The four seers these days

Many people continue to ask the apostolate of Garabandal for information about the lives of the seers these days. In this section we give all this information in detail. The seers live their family life through the sacrament of matrimony, for this was their main mission in God's plans, to bear witness as a family mother, to educate their children in holiness and with full awareness of the importance of God in the Your lives.

All four visionaries live their lives modestly and are very discreet in what they do. All four seers had only the visions and phrases of Our Lady between 1961 and 1965, during the time of the apparitions. After that time and until today, they started to lead a normal life. The visionaries, now adult, do not want to be approached about the events of Garabandal, since everything has already been said about this and is documented in books. We must therefore respect this decision.

Conchita Gonzalez obtained the course of nursing and practiced its profession in Bilbao, later moved to New York in 1972.

On May 26, 1973, Conchita Gonzalez married Patrick J. Keena on Long Island (New York) where she currently lives. Conchita had four children, Maria Conception, Miriam Fátima, Ana Maria Josefa and Patrick Joseph Maria.

Conchita was widowed on October 31, 2013. Her husband Patrick Keena died of a long-term illness.

Conchita lives her life discreetly, and does not want to be approached about it in Garabandal. He has no contact with anyone or any group to talk about Garabandal.

There is a house currently in Fatima where it remains for some seasons.

Mari Loli married Francis LaFleur in Brockton, Mass., On February 2, 1974. They lived in this state of the United States of America. They had three children, a fourth son died at an early age, Francis, Mélanie Maria and Maria Dolores.

Maria Loli died in 2009 and offered her suffering for the sanctification of the priests. He died precisely in the year of the priesthood of 2009.

Mari Cruz, married Ignacio Caballero in May 1970. They live in Aviles, Asturias. They have four children, Ignacio Manuel, Maria Lourdes, Juan Carlos and Gabriel.

He still lives in Spain. Visit the village of Garabandal several times a year.

Jacinta married Jeffrey Moynihan, a Caifornian, and they married in Garabandal on February 21, 1976. They moved to California. They have a daughter named Maria.

He still lives in California, but visits his native Garabandal village at least once a year. Our apostolate has already had the opportunity to be with Jacinta several times during our pilgrimages.

July 1988, Mari Loli and his family were introduced to Pope John Paul II

In the Marian year of 1987-1988, the couple and their children made a pilgrimage to the principal Holy Marian places to deepen the vocation of their son Francis for the priesthood. During this time of pilgrimage, they passed through Garabandal on July 16, the day of Our Lady of Carmel de Garabandal, for the first communion of their two daughters Maria Dolores and Mélanie. Don Juan Gonzalez was the priest of Garabandal who celebrated the Eucharist.
It was Father Robert Francis Lee Graves who arranged for the family to stay in Rome and especially the meeting with Pope John Paul II. This priest who was originally a member of the Anglican Church, converted to Catholicism on Good Friday 1974.

Since Mari-Loli had been one of the protagonists in the events of Garabandal, she was apprehensive about her meeting with the Holy Father. But once again, Mother Teresa of Calcutta intervened to comfort her and promised Mari Loli that she would pray for her to have a fruitful encounter with the Pope.

Ordained a priest in June 1987 in the Basilica of St. Peter by John Paul II himself, Father Francis Lee Graves on July 23, 1988, introduced Mari Loli and his family to the Pope, adding the following words:

"Your Holiness, a special blessing for these children who came from St. Sebastian of Garabandal".

Pope John Paul II exclaimed: "GARABANDAL!".

Then he immediately kissed the two children, Maria Dolores and Mélanie, blessed little Francis, and then embraced the whole family with a wave of his arms.

The death of Mari Loli in 2009 and his mission for the sanctification of priests

October 24, 1965: Last speech by Mari-Loli.

In one of the locutions that Mari-Loli had with Our Lady the following was said:

"Our Lady told me that she would have to suffer much in this world, that she would go through many trials, which would cost her the most."

"I asked Our Lady if she would become a Nun Our Lady did not answer on this matter Our Lady also said that she was very happy that I was in that school and asked Our Lady to give proof to my father so that the even believed in the apparitions. Our Lady told me that soon my father would believe. " (the father eventually believed on June 2, 1974).
"He also told me that he was very happy with my sacrifices, but that he would have to pray the rosary more often (very pleasant to Our Lady) and try to be better, because he wanted very much that one day she and the other seers were with her in the glory of heaven. "

Mari-loli died in the passage from the 20th to the 21st of April 2009. Mari-loli suffered during these last years with a disease like terminal. The doctors gave her only a few months of life, but she suffered for about 9 years. For the people who know about the life of Mari-Loli, especially during her childhood, they know that she has seen innumerable apparitions of Our Lady, as well as some locutions. In one of these locutions, Mari-Loli asked Our Lady to attribute a cross, or suffering. Our Lady told him that she would suffer a lot on Earth. On several occasions Mari-loli asked Our Lady to take her to Heaven. That day arrived, Mari-Loli is in heaven contemplating the angels and Our Lady. These days are sad for her departure, but deep down they represent eternal happiness, for we all know that she is well with Jesus and God.

Mari-Loli stopped suffering, precisely from the 20th (Sunday of Mercy), to the 21st! For many years, Mari-Loli prayed Divine Mercy and concludes the last novena precisely the day before his death (April 19, 2009)..

The last time Conchita talked about Garabandal

The last time Conchita Gonzalez spoke about the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal was at the request of the priest of the parish of Garabandal, Father Rolando, at the anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the events of Garabandal (June 2011). In the text below, you can read the letter that Conchita sent to Father Rolando. As you can see from the letter, Conchita only repeats what Our Lady transmitted to her to make the world go by. This letter shows all its simplicity and discreet way of talking about Garabandal.

May 17, 2011

Dear Father Rolando,

I join you all in celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the events of Garabandal. They are for me 50 years of contemplation of what for me was the most beautiful experience in the world. I thank God for being part of this experience, it is impossible to describe adequately everything that has happened. However I can say that all these events, have given to my soul, the sure guarantee of faith and hope.
Thank you, Father Rolando, for giving me the opportunity to read the message of Our Lady once more to the village of Garabandal:

"We have to make many sacrifices, a lot of penance, visit the Blessed Sacrament often, but first we have to be very good and if we do not, a punishment will come upon us. The cup is filling up and if we do not change it will come upon us a very great punishment. "

"Because my message of October 18 was not fulfilled, nor made known to the world, I beseech you, then, that this is the last one." At first the cup was filling, now it is overflowing. Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the path of perdition, and with them are many souls. It is becoming less and less LACK OF IMPORTANCE TO THE EUCHARIST You should turn away the wrath of God upon you with your efforts. I will love you very much and I do not want your condemnation, and ask for it with sincerity and we will give you Think of the Passion of Jesus. "

Father Rolando, there is nothing of greater importance than I can speak, apart from the message of Our Lady herself.

In Union of Prayer,