E-Pilgrimage to Garabandal           13 NOVEMBER 2020

Your online pilgrimage, in real time, to Garabandal..Come with us!..


in this section you can find all the details of the program that will assist you throughout the e-pilgrimage to Garabandal and Santo Toribio de Liebana.

Online delivery of prayer requests

Our first commitment to all people enrolled in this online e-pilgrimage will be to hand over all intentions and prayer requests to Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal

We will deliver the personal requests of each person, in paper form, and we will deposit these requests in the box that exists next to the "pins" and that will then be sent to the Parish Church of Garabandal to be delivered to the Mother!

Online blessing of the cross kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal

We will visit the Parish Church of Garabandal and during that visit, we will make a special online blessing for all people registered for this e-pilgrimage with this special cross.

This cross was kissed hundreds of times by Our Lady during the time of the apparitions


Online blessing with the relic of the Cross of Christ in the Monastery of Santo Turíbio de Liebana

Whenever we visit Garabandal, we pass by the Franciscan Monastery, which houses the largest piece of the Cross where Jesus died two thousand years ago. It is the largest relic in the world and is located right next to Garabandal!

We will make an online visit and give to everyone an online blessing to pilgrims enrolled in this online e-pilgrimage

Way of the Cross online to the "Pines"

During our time in Garabandal, we will make a Way of the Cross from the village located in the lower part of the mountain, to the highest point of the "pines", where Our Lady appeared hundreds of times during the time of the apparitions that occurred between 1961 and 1965.

During this Way of the Cross, we will hand over the personal intentions of each person and announce at each Way of the Cross station, the names of the people enrolled in this e-pilgrimage, if authorized by each person.


Visit to Garabandal Church

We will take a guided tour of the Church of Garabandal, we will give a brief explanation of the history of the Church and the events that took place during the time of the apparitions of Our Lady of  Garabandal.

We will have a moment of online prayer in front of the main altar for all people registered for the online e-pilgrimage.

Meeting with Conchita's aunt, Maximima, witness of the events of Garabandal

We will make a special visit to Maximina's house, Aunt Madrinha da Conchita Gonzalez, one of the visionaries of Garabandal's apparitions.

We will have the opportunity to hear and hear the stories of Aunt Madrinha de Conchita, which are very rich in details. Maximina has a relic (cross), which Conchita offered him and we will make a special blessing with the cross to all people enrolled in this online pilgrimage.

Online guided tour of the village of Garabandal

We will take an online guided tour of the village of Garabandal where we will explain in detail about all the events that took place there, we will visit the seers' houses, and the main places where the impressive supernatural phenomena of these events occurred. We will pass by Conchita, Mari Cruz, Jacinta and Mari-Loli's house, by the Church, Cemetery, pilgrim's center, etc..

Visit to the Pilgrim's center and obtain an e-pilgrimage certificate

We will make a visit to the pilgrim's center in Garabandal, a place that was the old school where the visionaries studied during the time of the apparitions. It has recently been converted into a pilgrim center, which cares for and helps all pilgrims who come to Garabandal. In this shop, relics of Garabandal are also on sale, among many other things.

We will send you a certificate of our online e-pilgrimage via email with the personalization of each registered name.


Ordering relics and religious objects

If you are interested in ordering relics or religious objects associated with the apparitions of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal (medals, rosaries, relics, etc.) we can take charge of ordering them and sending them by post to your address after the completion of the e -pilgrimage. For that you will have to inform us if you want or not, in the registration form. In that case, you will have to request in advance before the e-pilgrimage.

We will inform you in Garabandal about the amount you will have to pay for this purchase



As soon as you register and make your donation amount, it means that you are officially registered on our e-pilgrimage to Garabandal.

Then, a private link from our official youtube channel of the Apostolate of Garabandal in Portuguese will be sent to you by email so that you can follow the entire route of our online e-pilgrimage live.

Only people registered for this e-pilgrimage to Garabandal will have access to this private link



In order to make this work of responsibility possible, we need everyone's help, however small, within the monetary possibilities of each person. This service we perform is a mission, but we need your help to cover the costs of internet (streaming) and personal travel. Give what you can give. The donation options are indicated on the registration form.




Online registration

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