October 18, 1961. The first message

October 18, 1961. The first message

First message of Garabandal that was made known to the world.

The seemingly "infantilized" message, in fact, presents a powerful and prophetic universal message. All of it calls for the existence and necessity of a moral human consciousness and reflects the inner light of the "splendor of truth."

On that day, October 18, in Garabandal, the weather itself served to reinforce the essential aspect of the message: a torrential rain fell that day in this village. The moment the message was translated into several languages, a strong wind blew on the hillside, blowing the clouds and revealing the moonlight of that night!

In a trance that followed the reading of the message, Our Lady reveals to Conchita that a great miracle will happen here in the future. Father Ramón Andreu was the first person with whom Conchita spoke on the subject the following morning. Father Ramón, brother of the late Padre Andreu, was in Garabandal that day, where he attended the presentation of the message. On that day, the priest felt a strong loss of faith, and even doubted all the events in Garabandal. However, shortly after the rapture of the girls with Our Lady, Father Ramón was informed that She (Our Lady) had revealed to them details about her painful state of interiority of that moment and even indicated the places where he had had those thoughts . It was there that Father Ramón came back to believe in the events of Garabandal. Conchita told her that Our Lady sent her to console her and also said: "There will be a great miracle here, I just do not know what it is, nor when it will happen."

Note: On this day, there were about 5000 people in Garabandal.