The prophecy of the Popes to the end of times

When was this prophecy of the Popes referred to in the apparitions of Garabandal?

In one of the apparitions ...

December 20, 1962

In an apparition of Our Lady to Conchita, Our Lady told him the following:

"After Pope John XXIII, only three Popes will come and then ...... end of time. No, four, because one of them is not taken into account in reality, the Virgin Mary told me" ...

He also said that:

"After the last Pope, the end of times will come, which does not mean the end of the World."

This will be remembered again on June 3, 1963, the day Pope John XXIII died

How long will the "end of times" period last?


The "END OF TIMES" is a period of time characterized by a beginning and an end. The end of time can not be regarded as an instantaneous period of time, that is to say, from one day to the next. The end of time is a period that can last 2,3, 5, 7, 10, 20 years .... God alone knows the period of time that will characterize the END OF TIMES. We must not forget that God's Mercy is infinite, and only He can accurately determine the time necessary for the end-time period.

When did the "end of time" period begin?

According to what we know about the prophecy of the Popes of Garabandal, the "end of time" began on March 13, 2013, when Pope Francis took possession of his Papacy. According to Conchita's accounts, true prophecy read as follows:

"After John XXIII, there will be .... plus four Popes ..... one of them is not taken into account .... and then the end of time". According to this count we have: Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. After the "after" we have Pope Francis.

What will happen during this period "END OF TIMES?

According to all that was said by Our Lady in Garabandal in the 60's, there will occur the great tribulation of the Church and the world and also the Warning, the Miracle of Garabandal and the Punishment for humanity. This is the correct order of events.

When will the "END OF TIMES" period end?

It is not known, God knows. It may be for 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years ...... only God knows.

Remember that the most important thing is not to wait for events to happen, but to be prepared, for that we must change our lives, make a total conversion of our life, guide our way to God with the help of Mary , our mother.

Are we already at the end of times?


The answer is clear and simple. Yes, we are already at the beginning of the End of the times period. After the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, we officially entered the end of time, based on the prophecy of the Popes of Garabandal.

The end of times is not the end of the world!


After the death of Pope John XXIII, Conchita had this conversation in Garabandal with her mother Aniceta

Conchita: - Now there are only 3 Popes left and then the end of time comes, which is not the end of the world.

Aniceta: So you mean the end of the world is near?

Conchita: - Our Lady did not tell me "end of the world", but "end of time".

Aniceta: - Is not it the same?

Conchita: - I do not know.

Aniceta: How do you know that only three Popes are missing?

Conchita: It was Our Lady who told me. In fact, she said that four Popes were missing, but that She did not consider one of them.

Aniceta: But then ... why do not you tell one of them?

Conchita: - She did not say, just told me that one would not consider. However, he told me that he would rule the Church for very little time.

Aniceta: Then that must be why it does not count.

Conchita: I do not know.

Aniceta: And what next?

Conchita: - I did not say.