Garabandal, in the region of Christian reconquest

When the Iberian Peninsula was invaded by Muslims in the eighth century, the region of Cantabria, where this small village of Garabandal is situated, was the last refuge of Christians. About 30 kilometers from Garabandal is the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana. The Bishop of Astorga sent to this monastery the relic of the True Cross which is the largest remaining part of Santa Cruz where Jesus was crucified in the year 33. Around the year 770 he also lived in this Monastery, the Blessed of Liébana, a wise monk whose preaching really stood out in two fundamental aspects.

The first, against the Donatist heresy in which it was affirmed that Jesus Christ was the adopted son of God. This error fit perfectly with the view of the Islamic invaders, and in this way the Monastery was able to shelter the archbishop of Toledo as well as other Christians that were in the regions occupied by the Muslims.

Second, this Blessed made important commentaries on the Apocalypse and reflected them in manuscripts "codices", with beautiful illustrations, a new model of symbolic art that soon spread throughout Europe and is now admired around the world.