it will be just a coincidence. 

Question: How will you announce the Miracle? 

Answer: I don't know exactly. More specifically, at midnight I will warn the radio, the television, and all those who believe and who can help spread the news quickly. I'm not worried about that. If Our Lady wants that person to be there, that person will be there. 

Do you know how much time will elapse between the Warning and the Miracle? 

Answer: I do not know how much time will elapse between the Warning and the Miracle. 

Question: Do you often think about the day of the Miracle, and wait impatiently for the Warning and the Miracle? 

Answer: Sometimes it seems to me that it is very far away and sometimes it is imminent. It seems very close when I see that people do not comply with the message, because after the Miracle there may be a punishment. I wait impatiently, yes. Our Lady never lies. For the words of Our Lady to be fulfilled, the Warning and the Miracle will have to happen. All of this is a single message. 

Question: During the two occasions when Our Lady spoke about Joey, did he say anything more than the prophecy in his eyes? Answer: Regarding Joey, all I remember now was that on the day of the Miracle Joey will have new eyes, and that from there he will see permanently. 

February 1977

Question: Did you see the miracle or did you talk about it? 

Answer: Our Lady spoke to me about the Miracle, she gave me to understand what it actually consisted of. 

Question: Were you alone or with your friends when Our Lady told you about the Miracle? 

Answer: I don't remember. (Note: According to the notes of Father Valentim Marichalar, priest of Garabandal at that time, Conchita was alone when she received this message). 

Question: What will the Miracle be like? 

Answer: Even though I tried to explain it, I couldn't do it well. It is best to wait and see. 

Question: Do you want to repeat the information regarding the months in which we can expect the Miracle? 

Answer: From March to May. Question: Some say that the way you will announce the Miracle will be a great miracle in itself, can you explain it? 

Answer: I believe that the way in which the Miracle will be announced will be a Miracle, because it is a huge responsibility for me and at that time I will need a Miracle to be able to say it. Question: If I find myself far from the village of Garabandal, in the mountains, and still see the "pins", will I be able to see the Miracle? And will the patients who are there also be cured? Answer: You will be able to witness the Miracle clearly, and if God wants these people they will also be healed. 

Question: It has been said that in other places, namely Marian sanctuaries, people who visit them at that time, may be healed on the day of the Miracle. What do you know about that? 

Answer: Our Lady has not told us anything about this subject. 

Question: Will those who firmly believe in the Miracle, but who cannot be present on the day of the Miracle due to their circumstances, for example, the cloistered priests and religious, receive any grace on that day? 

Answer: Personally, I don't know. It depends on people, on their desires, on their faith, on their sacrifice, on their obedience. 

Question: Did Our Lady say anything about the huge crowd that thinks they are in Garabandal a few days before the day of the Miracle? Some are concerned with issues such as food supplies, health aspects, etc. Do you have any comments on that? 

Answer: Let them leave everything in God's hands. Let them do what they can and remember that "God works miracles." 


February 1977 

Our Lady never spoke about the Miracle to Jacinta. Whenever she asked Our Lady about it, She said, "Everyone will believe." 

February 1977 

Question: Who told you about the Miracle? 

Answer: It was Our Lady. 

Question: What do you know about the Miracle? 

Answer: What I do know is that it will happen within a year after the Notice. 

Question: Will you go with your family to see the Miracle? 

Answer: God willing.