The Second Vatican Council and the link with Garabandal



When Our Lady appeared at Garabandal (more than 2000 times) at this time, she wanted to tell us that she was worried about everything that could happen to the Church of that time. The reforms of the Second Vatican Council had a plausible justification, but there were some elements of the same Church who took advantage of this reform to distance themselves from the true doctrine of the Church. In this way, small groups of discord within the Church were created in relation to certain subjects. As a consequence, the Eucharist no longer had the importance it had a few years ago. Some groups in the Church have been very concerned about "modernizing" the Church and its teachings, so some of the fundamental concepts of this doctrine have ceased to be touched, because they are too annoying or "old-fashioned". This was the concern of Our Lady when she appeared in Garabandal at the time of this Council. She had concern for the lives of her favorite children, the priests. And quite rightly, because a priest has a greater responsibility for being a priest. If he does not conduct serious conduct in his priestly life, many souls will also be lost and thus turn away from God. Jesus instituted the priesthood on Holy Thursday, and empowered the priests to give living testimony of Him on the Earth to all the inhabitants of this planet.

1. Introduction

When Garabandal appeared in 1961, the image of the Church for society was that of a flourishing world entity. Pope John XXIII had announced on 25 January 1959 that a great ecumenical council, the Second Vatican Council, was to be held, and that the hierarchies of the Church focused all their time on the preparation of this important ecclesiastical event. The Council began on October 11, 1961 and ended on December 8, 1965. The apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal coincide perfectly in the time of this great council of the Church. Is it coincidence? Clearly not. It is once again working the divine providence. The image of the impressive Council which in 1962 transformed the world, with more than 2,000 bishops, covered in sacred ornaments, filled the Basilica of St. Peter, was an icon that perfectly reflected the greatness of the institution at that time. In Spain, ecclesiastical affairs were windy and windy. The centers of diocesan seminaries overflowed with priests, totaling more than 23,000 seminarians. The Basque Country, which was a reference in terms of vocations, and which helped to put many missionaries around the world, now has only 18 seminarians. All religious institutions at that time lived a flowering of vocations, unlike today. The social status of priests and religious was very high among which the Jesuits, considered faithful guardians of doctrine and morals.


However, there is the other positive side. The Second Vatican Council was the Council that most talked about the Mother of God, about his primary role of the Mother of Jesus in the role of Salvation. On the other hand, it was in this Council that the objective of the Church for the coming times, with regard to the unity of all Christians, was objectively discussed. At this point, this Council was clear. There is a will and need to re-join all Christians. Almost at the close of the Council, Our Lady expressed to one of the seers that she was very happy with the termination of this Council, and said that many of the points that were discussed at this Council would be important for the future. Considering my personal observations on this subject, I can say that there will certainly be a connection to the future union of all the churches. Throughout the four years of the apparitions, Our Lady has repeatedly focused on this subject, in which, in a distant future, the Churches would once again unite.

In conclusion, the coincidence of the Second Vatican Council with the apparitions of Garabandal shows that both were related. Our Lady has shown great concern for the future of humanity and especially for the future of the Church in which priests play a major role. We must not forget that it is the priests who carry out Holy Mass, the priests who perform the Consecration of the bread and wine in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as real and perfectly as He is in Heaven.