A village with faith and devotion

The religiosity in Garabandal ... at the time of the apparitions

The religiosity of this people was thus recognized by an old priest of Covadonga, who in other times, in the absence of the parish priest, had gone up several times to the village to direct the prayers.

"They were very devout." he says. "When they told me that the Virgin Mary was showing up there, I said to myself," If it was not there, where would it be? " to be?".

Here, in rapid brushstrokes, the scene where, soon, events that surpass the human imagination will begin to unfold. Events so unusual that all of a sudden Garabandal will be brought out of his dull day-to-day life to project it on the pages of newspapers all over the world, drawing in the hustle and bustle of thousands of pilgrims. The silence of its quiet alleys, broken only by the cows' belly, will soon be populated by comments from crowds of visitors and phrases in French, English, Portuguese, Italian, German ...

And the result of all this is the stunningly sweet story we will try to rebuild here, a kind of fairy tale for our time, which led Pope Paul VI to exclaim,

"Garabandal is the most beautiful story of humanity after the birth of Jesus."