Interior locutions...

The interior locutions March 1963

Interior locutions are a particular type of inspiration given through the Holy Spirit. Unlike the ecstasies that were implicitly linked to appearances or visions, in the locutions there is no vision, only heard within the soul, small utterances absolutely clear and concise, inner voices that convey above all, peace, confidence and joy.

March 1963: First locutions of Conchita

Conchita was suffering a lot, since almost since January 1963, she had not spoken to Our Lady. As he began to have some weaknesses of faith, he received his first inner call:

"Do not doubt that my Son will perform the miracle."

July 10, 1963: The first locution of Jesus to Conchita

The first of two utterances of Jesus the Conchita took place in the Church. While I was giving thanks and asking Him certain things, He answered me. I was asking you to give me a cross because I had not suffered anything yet in my life. Jesus replied:

"Yes, I 'll give you a cross.
Conchita: "Why does Miracle come? To convert a lot of people?"
Jesus: "To convert the whole world."
Conchita: "Will Russia be converted?"
Jesus: "Yea, ye shall be converted: yea, all shall love our hearts."
Conchita: "Will the punishment come next?"
Jesus: No answer
Conchita: "Why did you choose me, since I have no merit of what I do?"
Jesus: "I came not for thee alone, I came for the whole world."
Conchita: "When the miracle takes place, everyone will think that I am the only one who has seen Our Lady."
Jesus: "I let you be the only one who through your sacrifices and patience in difficulties, you will intercede with me to perform the miracle."

Conchita: "Would not it be better if I were with the four of them or if none of us interceded?"

Jesus: "No".

Conchita: "I'll go to Heaven?"
Jesus: "Do you love our hearts ...?"
Conchita: "When are you going to give me the cross?"
Jesus: No answer
Conchita: "I'll die soon?"
Jesus: "You must stay on earth to help people on earth."
Conchita: "I am a person of little importance. I am unable to help anyone in any way."
Jesus: "You will help the world through your prayers and suffering."
Conchita: "When are we going to Heaven, are we dead when we go there?"

Jesus: "No person ever dies."
I also asked Jesus if St. Peter was at the door of heaven to greet us. He replied, "No."
When I was praying or having a conversation with God, I felt I was out of this World.
Jesus also told me that "now more people love My heart ..."
Jesus also said to pray much for the Fathers, so that they are Saints, fulfill their duty, and make others better.
"Make Me know all those who do not know me and make me love all those who know me and do not love Me."

Interior locutions, 18, 28 November and 8 December 1963

18 and 28 November 1963: Locutions of Conchita and Mari-Loli

Our Lady spoke with the two Seers and spoke about Felipe Sobrado, a martyred priest of the Spanish Civil War, whose remains were transferred to the Church of Pontejoz on November 18, 1963, precisely! "He will not be canonized, but through his intercession, God will perform miracles," said Our Lady to Conchita.

Note: The locutions took place whenever they were praying and after receiving communion in the Church.

On March 19, St. Joseph's day, Joey's patron, Conchita while praying in the "Pines", had a locution of the Virgin Mary that said "he will see again with his eyes on the day of the miracle that will be performed for The first thing that he will come, will be the miracle itself, that my Son through my intercession, and from there, he will see permanently. "

December 8, 1964: New locution to Conchita

During a locution that occurred on December 8, 1964, the Virgin Mary revealed to Conchita that she would have a new appearance of the Archangel S. Miguel, on June 18, 1965. He would deliver to the World the second and last message to the world

Interior locutions, 24 October and 8 December 1965

October 24, 1965: Last locution to Mari-Loli

Mari- Loli had a locution with Our Lady in which it was said:
"Our Lady told me that she would suffer greatly in this world, that she would go through many trials, which would cost her the most."

"I asked Our Lady if she would become a religious sister, Our Lady did not answer on this matter, Our Lady also told me that she was very happy that I was in that school, I also asked Our Lady to give proof to my father, so that he would believe in the apparitions. Our Lady told me that soon my father would believe. " (the father eventually believed on June 2, 1974).

"He also told me that he was very happy with my sacrifices, but that he would have to pray the rosary more often (very pleasant to Our Lady) and try to be better, because he wanted very much that one day she and the other seers were with her in the glory of heaven

December 8, 1965: Last locution to Conchita

She is not sure whether or not Conchita had one last phrase on this day. This day was the day that the Second Vatican Council ended.

Later Conchita, already at the college of Burgos, tells Sister Maria Nieves Garcia that "until now, every December 8, I have always had either an apparition or the locution of Our Lady."

Interior locutions, February 13, 1966


On February 7, 1966, the day of her birthday, Conchita leaves her village and leaves for the College of Carmelite Missionaries in Pamplona and would like to join this congregation someday to help and work in Africa ....

However, and in a second locution with Jesus, after a week has arrived at the college, it is known that Jesus does not intend that she follows the religious vocation.

"On Sunday, February 13, 1966, at the time of thanksgiving after communion, I received a great joy as well as a disappointment! I heard the voice of Christ say:

"Conchita, did you come to this college to prepare yourself to follow me and to be a sister?" Are you saying Conchita that you do not want to do my will? "Well, I know it's your wish to make it happen. I have chosen you for the World, that you might be part of it, that you may face your problems, that you will find for my sake. I intend your sanctification, and that you may offer it for the salvation of the whole world.You have to speak to the World of Mary.Remember that the last time we spoke you asked me if you would be a religious, and I told you, that you will find the cross and suffering everywhere. I'll tell you this again. Conchita, did you feel my call to become a nun? No, because I did not call you to do that."

Conchita then asked, "Then what kind of call do you have when you want to follow this path?"

Jesus responds, "Do not worry, because you will never feel it."

Conchita says, "Then you do not love me?

Jesus responds: "Conchita, you ask me this, fulfill my will and you will find My love, examine yourself well, think more about others, do not be afraid of temptations, if you have faith in My love, you will be able to overcome the great temptations that await you.Try to be intelligent, to understand what I have said to you in a spiritual way.Not close your eyes to your soul ... Love humility and simplicity.Never think that everything that you are It is not for the merit of Heaven, but to save the world, which is My divine will. Every soul that prepares itself, every soul that is willing to listen to me, you will know what my will is.

Conchita, I wish to tell you that from this moment until the miracle, by the few who will believe in you, including your family .. I am the only one who wants all this. I told you, for your sanctification and for the world to fulfill the message. I want to warn you that in your life will be a constant suffering.
Do not be afraid. You will find me in pain, me and Mary who love you very much. "

I also asked her if in Rome I would not be believed. Jesus does not respond. However he told me:

"Do not worry if you are or not believed, I am the only one who will do everything, but I will also give you suffering, I will be with all those who suffer for me."