2nd of June 1961

Apparition of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal

The first apparition of Our Lady of Carmo in Garabandal occurred on July 2, 1961.

It is presented under the title Carmel, thus confirming the devotion that consecrates the month of July to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whose feast is celebrated on the 16th.

That Sunday, after the third, the girls went down to Cosio to greet the brothers from Conchita, who were arriving on the road. But in the middle of the road they had to return, because the public that came to the village recognized them by the photographs and did not let them go further.

Luckily for them, there was a Land Rover, one of the few cars that could handle those ramps, and invited them to hitch-hike. They found the streets crowded with outsiders, among whom were eleven priests, several doctors, and an abbot.

"It was about six o'clock in the afternoon when we began the walk towards the alley, followed by all of us." We barely began to pray the rosary, the Holy Virgin appeared, flanked by two angels. One was St. Michael. The other we do not know. "

Saint Michael. We heard here for the first time the name of the mysterious angel who, over the previous 14 days, was talking to the girls. And today he came back escorting his Queen.

"They were both dressed in the same way and looking like twins." Next to the angel on the right, at the height of the Virgin, we saw an eye of a great size, like the eye of God. "
"People," she says, "surrounded us to embrace and asked what she had said - at least some, because most did not believe what we were talking about." Those who believed said that she was like a mother who does not see daughters already And then the daughters tell him everything ... Then they took them to the sacristy, where a priest named Francisco Odriozola asked us individually ".

"She comes in a white dress, a blue robe, and a crown of little golden stars, her feet are not visible, her hands are tapered, her right wrist is a brown scapular, her hair is long, dark brown, wavy and with a scratch in the middle oval face, elongated and thin nose, very beautiful mouth with full lips, face is slightly brown, but lighter than the angel's. It's an unusual voice that I can not describe There is not a woman who looks like the Virgin, or in her voice or anything She sometimes brings the Baby Jesus, a little baby still, like a newborn. , the same color as the Mother's, a small mouth, a little blond hair, and a blue tunic. The Virgin seems to be 18 years old. "