As a consequence of the Miracle, the union of the Churches in the Catholic Church! 


What was prophesied in Garabandal about the union of Christians? 

1st of October 1961

After Conchita's ecstasy ended that day, she told Don Valentim that Our Lady would have taught her a very important point, more important than all the writing and notes that Don Valentin had done so far. This issue may certainly be linked to the future conversion and reunification of the Churches, according to what Conchita said to Placido Ruiloba at the time:

"Why do you criticize Protestants, since they will soon be meeting with us ?" 

Does this have to do with the future of the Church? Unification of the Churches of Christ? At one point, a Protestant, Maximo Foerschler, went to Garabandal for the first time. Our Lady, through the girls, I said something like this: 

"He believes in God, but little in Me. He will believe ...."

11th of October, 1961

Christian Unity 

The conversations between the deceased and the girls, in a way, seem to have revolved around the subject of ecumenism. On this feast day of Mary's maternity, Father Luís Andreu and Conchita again spoke about the prophetic question already raised on October 1st: "Will all the churches be unified?"

And Father Andreu said: " Yes, they will all be unified ". 

Conchita was extremely happy at the time with this prophetic news. In November 1965, Conchita would again confirm the truth of this revelation to a German editor, Albrecht Weber. Our Lady had told her about the great event of the Church to come: 

"She (Our Lady) told us that the divided Churches will be reunified. There will only be one" religion ". A better translation:" The Christian Churches will be one in the Catholic Church ". 

Hence the meaning is perceived by the fact that Conchita recited on August 1, 1961 the creed "... one, Catholic, apostolic and Roman ..." 

November 18, 1962: Feast of the Consecration of the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul 

Our Lady informed Conchita that the Council and the future Miracle will help in the conversion of the whole world. One of the main points of Vatican II lies in the perfect unity of all Christians. 

It seems logical that Our Lady took this day to clarify that on the day of the Miracle "the divided Churches will become one". Although we are not absolutely sure on this point, it seems that Conchita received from Our Lady additional information about the events of the day of the Miracle, a day that will coincide with a major Church event.