The 60's

The apparitions of Garabandal occurred precisely in this period of human history. Pure coincidence or maybe not?

The apparitions of Garabandal were placed in the context of Spanish and world history in the second half of the twentieth century. If there was a predominant feature of this period, it would have to be associated with the speed with which social changes occurred and the ease with which they themselves were realized. Our Lady in Garabandal tries to prevent, through her maternal teachings, the alienation of God. It must be remembered that at that time, one lived in full rationalism. We were in a time of the so-called sexual revolution, where everything happened to be allowed to do.

From that time until now, the notion of sin has slowly ceased to exist. She, Our Lady, intends in this way to avoid this separation of man with God, because if we do not change our position, it will happen in an uncertain future, a great punishment for humanity that will come directly from God. The reference to punishment is indicated in the two messages of Garabandal, which shows the seriousness of the matter.

Externally, the rapid advance of technology, which in itself is neither good nor bad, has transformed the planet into a global village. Informatics and telecommunications have allowed access to information instantly, and is within reach of anyone, anywhere in the world. Text, voice and image, reduced to a common denominator of digital data, travel at the speed of light. Knowledge and trade have increased dramatically because of these facilities over the past 20 years. But, in general, men have controlled and used all this information to separate it from God rather than approach Him, hence the concern "before the cup was full, now it is overflowing."

Economically speaking, a social gap has widened between rich and poor societies from one country to another. Economic success has become the guiding principle at the global level. Material wealth and the need for power make man the God himself, turning sharply away from the spirit of the Creator. The person concentrates in this way in himself, and the obtaining of pleasure in itself is the main guiding principle that makes him move. Freedom means the right to go against God.

Our Lady, appearing in Garabandal, gives us in this way an antidote to the evils of the world. "We have to make many sacrifices, penance. We have to visit the Blessed Sacrament often.

In conclusion, Our Lady decided to appear in this village at a certain historical and social stage in which decadence and immorality began to take over God more intensely. Again, it is no coincidence, it is divine providence. God always wants our good, watch over us so we can achieve true happiness. God, being so infinitely good, gave us the freedom to choose our own way. It is up to each of us to strive to understand the presence of the living God in our midst.