Albrecht Weber and Garabandal

On 14 November 2014, Albrecht Weber from Germany passed to his eternal rest when he was 76 years old. We do not know what was the cause of death, but possibly due to a heart problem, as he suffered from heart problems for some years. After the death of his wife in 2003, Albrecht Weber was never able to fully recover from this tragic event that occurred in his life. However, he was always a great devotee of Garabandal, having even arranged to be buried in the village (his wife is buried in Austria, his homeland).

When he was young, Albrecht worked as a cameraman and became a good sound engineer, even having his own recording studio. Years later, he installed an audio system in Lisbon Cathedral. He was a successful man, having bought a house in Garabandal and an apartment in Fátima.

Albrecht connected with the story of Garabandal in 1965, when he visited Garabandal for the first time, precisely on the day that Conchita had her last apparition of Our Lady, on November 13, 1965. The day after that last apparition, he and others (his mother, Elisabeth and Eloisa de Guia), had a long conversation with the psychic Conchita, in which Albrecht acquired a lot of information about the apparitions and that was only revealed after the publication of his book in German, " Der Zeigefinger de Gottes ", a book that was published in 1992. He revealed in that book that the" Pope was going to Moscow "even before the great tribulation began. (Note from Garabandal's apostolate in Portuguese: We had the grace to have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Albrecht and asked the question about this question of the Pope going to Russia. 

Mr. Albrecht replied in the affirmative, but only corrected us by saying that Conchita said that the Pope would visit Moscow, he did not say the word Russia, but Moscow. Moscow as we know it is the capital of Russia. This is just to demonstrate the great righteousness that this man was, a person who always sought the truth and the accuracy of the information. We also know that his book at that time had a special dedication by Pope John Paul II, who dedicated a personal message to him in his book, in which the Pope urged him to continue his work of making the message of Garabandal known before it was too late. This detail was only revealed many years later. A person of great humidity!)

When asked about this matter, he stated that all of this had been written and confirmed by his own mother, who was the one who wrote everything that Conchita revealed during that private conversation. Albrecht also mentioned that in a speech by Conchita, a few days after this conversation (November 15, 1965), that Our Lady said that he would start to be a great disseminator of the message as soon as another one ended. And it really happened. Franz Speckbocker was one of the main promoters of Garabandal in Germany until 1990, the year in which his Garabandal apostolate ended. Albrecht began his apostolate shortly afterwards. He published four books on Garabandal, as well as other literature, produced CDs and an image of Our Lady. He also narrated the message of Garabandal in German, a video produced by the center of New York, playing these videos in his own country. Albrecht also donated some money for the recovery of the Garabandal parish church, whose restoration was completed in 2012. May he rest in peace. 

Translated by Garabandal Apostolate