The last apparition in Garabandal

The last apparition, November 13th, 1965

"On Saturday, November 13, 1965, I already knew through a locution that I had in the Church, that I will have a new and special appearance of Our Lady on the pins, in which she would kiss objects, so that I could distribute for all, event of great importance. "

Conchita González

Conchita was looking forward to this day. That day it was raining, but she did not care and went to the "pins". He carried with him many rosaries.

As I took the objects out of my pockets, I heard a soft voice, the voice I immediately recognized as Our Lady's, for it is unmistakable. He called my name, and I said to him:

"I come to give you some rosaries so that you can kiss them."
Our Lady replied: "I see that it is."

I had at the time a piece of chewing gum inside my mouth, but when Our Lady appeared, I stopped chewing. I left it stuck to one of the molar teeth. But obviously she knew of its existence and said:

"Conchita, why do not you give up your chewing gum and offer this sacrifice to the Glory of my Son?"

I, ashamed, took the pill from my mouth and threw it away.
She told me later:

"Remember what I told you on the day of your birthday (December 8), that you would suffer much on earth? Have faith in us and you will offer your sufferings for our hearts and for the good of our brothers. Then you will feel that we are close to you. "

Conchita thanked Our Lady for appearing to her and for the graces she received from Her.

Our Lady responds:

"Conchita, I come not only for you, but for all children with the purpose of bringing them together to our hearts." And then he said, "Give me everything you have for me to kiss."

I had a crucifix with me. She kissed and told me "put it in the hands of the Baby Jesus."

I asked him:

"Will I take this crucifix with me to the Convent?"

Our Lady did not answer.

When Our Lady kissed all the objects, She said to me:

"Thanks to these kisses, on these objects, my son will perform true miracles.

Ours asked me later to talk about the requests that people asked to tell Our Lady, and I did it.

Then She said:

"Tell me Conchita, tell me more about the children, I want to keep them all under my cloak."

I told him,
"It's too small, not all of them can fit in there!

Our Lady smiled and said later:

"You know Conchita, why did not I come to you on June 18 to give you the final message to the World?" Because it was too painful to tell you these things personally, but this must be said for your own good, for the Glory of God, I love you very much, I desire that all of you may be saved and that all may come to heaven together with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we can count on you Conchita, can not we?

And I answered:

"If I could see You every day, yes, otherwise I do not know. I'm too weak."

Our Lady replied:

"Do all that you can do on your part, that we will help you:"

She said to me later, "This is the last time I come here, but I will always be with you and all my children."

She also told me:

"Conchita, why do you not visit my Son in the tabernacle (Most Holy Sacrament) more often? He waits for you day and night."

That day, as I said, it was raining, but both Our Lady and Baby Jesus were not wet. While it was there, it did not seem to be raining, but when it was over, I realized it was all wet.

Our Lady then said:

"Remember that when you are present before God, you will have to show hands full of works that you have done for your brothers and for His glory. At that moment they are empty."

And it's over. The moment of happiness that I had with the Mother of Heaven, my best friend, and with the Baby Jesus, is over. I stopped seeing them, but I did not stop feeling their presence ....

November 14, 1965: Conchita talks to the German publisher on various topics

These themes will be published in 1993, in a certain German book by the writer Albert Weber. Many matters are spoken, such as the last popes, the future unity of the Church, abortion, which will cause the cup to fill.