Conchita letters

Here you can find some of the main letters and quotes that Conchita wrote, as a way to be able to give his testimony about the kind of life that we must all lead, a life that finds the way of Jesus, because only He is our true friend. Let us trust Him for everything. 

Letter nº2: letter from Conchita, written to Priest Padre Alba (S. J.) of Barcelona 

(November 1965)

he Virgin told me on January 1, 1965, that Catholic Christians, who do not think about the other world, heaven or hell, that we should think about it, and thus our life will be more united to Christ, and that we should think and meditate more on the Passion of Jesus. We must do it, but not only do it, but make others do it. We will see then how we will feel more at the doors of God's happiness; and our Crosses, we will accept them with joy and love for God. With much affection for all. And in union of prayers. (Signed): Conchita González P. D .: It is of no use to us to believe in the apparitions, if we do not fulfill the message, rather if we do not comply with the Holy Mother Church. As we all know, the Virgin here has said the same as in Lourdes and Fatima, she has not said anything new. And the miracle comes so that we fulfill the message, it does not matter to believe in them (in the apparitions) it is a grace that God gives us. It is a grace that She (God Our Lord) gives us. We must ask a lot for the brothers who still do not know God, I believe it is a wish of the Virgin. And also for those who receive graces from God and the Virgin, and do not thank them.volume_upcontent_copyshare

letter 1: May 26, 1972 

Holy Mary Dear Apostles of Our Lady, Although these words that I am writing to you are only my own, please accept them with faith and as being part of the Virgin Mary's will for each of us. Fulfill and make others fulfill the message through your example, prayer and words. We are close to the last times. God's messages to us are not just things to remember and admire. We have to comply with them and publicize them. The harvest is good, but the time is short. Christian unity is necessary between the apostles of Jesus and Mary. Through this, you receive more graces from God. Whoever seeks God always ends up finding Him. Some can find him in the Church, just as they can find him in an alcoholic, or in a drug addict, or in a priest. Everything will depend on the love and trust that each person feels from God. Do you want to be happy? Then leave yourself alone before God for a few minutes. Place yourself in the presence of God and your soul. Then sincerely, acknowledge your faults. Ask God to reach His grace and do it every day, with all your strength. Then, you will start to feel completely happy. Your faults are the only things that will make you feel unhappy and miserable. On the other hand, in your moments of privacy with God, remember the qualities that God has designed for you. Use those qualities in good deeds and thank God you received them all. I assure you that wherever you are reading these lines, you will be happy. Remember that this life is a journey that we must follow in the way of Christ. Do you suffer a lot? Very well, Christ suffered before you. Bear your suffering with joy, because when you suffer, God is close to you. You are happy? Very well. This gives you some rest on your long journey of suffering. So you have to reach your goals in this way, walking and resting. Walking means suffering, and resting means all the moments of happiness in your life. The goal is heaven, the Father's house where Our Lady awaits you with open arms so that she can receive you and accept you quickly. She, with her motherly heart, quickly manages to give you the eternal happiness that you are looking for. Give God your will and ask Our Lady to never be able to do anything that is against God's will. Also ask him to teach you to be happy and to smile in your suffering. Pray for me . Conchita 

Letter from Conchita to the current Parish Priest of Garabandal, Father Rolando 

Letter sent during the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the events in Garabandal. 

May 17, 2011 

Dear Father Rolando, 

I join you all in celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the events in Garabandal. It is for me 50 years of contemplation of what was for me the most beautiful experience in the world. I thank God for having been part of that experience, it is impossible to adequately describe everything that happened. However, I can say that all these events have given my soul a sure guarantee of faith and hope. I thank you, Father Rolando, for giving me the opportunity to read the message of Our Lady to the village of Garabandal once again:

"We have to make a lot of sacrifices, a lot of penance, visit the Blessed Sacrament often, but first we have to be very good and if we don't, punishment will come on us. The cup is filling up and if we don't change it will come on us a very big punishment. " 

"Because my message of 18 October has not been fulfilled or given to the world, I therefore warn you that this is the last. At first, the cup was filling, now it is overflowing. Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the path of perdition and many souls go with them. The EUCHARISTY is given less and less importance. You must remove the wrath of God on you with your efforts. If you ask forgiveness with the sincerity of your souls, He will forgive you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of the angel St. Michael, I want to tell you to amend yourselves. You are already in the last warnings. I love you very much and I do not want your condemnation. Ask us sincerely and we will give you. sacrifice you more. Think of Jesus' Passion. "

Father Rolando, there is nothing more important than I can say, other than the message of Our Lady. 

In Union of Prayer, Conchita 

Letter from Conchita: You must speak to the world about Mary ... 

Live and Spread the Message 

«Let us thank God for choosing us to help our companions to find the way to true peace, whose destiny is eternal happiness, through the messages that Our Mother has transmitted to us. Let us pray a lot, receive Jesus in the Eucharist frequently and do penance, so that God, Our Lord, may be reflected in our lives and that we may always be able to project His Presence. »

«Do everything to fulfill and spread your message, not necessarily as the message of Garabandal, but as the wish of the Blessed Mother. Pray, do penance and sacrifice, visit the Blessed Sacrament, pray for priests. Don't worry about the weather. If you have not been received as Garabandalists, take the message as if it were from the Blessed Mother, even without the word Garabandal. Think of Jesus' passion. In these times, the best book you can have is the Bible. Read it every day. »

During and after the apparitions, Conchita wrote words of consolation, encouragement, guidance and instruction, always taking into account the message that Our Lady transmitted to her throughout the world .

«The Virgin wants to be helped to convert the world and to avoid God's wrath on us sinners. She is counting on you so that, through your example and sacrifice, you can set an example for others ... who have not received, like you, the graces to understand her message. It asks you to have a great spirit of repentance, sacrifice and prayer. Without these weapons, we can do nothing. We don't have much time, but it is enough to escape the great punishment and to satisfy the Sacred Heart of Our Mother. »

The Blessed Sacrament 

"It is in the Blessed Sacrament that you will find sufficient strength to begin the life that the Virgin constantly demands of you. Visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. Empty your hearts of the mundane things that keep you from listening to God. »

"I want to emphasize the fact that you must visit the Holy Sacrament frequently. He will fill you with graces and strength so that you can take the messages of Our Mother to the world and live them in your daily lives. The best way to help each other is for each of us to live as perfectly as we can, and to do so, Jesus waits for us in the Blessed Sacrament to give us the light and strength to continue on the path of happiness. »

«What most offends Our Lord is indifference. When we are in church, we talk to each other and do not think about who is in the tabernacle. If the Pope or the President were sitting in this room, would they waste time talking to me or someone else? No, your attention would fall on that important person present. For very varied reasons, people forget that Jesus is at the altar and in the tabernacle. We have to believe with faith that it is Him. In addition to daily Mass, Communion and the rosary, we must often visit Our Lord in the churches where He is alone. »

The Priesthood 

«Our Lady spoke to us about the value of a priest. He compared him to an angel and told us that if we see a priest and an angel, we must recognize the priest first and kneel before him instead of the angel. He said that the priest was consecrated, because he received Jesus Christ in his hands, and the angel did not. » «I want to talk about priests to everyone, because something is going wrong. There is confusion in the Church and many priests are doing wrong. The bad example they set for us is derived from a lack of prayer and a lack of sacrifice. » 

«Let us pray a lot for the priests. We ourselves are also to blame for many of the priests who are on the path of perdition, because we do not pray enough, because we do not make sacrifices and also because we should set an example to those priests who are consecrated to the Blessed Virgin. Initially, they wanted to give themselves to God and the Blessed Virgin, but were unable to achieve their goal because they did not have enough strength or friends to help them. We have to help these priests, who may be near or far from us, so that they can get up and continue their journey. »

Obedience to the Pope

«I want to tell you that at this time we are waiting for another guide, the Holy Father, who is sent to us by God. Our security in our Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religion depends on following the words of the Pope, successor of Saint Peter. Let us support you with our prayers, sacrifice, fidelity and obedience. » "Nowadays, we have many ways of knowing what the Pope says, such as through Catholic magazines and newspapers, and we must listen to him. There is no excuse for not knowing what is needed. Many people do not obey for various reasons: confusing teachings, misinformation and, of course, some simply do not want to know ... For Roman Catholics it is very easy, we follow the Pope's directions. » 

Daily duties and sacrifice 

"I don't know what the Virgin meant [when she said" But first we have to be good.] I understand it as a life lived moment by moment offering everything to God. Living as Christians the way our conscience tells us ... Everyone - in their religion, in their environment, in their family, in their work - knows how to be good because, I believe, each person has their own conscience and God speaks with each one through it. » (When Conchita was single and worked as a nurse) «[I keep the message] doing my job to the best of my ability. I treat patients the way I should. You can fulfill the message anywhere. You can always be good and praise God. » (After Conchita's wedding) "It is not important what your vocation is; the message can be fulfilled at any stage. I can fulfill it in my daily life. The sacrifices of the marriage stage are slightly different from those of single life, but the effects on the soul are the same. I offer God every little thing every day. » The Virgin said to Conchita "I am not coming for you alone. I come for all my children, with the desire to bring them close to Our hearts. » «Maternity in New York is difficult, very difficult - much more than in the village, where so many help. It is difficult, too, because Patrick has to work late because we have so much land to take care of. Accounts are a major concern; we never know if we have anything left ... In America, raising children is a twenty-four hour task, and we have to give them all things [of faith to counter external pressures]. » "What would give the Virgin great happiness is a very difficult thing for me, which is to live every moment of the day doing everything for God."

Translated by Garabandal Apostolate