Irish and UK Garabandal pilgrimage  2020

11th - 19th June    2020

Pilgrimage journey ...


Pilgrimage schedules 

The beginning - Departure from Lisbon: 

09:00 am,  June 11th,  2020, Lisbon airport( Portugal).

Pilgrimage End: 

09:00 am , June 19th, 2020, Oporto airport( Portugal).

Daily itinerary of the pilgrimage ...

11th June, Lisbon and Santarém

We will begin our pilgrimage in the Church of Santo António of Lisbon where the saint was born and where one of his relics is located and where we will participate in our first daily Mass. We will make a special intercession request to Saint Anthony to bless our pilgrimage. After leaving Lisbon, we will travel to the city of Santarém, one of the main cities of Portugal linked to the beginning of the Christian era during the time of conquest of the city by the King of Portugal that was then occupied by the Muslims. 

After lunch, we will visit the Church of the Most Holy Miracle, where there is one of the oldest Eucharistic relics in the world. In this beautiful church we will have the opportunity to worship and see the relic personally. An unforgettable moment! After the visit, we will leave for Fatima. After accommodation at the hotel and dinner, we will make a first visit to the chapel of the apparitions and visit to the whole places of the Shrine.

11th -13th of June - Fátima

From 11th to 13th June, we will remain in Fatima. During this time in Fatima, we will visit the various places of apparitions, the Angel and Our Lady, and we will explain in detail the whole history context . We will carry out a via-sacra in the "Valinhos" in order to live in a deeper way the message of Fatima. We will take advantage of the fact that we are in Fatima from June 12th to June 13th to participate in the official ceremonies of the apparition of the 13th of June where we will participate in the prayers , Holy Mass and procession of candles. We will also visit the house of the little shepherds.


On the 13th, after lunch at the hotel, we will leave to  Salamanca, where we will be accommodated. After dinner at the hotel, we will make a visit to the center of this beautiful Spanish city, which is next to the Portuguese border. This is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with many Churches and the oldest University of Europe


13th/14th of June -Alba de Tormes ( Saint Therese of Ávila)

in the morning, after breakfast at the hotel in Salamanca, we will leave to Alba de Tormes, which is 25 km from Salamanca, to visit the Church of Santa Tereza Dávila with hers intact Heart and visit the Convent Museum, rich in history . We will also visit the place where Saint Therese passed away. After this visit, we will go to the hotel in Salamanca  where we will have lunch. After lunch, we will continue our trip to Garabandal.

14th-18th of June- Garabandal, Liebana, Covadonga and Oviedo

During our stay in Garabandal, we will visit the main places where the apparitions took place (where the Angel St Michael first appeared, the first apparition of Our Lady, the "pines", one of the most important places of these events and where in the future there will be the Miracle of Garabandal.We will speak with witnesses of the events, such as Mr. David, Maximina who is Aunt Godmother of Conchita ( one of the seers).We will also participate in the Holy Mass. We will make the Rosary way, a path with more than 2 hours of travel , climbing the mountain and contemplating the mysteries of the Rosary.We will perform one cantata to Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal, in the "pines" that is at the top of the mountain overlooking the village.

During the time in Garabandal, we will take a day to visit the Sanctuary of Covadonga and Santo Turíbio de Liebana, a Franciscan monastery that holds the largest piece of the Lignum Crucis, a piece on the right side of the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified. It is one of the largest relics in the world . The purpose of the retreat is to interiorize the word and the message of Garabandal, with moments of interiozation, prayer, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It will be a wonderful experience and you will never forget it. We will participate in Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament if possible, where we will put all our private intentions to Our Lady of Carmel de Garabandal. These requests are placed on the altar during the time of the Eucharistic Adoration.

On the 17th of June, in the morning, we will go to Oviedo to contemplate part of the Shroud of Jesus Christ (Shroud that covered the face of Jesus when he was buried), one of the greatest relics of Our Lord Jesus Christ ..

18th  June- Santiago of Compostela

On the 18th of June, in the morning, we will leave to Santiago of Compostela. There, we will visit the famous Cathedral of Santiago, visit Santiago´s relics. After , we will have lunch.

After leaving Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrimage continues towards to Oporto where will have a dinner and stay one night in a hotel.

Transfer to the Oporto airport will be available at 09:00 am. 

What is included in the price per person

Transport and transfers

This includes bus transportation during the pilgrimage and transfers between hotel / Airport and Airport / hotel on scheduled times.

Flights are not included. Each pilgrim is responsible for taking their own flight tickets.

Full Board

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the hotels throughout the pilgrimage journey. Lunches to be held between destinations are also included in the price per person.

Water and wine are included in the meals.

Museum offers

Not included, but the Garabandal Apostolate offers the value of one individual entry in one of the museums of the Pilgrimage..

Pilgrimage guide

The pilgrimage is organized by the apostolate itself and in partnership with the travel agency ITW, Lda. We will provide a guide, who speaks english and who knows the route and history of all the places to visit on the pilgrimage.

In addition to the visit to the places, it is important for us to strengthen and deepen the Catholic faith. Therefore the guide (layman or priest) will be based on the teachings of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.

Guide available in english language.

Religious services

As usual in our pilgrimages, each day of the week will be assured the daily Holy Mass and daily prayers.

We will provide free time for people to make confessions and personal promises made to the saints of the places we go, especially in Fatima, Lourdes.

Pilgrimage material

Each pilgrim will be offered an individual badge with name and country registration. There will also be a notebook with the daily pilgrimage program, small songs, prayers, etc.

Our bus to our pilgrimage...

We have a modern and luxurious bus fleet with 55 seats, equipped with all the requirements of quality, safety and comfort.

-Air conditioning
-Comfortable/spacious places
-audio system

Our hotels... 

All our hotels are duly selected taking into account the quality of accommodation and food.

The range of hotels are four stars .

The location of hotels is also for us a very important factor, so all our hotels are located next to the main places to visit.

The list of hotels will be available to each pilgrim, as soon as the registration deadline ends.

Prices per person

The prices per person are presented in euros and are only for the terrestrial pilgrimage by bus, departing from Lisbon (Portugal) and ending in Oporto Portugal) on the 19th of June . This price is based on the list of 35 pilgrims inscriptions.

Price per person - double room

This price is guaranteed for registrations made until 1st of March 2020 with the payment of registration of 375 euros. 

After that date, the price per person can increase.

1125 €

Price per person - single room

This price is guaranteed for registrations made until 1st March 2020 with the payment of registration of 375 euros. 

This price is guaranteed for registrations made until 1st of March 2020 with the payment of registration of 375 euros.

1525 €

Deadlines for registration and payments

Registrations deadline date

Registration after this date will be subject to confirmation by the apostolate and the value per person can be increased.


First payment (subscription)

it will only be validated after payment of this amount. Payment must be made until 1st of March 2020. As soon as we achieve the list of 35 persons( minimum needed to perform the pilgrimage ), we will inform the pilgrims to make the first payment of 375 euros.


Second payment

Deadline for payment: 1st April , 2020, 50% of the remaining balance.


Third payment

Deadline for payment: 1st May, 2020, 50% of the remaining balance.


Payment methods

Bank transfers

Our contact in Ireland and UK

Contact name: Mary Mc Govern

Phone Contact: +44 7753415965

Application form - pilgrimage June 2020

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